48 YO, 2 Kids, TT W/ MR and Lipo to Hips and BL

I went for a consult on 7/14/14 for what I guessed...

I went for a consult on 7/14/14 for what I guessed would be a BR. Everything has been moving very quickly since then.

First, some background. I've been married 24 years to my wonderful husband. He loves me for who I am, and tells me I'm perfect the way I am. He also supports my decisions. I also have two great boys, 19 and 15. The had them both vaginally. Well, the first one weighed 10 lb, 10 oz and the second one shot out and a mere 10 lbs. (haha). I also gained & lost about 50-60 lbs with each them.

So fast forwarding, I am left with very saggy breasts and a pooch for a tummy. I got serious about getting fit two years ago. I exercise with a trainer 3x/week (weight training & cardio) plus cardio or yoga an additional 2x/week. I'm 5'6" and 151. I am trying to eat clean and lose another 3 lbs before surgery. I'm working out more to get in better shape to make my surgeon's job and my recovery easier. I'm obsessed with reading everyone's stories, so I am prepared.

At my consult, the doctor told me a BL was more appropriate than a BR. Although I wear a 34DD bra now, most of my volume is excess skin! A BL would leave me small D cup, maybe even a full C cup. While I was there, I asked about my tummy (thinking it was hard-to-get-rid-of fat). He told me it was extra skin and it was quite obvious that I had muscle separation that could only be repaired through surgery. I've had chronic shoulder and lower back pain. My Dr. believes it will be resolved with the surgery (fixing abs & reducing breast volume/pulling). It took me a few days to think through the information & talk with a few friends who I knew had been through the surgery (one with the same doctor). The final decision is really about me being in "fix-it mode". I'm only 48, so why not make my body function properly and be happy with with how I look? So, my surgery is scheduled for 8/28.

Looking forward to the little things...

I'm looking forward to the little things:
- No more bra marks digging into my shoulders
- No more breast pain after running
- Not having to use talc under my breasts to avoid sweating
- Not having my underwear roll done below my tummy pooch

Geez, and that was just after the gym this morning! I'm so excited! Moving forward...
Good luck. Like you, I was in pretty good shape, hardly ever eat fat or even meat, but just couldn't pull myself together. I had a full TT, lipo, and BL/BA on Apr 8 -- and I could not be happier. I am grateful to God literally every single day -- so pleased to have been able to do this. So best of luck to you -- I'm going to keep tabs on you! Let me know of you have any questions and be sure to check out my review.
Thank you for your support! You look FANTASTIC! I am very optimistic of the surgery benefits and I hope my spirit remains as positive as yours! My pre-op is tomorrow afternoon. I have a list of questions, thanks to RS. I'm sure I'll have some for you soon too!
Thank you. I looked almost exactly like you and that's what caught my eye. You're going to have great results. And your timing is perfect -- back in business by Thanksgiving! Well done.

Life is Good

So the new recliner was delivered (see pic). My husband has always wanted one. I always envisioned the the one my MIL had. Ick. No way. Not in my house. So... When I read RS suggestions about getting one on Craigslist, I thought that was the perfect, TEMPORARY solution. Then I could sell it later. haha. Well, marital compromise had us shopping away that weekend. Win-Win.

So, as I was working out yesterday, I was annoyed with the jiggly roll under my arm that was above my bra. I'm going to ask my PS to lipo it. My back is pretty buff, but what's with that hideous flab roll? Moo.
Haha.., its so funny. I used powder under my boobs too. And tucked , y little belly in my underwear. Its almost your time! I am one day post op and my boobs havent looked this perky without a bra since I was a teen!Im following your journey! :)
I'm giddy! You made it, congratulations! Wishing you a speedy and comfortable recovery.
Thank you. And no more tucking your tummy into your pants very soon! :)

Pre Op

My Pre Op went well. PS and his PA were patient in answering all my questions. PS amuses me. You can tell he pictures surgery & outcome when he looks at me. His enthusiasm is infectious!

Surprisingly, I do not wear a binder until my drains are removed. The logic is they don't want anything to interfere with the drain sites (that's the priority). Did anyone else experience this? Also, I will have four drains: one in each breast (surprise!) and two for the abdomen.

I asked about the lipo on the jiggly underarm area. PS said it would most likely be addressed with BL, but if not lipo it is. The camera lady was amused because she said there was nothing to take a picture of. I offered to put my bra on. haha. I may be over-analyzing, but want to get it right the first time.

More info (measurements):
Bust 39.5" (wearing great support bra)
Under bust 33"
Waist 35"
Hips 40.5"

Thanks for the encouragement!
Hi, I am shocked that your PS says no binder until the drains come out. I've actually never, ever even heard of that, such less experienced it. I would totally get a 2nd opinion on that one! Having recently had surgery, I'm actually a little upset by it. And, your BL will address the jiggly underarm area? That doesn't even make sense, does it? Please, please get a second opinion, even if it's on RS. (Thanks for posting!)
Well, to be fair, his PA said no binder. I've been home researching medical compression garments all afternoon! I am going to call the office in the morning. Sorry, I didn't explain myself well. The PS addresses the surrounding areas, like the underarm, when doing BL to make sure everything is proportional and smooth. He'd lipo as necessary. I'm confident in him, as I know two of his previous patients and he is very well-known & respected. I've also noticed with my questions that they offer answers to what I ask, yet don't elaborate. So while I may not wear a binder going home, it doesn't mean I won't be wrapped up in something, I guess. I will definitely call. Thank you! This is bugging me too.
Oh I feel so much better! I don't know what I would have done without my security blanket... I mean, my binder. :-) BTW, I had four drains for three week and was wrapped up tighter than a newborn. Let us know what he says! I wasn't second guessing really, just want everyone safe.


I called the office this morning to confirm if I would be in a binder coming home. The answer was absolutely yes! My midsection would have a binder and my breasts will be taped and bound. Ok, I feel MUCH better!! Thank you, 5lbHatchelFlax, for nudging me to ask again. I have no idea what his PA thought I was asking, but at least all is well now.
We have almost the exact same measurements! I'm looking forward to seeing your results. Good luck!

Mental Support

I've got great friends! When I decided to do this surgery only a few weeks ago, I decided quickly and was ready to tell everybody. Shortly afterwards, I had gotten a somewhat negative reaction. While I like to think I don't care what people think, this reaction came from a good friend of mine, whose hand I held during cancer. So, why wasn't she being supportive? It stung.

Since then, I've been selective to whom I've told about the surgery. I want to surround myself my positive people. Everyone has been fantastic! I am a lucky girl.

It's hard to explain this surgery to someone, because it is physical and emotional. The reason I was able to quickly decide to do it is because i want to correct the things I cannot fix myself (abdominal muscle repair) and I want to be a better and fit me. It is not to be instant sexy, nor is it for weight loss. It is to please me alone. Does that make sense?
Pleasing yourself makes perfect sense. This is the reason we choose to have this surgery, for ourselves. My husband is much like yours, he loves me the way I am, and is also so supportive because this is what I want. I have limited the people I have told about my upcoming surgery, the first person said to me "if you have this plastic surgery, then you will become addicted to plastic surgery and never end" what???????? So, since then, only a few close friends know, and it doesn't bother me at if they like it or not. Enjoyed reading your journey to this point, and will follow closely. Love the recliner!
Wow - our height, weight, and measurements are very close! And it's interesting that we chose the exact same surgery. I have told anybody who seemed curious about my surgery. I honestly don't care what they think, although I have had extremely positive reactions and congratulations from almost all the women. Strange that it's the men who react negatively. I had one tell me good luck with my "vanity surgery". Ha! If only men had to sacrifice their bodies for babies....right? I just shake my head, laugh, and go on. I am 2 days away from something I have been thinking about for about 10 years now, and I can't wait!

It's the Little Things

I can't tell you how excited I am over the possibility of wearing a cami or even my new Victoria Secret nightgown (in Pic). The nightie is sooo soft and such a lightweight fabric that you can see how ridiculous my breasts sag and my nipples head south. Image how great it will look after the BL!! I never wear a cami and rarely a tank top because it is so hard to find some that are cut to hide a huge support bra. Oh, it's the little things that make me happy.

My husband loves the new recliner! It might have his butt dent by the time I need it. haha

My girlfriend recommended buying a Home Depot apron ($0.77). It carries all the drains regardless of wardrobe and no pinning. For the price, I added it to the collection of supplies.

I have my prescriptions filled:
Ativan - anti anxiety (just in case)
Keflex - antibiotic
Robaxin - muscle relaxer
Zofran - anti nausea
Percocet - pain killer

The Extras

I have the majority of supplies now. Today I added a few of the extras. I booked my massage for 8/25 with my favorite person, 3 days before surgery. I bought two coconut waters to try. I also bought Cold-Eze. (My oldest son had a fever today and I'm paranoid. I'm spraying Lysol every time he moves!)

I pray for no migraines after Thursday (14 day mark), as extra strength Tylenol isn't my go to medicine.

At the gym this morning, I thought about how blessed I am to be able to do this for myself now. I am healthy and fit, and I have support from my husband, a few close friends and my RS family. Yeah me!
While I am only 5' 2", our before tummys look the same, and like you, I have 34DD sagging breasts mostly skin as well. I did my TT but couldn't afford the BL. You will be so pleased having had both done!
I hope my tummy looks as good as yours!

Mirror, Mirror

The primary reason I decided to have this surgery was to fix the things I cannot fix myself, especially the muscle repair. Yet I cannot help but wonder if I will truly ever like my body. Maybe it's because I've spent more years being unhappy and self conscious with how my body looked.
How do you retrain your mind to focus on the positive? Recently, my trainer pointed out my hard-earned triceps . Huh. I hadn't noticed them. I am, however, acutely aware of how my breasts hang down to by elbows.

So, I'm hoping that without the large quantities of excess skin, I will begin to notice the positives. Right now, even after losing weight, I just see a lumpy (albeit smaller) me. Mirror, mirror...
Just read through your story and am here to support you 100%. People who have never been in our skin will understand what it feels like to look at our reflection in the mirror daily and see something that just doesn't seem to belong to us! So to eaches own. We reserve the right to do what we wish with our bodies and it's nobody's business.. U should want to do it to feel sexy too, WHY NOT!! You worked your arse off in the gym day in and out and watched every calorie intake to get where you are! And dnt say you didn't because I know the road ur on!! I'm on it too! You deserve every inch of sexy dammit!! Lol I felt the same way you did also, The day before surgery I felt like there was a high chance I still wouldn't love my body or that I might become addicted to plastic surgery and want to fix everything. But that's not the case at all.. It came out how I prayed for it to look and I'm happy, there are still flaws, I have that armpit rolls ur talking about, I call it my pitty (armpit titty). But those little things don't bother me anymore u know why? Because My body didnt let me down through this huge surgery I chose to give it. It's healing well, its recovering and it's taking care of me for once. And I had zero control during this process I just had to let it do it's thing and it hasn't failed me!!.. Our bodies are absolutely amazing. Once you have this done you will love it. Every bit of it will be perfect. I can't wait to watch through your journey!! Xx
Wow, thank you for being inspirational and supportive! I cannot believe you named the armpit titty. hahahaha Oh man that cracks me up. 10 more days to the flat side... I am READY!
I had to name it because I always ask my kids to tuck it in or ask them if it is hanging out. It has its own identity back there LOL. You are down to the single digits now girlfriend!!! I am ready for you too!! I cant wait to watch your journey. so exciting.

The Difference a Year Makes

As many of you on this journey can relate, it's the year of 'me'! Finally, doing something for me. Putting myself together again. Only better!

This time last year, I was in a very, very dark place, as I was sending my first-born off to college. As I was learning to identify with my new role, it was then that I realized I needed to do more for just me. After all how can I make others happy if I am not happy? I plunged back into fitness twice as hard this spring. I do feel good AFTER exercise. haha

What a difference a year makes. We just moved Boy Wonder back into the dorm. This year, I'm good. Evolved. Now, I've got my big girl panties on. Soon enough, maybe I'll even be sporting bikini bottoms!!
Hi Fitbug...a week from tomorrow! How are you holding up? Wanted to know I was thinking of you in this final countdown, and wishing you well. Keep us posted!
Dream Cruiser, you are the BEST! I have thrown myself 150% into everything. I've done all the planning I can do (minus last minute grocery shopping). Now my days are filled with pre-planning for projects and events that I chair. I'm nervous someone will contact me when I'm in a drugged out stupor and I won't know or remember what I said. I also repotted some flowers today. Yeah, that was necessary. My degree is in engineering, so I know I lean towards OCD. Lists, planning, everything just so. Thanks for the eHug... loved it!
Staying busy helps with pre op jitters, I have been doing the same. Work 12 hour days, and am volunteering this weekend for the USA Pro Challenge. A bicycle race in Colorado, the largest race in the USA. Fun stuff

Tick, Tock

One more week to the flat side!! It's hard not to watch the clock. It's hard not to look in every mirror I pass by. I close my eyes and try to envision my new body. No can do. I can't even squish in my tummy, suck in my belly, hold up my chest, squint really hard and picture my new body. I need to be patient. Oh my, it's hard.

Good news. I'm back down to 147 lbs. My goal for surgery. I've been doing my happy dance all day!

Finally, I've decided I can live with Vita Coco Lemonade, a lemon flavored coconut water. In mid July, when I decided to proceed with the surgery, I also gave up all soda and salt. This was huge, as my occasional treat was the really salty almonds. Also, I was a Diet Mountain Dew addict. Hey, don't judge... Some people drink coffee, I had my Dew. Anyway, 6 weeks cold turkey and I hate to admit it, but I feel great. Not even a sip of soda! Only water. So, the lemonade vita coco is actually too sweet for me and it have to water it down. Whoa. Who am I?
5 days and counting down! Have you started "nesting" yet lol! I nested for the entire 2 days before my sx. My home hasn't been that clean since.
5 days to go! Lucky you! Enjoy your weekend!
Detox tea or other detox is a great idea. I did detox before my facelift and had practically swelling or bruising at all. For my TT, I detoxed too, and also very normal until the drains came (then swell hell). Don't forget to start a daily stool softener about 3 days before sx. That really works best I'm told, and certainly for me.

Nesting and Packing

My house is now spotless and I have 5 days to go! Granted, I have family visiting this weekend, but was it necessary to dust the top of the laundry room cabinets? Someone stop me! My friend left me a voicemail yesterday and also told me to get off the darn treadmill. I was actually outside playing with the dog (because I had just gotten back from the gym). haha

Question of the day: If you stayed overnight in a hospital or surgery center, what did you pack?? Thx
I will be thinking of you and checking on you this week! You will do great, and are in good shape, so should have an easy recovery. I know you are so excited!
Thank you!
Tell us all about your weekend with family. That will help time pass.

Calmer Waters

Our weekend visitors have left, the washing machine has being running at full tilt for the last 24 hours and is on its last load, the house is clean again thanks to a cleaning service (I cheated and it felt great, haha), overnight bag is partially packed, I got it in my full workout today (felt good after a sluggish weekend off), and most importantly, I had a massage today! Man, what a great idea that was! Regardless of the bruising, it helped relax me again after a crazy weekend. Now just moving supplies to counter tops, so I don't have to bend or reach for stuff I know I'll need.

I got my period today. Oh joy. I actually have it every two weeks. I've been hormonally-challenged, haha, for the last 10 years or so. I had a cryo ablation a few years ago. It helped minimize it a bit. I'm also on two hormones (HRT) to keep migraines at bay. TMUI? Anyway, I hope it stops by Thursday!

I don't feel nervous. I have Xanax if I get anxious. Only sign of nerves is I'm not eating quite enough calories. At least I'm aware of it. Partially, it's because I'm obsessed with only eating uber good things and partly I've been over scheduling myself. So, today I've been packing protein bars for a little extra.

Almost there!!! Yippee!
Am praying for a safe surgery...happy healing knowing what gem will be waiting at the end.
Thanks fullcircle! Prayers welcomed!!!
Rest well tonight and good luck tomorrow. Can't wait to hear about how it goes tomorrow.

Last Day Old Me

Enjoying the "lasts" today. Last long run, stretching, arranging everything just so, looking at the old me!

I took my dog (15 months) for boarding (until drains are out). I'll miss her kisses, but she's a spaz.

I've been taking my arnica and stool softener since yesterday. Went to the grocery store and loaded up on last minute fresh fruit and veges, including pineapple.

Arrival time tomorrow is 6:30 am. Ready!
Trust all will go well tomorrow. Just relax and expect the best outcome. I read snippets of your post and was moved by your Mirror Mirror post. I see myself in that statement. I've worked so hard this past year and yet going into my weight loss and move to fitness/healthier lifestyle I was not pleased with the sagging skin on my arms and abdomen...the skin on the abs would actually slap against my legs when I'd go down the stairs. I've worked with a trainer this year who was relentless and held me accountable (bless his heart!). Yet no matter what we did those two areas were 'unfixable). I first mentioned surgery to him and he was thrilled with my thought process. I told him that being away from the gym for six weeks would 'kill' me and I was terrified of gaining weight and reverting to old habits. He told me, "If you gain 5-10 lbs--not a problem. I can DO something about that. I can't, however, do anything about this (pointing to my arms and abs). This is skin...not fat. We've worked hard and done what we can." He was my biggest cheerleader going into surgery a day kept in contact with me during recovery. One other things said hit me. He said you need to be happy with who you are. Fixing this makes sense. But what about after this is fixed. Will you've happy/content. That is something that only I (or you) can answer. One thing I recommend is making sure you get lots of before pics. I didn't and regret it everyday. I wanted to forget what I looked like. However, I have nothing compared it with. Tomorrow is a big day for you. Enjoy the experience and remember the blessings you have. Looking forward to reading about your progress. Enjoy your pineapple!
Thank you!!
Good Luck Fitbug! I know you are so excited for tomorrow! This is YOUR time, baby! Hugs and happy healing!

Game On!

About to head out the door. I'm squeaky clean and raring to go! Thanks for all of the kind words, prayers, good vibes and positive messages!!!!

I have my iPad and my reading glasses, haha, packed. See you on the flat side!
Thought about you all day yesterday. Hope all went well and you are healing nicely. Let us know how you are when you can!
GOOD LUCK today.... praying for a smooth sx and a bucket of ice chips waiting for you on the other side!! :D
I pray that all is well.

Mission Accomplished!

I made it to the flat side! It's amazing! Got a sneak peek on a bathroom run, the nurse made the comment "don't worry, you're re swollen". ha! I'm flatter than a pancake! I cannot imagine not swollen!

Definitely need to keep on top of pain meds and muscle relaxers. I can overwhelmingly tell when they are needed. So, getting in & out of bed is getting easier with each attempt, which is often from IV and drinking so much water. Getting into bed is much harder than getting out. Getting feet/legs up without twisting is what I need to figure out. I'm looking forward to my recliner!

My lipo stick is right above my tailbone and is very tender. it's leaked blood like a sieve every time I stood. I'm talking puddles on the floor. My poor husband was about to lose it. The nurses eventually put a huge bandage over it to provide pressure. Definitely glad i bought the disposable bed pads (24"x36"). I am very bruised on my flanks from Lipo. Makes getting up and down that much more of a challenge. Everything is bearable if done extremely slowly. It's nice to have my husband there for a hand to grab onto, but he can't pull, I need to push, then it doesn't hurt. Glad leg muscles are strong!

When I woke up in recovery I wasn't in pain, but I was having muscle spasms in the center upper abdominal region. Since I was just waking up, it caused my whole body to tense up. Solution was to get a stress ball. That gave me something to focus on squeezing to relax the rest of my body. The muscle relaxers are just as important, if not more, than pain killers. So the PS told me I had about a 2" muscle separation all the way up in upper abdominals. That surprised me, as I thought just lower abs were the problem. Nurse told me later that they were sutured tightly and stapled. Ewwww.

I have 4 drains. Two in abdomen and 2 in breasts. No CG or binder, that comes later. Once drains are less than 30 cc/day they can come out. So breast drains will most likely be on Tuesday, as they are not filling up much now.

I haven't looked much at incision, as I am just glad to make it to the bathroom at this point, haha. I just got home an hour ago. Feels good!! Love the recliner. So much easier to get in than a bed. No twisting or turning required.

I'm also glad I brought protein bars and powder to surgery center. Surprisingly, the only had things like saltines, applesauce and jello. I only got a little nauseous when preparing to leave, since standing and sitting so long. Took a Zofran for the ride home and also ate 1/2 protein bar. Drive was fine.

I have a little but of a fat lip. Must have been from anesthesia or in recovery. Don't remember getting it. At least I look tough now, haha. Coughing is painful even holding pillow to stomach. I coughed up flem yesterday, but seems to be all gone now. Lungs are clear and I can take deeper breaths.

My husband is doing great. Rising to the challenge. Everyone was a bit skeptical yesterday as he took in the reality of the incision, drains, seepage from lipo, etc. poor guy, I know he hates to see me hurting. Nurses warned me 3rd day (tomorrow) is the worst, as everything is more tender and sore. At least I am home!!

Oh, I hate the granny panties. They are too irritating with all the bruising. It's easier to go commando with big sweatpants or shorts.

I think that's it. Thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes! Will get some pics in the next few days as I gather strength. Upward and forward!! Love and hugs.
You have such spirit, even right after your surgery. Makes me smile! So happy you are flat as a pancake, and loving it! Can't wait to see, but happy you got a sneak peek! Upward and forward! Yipeeee!
You're next, Dream Cruiser! It won't be long. These next few weeks will go by in a flash! It's really a trip being this flat (and perky). I really cannot remember the last time I was like this! Freaky!
Freaky Firday! Congratulations!

POD1 pics

YAY!!! So happy for you. Looking flat as a board! Gosh so much going on with the drains, hopefully the top set comes out soon. OK Drink, Meds, Rest and Pee that's the routine!! (((hugs))) Congrats girl!
Have a super weekend, and continue on with your positive healing. When do you go back to PS?
I have an appt on Wed 9/3 at 2:45 to see PS. He is in surgery on Tuesdays. The office is closed Monday for the Labor Day holiday; however, if breast drains ready to come out (they each drained 10 cc yesterday) then I can call nurse on Tuesday and get them taken out. BTW, tummy drains were at 51 and 70 cc yesterday. The 70 cc one (right side) stings when milked.

Hump Day

Made it through the worst of it, I think. Today, I slept a lot. I could hardly keep my eyes open. My strength was waivering and I was nauceous (even with zofran). So, the solutions were to try and snooze as much as possible, have my hubby support my physically (he hold his hands on the center of my back and neck) when I was getting up and down, and I stopped the oxycodone after 9:00 this morning. I took Tylenol extra strength at next pain time. Still fighting nausea (and starting to panic for fear of vomiting) I took an Xanax (anti-anxiety) to calm me down. We finally called the PS to get another prescription (Vicodin) for bedtime and asked If I could up the dose age on Tylenol during the day. PS said I could now take ibuprofen (which would also help with swelling). So will do Vicodin & muscle relaxers at bedtime for good sleep and ibuprofen during day. I am a warrior! Also tried eating more substantial foods today to fight nausea. I was feeling much better tonight. One day at a time.
YAY! another RS sister to learn from and follow! I just sent for a new credit card today to pay for the airline tickets! lol Instead of treadmills...i made brownies! Went up 2 pounds. OK...Sept 1....getting down to business like you girls! Can't wait to see your flatness....and boobies!!!
I hope today is much better for you all around. It sounds like you have the best help with you and now it is just a waiting game to get through the hardest part.Thanks for keeping all of us out here updated.Happy Labor day.
Try to sleep and rest and hydrate lots. Maybe try some gravol for nausea? Take care of yourself...yyou have a good hubby.

Today's surprise

Anybody have this? (See pic). It looks like any enormous blister on my hip where bruising is from
Lipo. It's not next to incision. Holy cow . My husband has a call into the PS.
Glad your blister...or whatever it was....wasn't anything to worry about! I laughed when you wrote that your 'nipples hung down to the second button'....i thought that is where your nipples were SUPPOSE to hang!!!!!!! LOL....the things we learn....
Sounds like maybe is it not as bad as it looks, especially if it will be re absorbed. Glad you spoke with the PS, and you will follow up with him if it get.s larger. Great big hugs your way, and healing vibes also.
Thanks! Tomorrow is a new day and one step closer to full recovery.

POD 4.. Goals Accomplished... boom!

Woke up at 7, but held in my pee until 8 until my husband woke up, since I woke him up twice last night. I started my day with my first shower! It felt nice. My husband stood near me as I sat on the built-in bench. I used a hand sprayer to minimize soaking my incision tape. I washed my hair (yeah), no problems reaching with BL. Hubby washed what I couldn't easily reach. Toweled off with two hand towels to be more careful of drains and tapes. I was tired. It was about an hour before I was re-gauzed and comfortably back in my recliner.

Ate breakfast, talked with my college son, watched TV, ate lunch and napped. Then I adventured down the stairs and walked around on the main level. Tried sitting in on the couch. No can do. Too low and caused major pain in incision. So I am still in recliner (an helpless once in it).

A few things of note:
I don't like toilet riser; it's too tall. Prefer regular toilet and use walker to get up and down. Easy peasy.
Walker is great. Almost necessary first day home, but I have a really long walk to my bathroom. I could prob get away with not using it now, but I use it to pull up when getting out of recliner and at beginning of laps until I find my sea legs. It gives me reassurance, even tho hubby is nearby.
If you're having lipo, you need bed pee pads (I got at Walgreens). They are 24"x36". My husband didn't think bloody seepage would ever stop (although paperwork said 1-3 days). It stopped beginning of POD 4. It was a LOT of drainage at first (every time you stand) and got better every day, but you can't wear a bandage so you literally had to hold a gauze will you walk a have a pee pad on chair/bed to it doesn't get ruined. Pad got changed every time I got up to pee (2-3 hrs).

Will call nurse in morning. All drains less than 30 cc/day (I think less than 15), so tomorrow will hopefully be drain removal day. Yippee.

So, upward and forward... Until tomorrow beautiful peeps...
Honestly, the first few days are the worst…and around the one week mark…it seems like it breezes by…on POD5, my drains came out…that's when I felt completely liberated:) It helps that you got to shower, though. I think that's when you start to feel human:) You're doing great:) Thinking of you and wishing you more steady healing:)
Thank you for being such a great cheerleader! It really helps!! I am pretty confident all 4 drains will come out tomorrow. I'm still working on trying to get in and out of recliner. Sooo frustrating.
you are a trooper! i am glad you are feeling and getting better and better each day. you will feel liberated when your drains are taken off. Sending you more healing vibes... ;)

The Sun Will Come Out Tmr

I pooped!!!! My husband just said he hasn't seen me smile so big in a long time. Dang, over poop too!

Ok, moving on, I did check myself out a bit in the mirror. Actually, not too bruised. Spots here and there. The worst is the purple red bruising on my waist/hips (both sides) from lipo. That explains why I refuse to wear underwear or pants, regardless how big. Anything that remotely rubs on my waist just plain hurts. Plus the lovely blister, same size, but not too bad. I have a bluefish black bruise on my right breast by my nipple, but it's mostly covered with tape (by sutures). I'm flat but seem wider in hips and waist from swelling.

My friend went to Kohls to get me a snap front housecoat/moo moo to wear to dr office tomorrow (hopefully all drains out) baggy = comfortable and I probably should not go out in public in a bathrobe and no undies, haha!
Yah! Progress! I hope the appt goes well. I didn't know what to wear to my first post op apt and it was just day 3. I wore pajamas! Haaa! They were cute shorts pajamas w a button up top but still pajamas. The nurse said she was happy I came in comfortable and how she sees so many come in wearing work out stuff. I never thought to wear my yoga pants over my cg. I just wanted to go there and get back home! Let us know what the ps says today. Hugs!
Exactly, in and out. I joked to my husband, maybe if I look like crap, they'll get me out of the waiting room faster. Haha. Hey, at least I showered yesterday and didn't stink! I looked like a bag lady. The house dress was a 1x (the only size left) and I'm a medium. Haha. It was really comfortable though! Yoga pants would hurt my waist. I even went to dr commanado. Seriously, I don't think anyone could dispute I just had surgery. I even wore my necklace of drains on the outside! I couldn't have tucked them in my tent, but I didn't want to appear larger than I was. Tee hee. Hugs!
Fitbug....time for a celebration! Am sure you feel better after the poop. And nice of your girlfriend to pick you up something to wear that isn't hurting your waist after the Lipo. Great big hugs! And can't wait to hear after you see your PS about that blister.

Drains Be Gone!

All 4 drains were removed at 10:00 am! Life is good.

The stress of making sure you don't yank on one if them is a bit overwhelming. As my husband was helping me assemble (pin) my drain necklace in preparation for a wardrobe change for the PS office, he dropped a tummy drain!! Holy crap, thank goodness the drain cord was long enough and it hit the floor (I was standing). We both look horrified and what 'might have been'. Needless-to-say, a choice word escaped.

The drains did not hurt at all coming out and it was super quick. To be fair, getting the sutures out wasn't as pleasant as I had begun to heal over them in only 5 days! Ewww. But 'Captain Prepared' had taken a hydrocodone AND and anxiety (Xanax) before leaving for the dr. That helped immensely plus a short deep breathing break between sides.

Then we showed the nurse my blister. Now it is downright amusing. When you tell someone you have a humungous blister , no one expects this. So she tried to hide her reaction, which I just find funny now. Hey, this is minor after all. Anyway, she goes to get a PA for a consult. Haha. She was more subdued in her reaction, but still wow'ed. She bet it would pop today. Again, ewww. Said she'd lightly tape it with gauze in case it popped but no worries. Wait 24 hrs before showering, no neosporin, just gauze to protect.
Well, it partially popped on the way home. And again since then. Now it's about 1/2 the size. Lots of fluid!

Oh, did I mention all 4 drains are out??!!! Man, I do have more energy. I walked a lot more inside today. Almost an hour! Nurse said to make sure I rest too. Going to nap soon.

See PS (actual dr) tmr at 2:45.

Btw, nurse said anti-nausea pills (zofran) can cause constipation. Go figure.
Don't it feel like a leash having those things? I was drain less POD5 as well. ..I can't imagine having to go longer. ..yet were just annoying ...
Drainless! Yay! And glad the blister is getting smaller. You have such a positive attitude and it continues to encourage! Way to go! Fitbug...can't wait to see how awesome you will be looking these days.
Congrats on being drain-free! FREE is such a good feeling eh? Baby steps... Yes, many meds cause constipation which is why it's best to get off meds asap. I'm not a pill-taker myself. Go enjoy your freedom! :)

Dead Puppies

I was reading stupid things online and starting laughing, hard. Oh man. Dead puppies, dead puppies! Isn't that what you learned in Fine Arts class in school... to evoke an emotion think of something that make you feel that way. I was going for sadness. Anything to stop laughing and the spasms in my abs. Whoa.

Back to see the doctor today. Not sure what to expect. I prefer no touching. Afraid I'll smack him out of reflex. That would be bad, haha.

My mom is keeping me company today, as hubby is working.

Have a great day!
Congrats on being drain free--and all 4 at that!!! That HAS to be a record! Wow! Give that girl a world record! Look out, Guiness, this girl is on the move! (now to get your "other end" on the move :-)

First PS Follow-Up appt

Appt went well! I attached a pic of my hideous moo-moo in 1x. Hey, it's what they had, it's ridiculously comfortable, and it's great for hot flashes! My husband got a kick out of the rest of the patients/ spouses trying to pretend they weren't staring at me. Yes, waiting room chairs stink on a good day, so I stood some, because it's more comfortable, but you know everyone wanted to just ask me what I had done & where I was in recovery. haha.

Anyway, nurse took off tape from incisions, PS came in and looked me over, answered some questions, welcomed us to call him anytime (we called him twice over holiday weekend), got the two thumbs up, nurse re taped incisions and I was done.

I am attaching some pics finally. These were at 4:30 today after being on my feet all afternoon, so I'm very swollen. I feel it, but it's most obvious in pics in my lower back/hip area, making my butt look funny. We talked about CG today. I go straight to a spanx type garment, but PS said wait til next Wednesday for evaluation when I get re-taped. Normally, I'd start now, but since sooo bruised on hips from lipo on both sides with blisters (and big blister) on left side, he wants to give that time to heal first. The CG would help reduce swelling faster, but no harm if wait a bit, as the rest is more important. Same with bra. Get sports bra, but hold off a bit on wearing until sutures aren't so raw. Just keep everything dry. I've been sweating under my boobs, so I need to wear guaze and change as necessary if I don't feel it's dry. Prevent yeast infection. Boobs are still big. Nipples still point a little downward. PS said he does on purpose with a BL, because the rise with healing. He didn't want them pointing at ceiling at then end. Huh, who knew? I thought my boobs were too far gone and I was still a little too hunchback. Live and learn.

Overall, doing well. Walked even more inside today. Took 2nd shower when I got home all by myself. I'm a big girl now!
Oh geez that blister! Ouch!!!!
Fitbug....you sound better each day, happy the blister opens and drains, and sounds like it is a bit smaller. Keep up those great healing vibes!
What do you put on the blisters? Is that where the bruising is? (can't tell from pic) I'm going to try this new thing called "medihoney". Lots of good press online about and it works for blisters, too. I have a right hip stitch that's opening up and I've been putting Neosporin on it but it's a slow-cure. Callendergirl6 suggested medihoney and I looked it up - good reviews and B&A pics. Ordered mine from amazon.


I'm overwhelmed trying to decide on what CGs to buy. I need something for next week. PS said it can be any brand (Spanx, Assets, Maidenform, etc), it could even be just under armour. I can chose high waist or reg waist. I asked about sizing and they said get something fairly comfortable, not horribly tight, try them on. Ooookkay, that leaves my options open. Help!

What is your favorite? What's the easiest to get on and off (I always have to pee and the bruises are healing slowly)? Thank you!!
Haha….I'm still using the medical binder…LOL.
You look amazing!! Im still searching for the perfect CG that give me as much support as the medical binder!! Let me know if you find something amazing.
My absolute favorite is called Smart Sexy Shape and I got it for about $14 at Walmart. I have been wearing a lot of dresses cause I don't like the feel of anything on my waist yet. This thing is kind of like a long tube top - goes from under my bra to over my butt. It supports, but it's not too tight. I think it's designed to wear under those tight mini dresses the young girls wear? My second fave is my "onesie" with the hook crotch - for easy peeing access. I wear that one if I'm gonna go somewhere and drink beer! Haha! And I do like my corset, even with all the hooks. I definitely can't stand the ones that only come to my waist - feels better if it goes up higher.

Baby Bird likes her Nest

Today was my first adventure out into the real world (besides the PS office). Hubby took me to Target. I lasted about 15 min. The noise, lack of energy, fear of being bonked, etc was a little overwhelming, let alone it's hot outside in Atlanta! So I got one CG and left. Then made a trip to Walgreens to return some supplies I never used. That did me in. So sad.

Anyway, I have a list of continued improvements & milestones:
- I finally shaved legs today.
- I put on real clothes (T-shirt, short, stretchy compressive tank, and UNDERWEAR) for my outing
- I put on socks and sneakers all by myself
- I got in & out of the car all by myself ( 3 days ago I couldn't raise my right leg into the car). Go me!!
- I continue to bend at waist easier (as I do laundry with front loader). I try not to cheat using grabber or squatting. Hubby likes that I'm back on laundry duty.
- Climb the stairs at least 10x/day (motivation: laundry is upstairs, so is my arnica, haha)
- don't feel guilty wearing nightie all day ; skin is healing (blister finally deflated, now just need to heal)
- underwear wasn't horrible if I wore it over compression tank
- tummy super tight and sore above BB... Provides constant motivation to eat right and drink lots of water and MOVE.
- lost about 2.5 lbs since surgery which doesn't seem possible since I'm super swollen AND I eat like 8x/day (healthy toddler meals)
- I love online shopping even more now. It helps on many levels.
- Recliners are good, if I'm comfortable (I tried the bed for 2 hours last and it was not pretty; my back really paid for it the next 12 hours in the spot where the lipo needle was used. Too much direct pressure.) Patience wins.

Upcoming decisions:
- When to try driving (meds not an issue, but seating comfort is an issue)
- when to being the puppy home (I planned for a 10 day boarding, which means we need to get her on Monday or....)

Patience, I will learn it yet!
Thank you for your awesome updates!
Thanks for following my journey!
Keep going, it gets better everyday. Take it one step at a time as you have been. And no, you are not a sissy! This surgery takes tons of courage and attitude, which you have to keep those healing vibes going!

Veni, Vidi, Vici

I have mastered the recliner!! I can now get in and out of the (non-power lift) recliner all by myself. Freedom! So now my husband can sleep through the night AND not do laundry. Whoa. haha

The Nike Fuelband has also been slapped back on. Time to start moving more and being accountable. I am not so sure it's super accurate at my slo-mo rate, but it's a start!

Puppy has also returned! Happy day.
Go girl, am sure the pup is happy to be home too
Awesome!! Get it Girl!!! I did a steady increase of 200-300 steps a day and started at 400 steps POD2 LOL.. Every step counts. Happy the baby Pups back too :) have a good day
oh steps were bathroom steps only too LOL :)


Making notes for my 2 week PO appt on Wed with PS.
- I have a painful bump in my vein a few inches from where my IV was... Googled it and I don't think it's any big deal, but I'm open to suggestions on how to relieve discomfort
- blister has drained & scabbed; bruises slowly healing... Was going to ask permission for arnica gel or creams for itchiness (I know he prefers nada)
- worst bruise, right side near end if incision is still purple/red
- noticed a hard lump on right waist... Probably from lipo? It's very tender!
- I walk like an ape after 5 pm
- I always feel very swollen & uncomfortable ABOVE my BB. This is also the area (upper abs) that I had the most muscle spasms from MR (waistbands are uncomfortable)
- It's very uncomfortable to sit in a normal chair. I need to recline some. I think it has to do with upper belly swelling.
- my boobs are rising and swelling is decreasing
- I have feeling in my nipples (you remember that bad breast feeding latch?, yeah that one...) I guess it's better than losing feeling
- I had my 4th migraine today since surgery. Boo. What's that about? I'm thankful it's post surgery when I can take meds again!
- my silly Fuelband only records about 1/3 of my steps at my slow pace (I am so bored, I started counting!)
- it's feels sooo good to finally be bored and healing!!

Thanks to everyone in this supportive community!!
Boo to old-school docs! Mine says nada to all herbal creams and online remedies too! But I figured I bought 2 tubes of arnica gel- might as well use them... and not sparingly either! So right after sx, I started rubbing a dollop of arnica gel into my lipo areas 2x/day -morning and then after washing (POD4). After 1wk, my inner thigh lipo area bruising started fading- totally gone by 1mo. It's cold and a little tingly. I kneaded out the lipo 'knots' ...all gone now. A little hard spot left on my right lower flank still. As for the nipples... YES! Very sensitive- even now at 1mo PO!
You just massaged the lipo knots? Easy as that?
Easy as that. I mean, there's really not much else to do while recuperating! ;) Newlook's PS said to try using a rolling pin! Lol. I just used my hands tho. For my flanks, I used my knuckles. They're all almost gone- tender like yours too at first, but almost nothing now.

Not Bionic, Patient

Tomorrow marks POW2!! Also, patience is a virtue. No joke. Each day is better, each week is exponentially better; however, somehow I expect to be bionic. Patience!!

Today was my check-up with the PS. I'm healing well. Tapes came off for a two week break. I have some blisters on my incisions where it has been taped, so now it's supposed to air. In two weeks, I go back and get checked out again and I think re-taped. The bruises are getting better. Incisions are prickly and sore tonight since it's the first time they've been exposed. I'm going to need Ibuprofen soon. Knot in IV vein will probably take 6 months to resolve. Warm compresses for discomfort. My hand and wrist are just as bruised as body; PS didn't seem too pleased with that. I think it's only bothering me because I rely on my arms so much now for getting up and down from chairs & my wrist is very tender. Boo.

Overall, I am stronger, more energetic, and getting more confident with how much I can do. Sitting in a regular chair is a challenge for any length of time. I prefer my recliner or standing/ walking. I stand sort of straight, but by 5 pm, I walk like an ape. I putter around my house until I feel like I'm panting, go 5 min more, then rest. I manage about 5000 steps; Not too bad, considering I don't like leaving my house.

My goals this week will be to start driving, attempt laying in bed again, and find a CG I like and can live with.

Happy Healing peeps!
Keep up the healing, girl. You got this! Hope your wrist feels better soon. Driving was a challenge for me, although I drove at day 6. When you twist to reverse, do it slowly and carefully - I learned that the hard way! To this day, at one month PO, getting in and out of my car and twisting for reverse is not as easy as it used to be. Happy CG shopping!
Hi Dazzlady: I say, "Live dangerously!" Why bother looking as you reverse? There's a 50/50 chance you'll be okay....then again, the world of hurt you'll be in after NOT looking is simply not worth it. Needless to say I'm joking about not looking as you reverse. I agree--taking it slow is the way to go! (hey, I rhymed!) Hope your recovery is going well too!
Congratulations, Fitbug, on 5k steps! That's great. Little by little. Patience is one of the hardest things to learn. I think as women it is harder for us to just be lazy. Because we are supposed to be "superwomen" and meet the needs of our family (if you have a family), work, keep house, etc., when it does come time to take it down several notches activity wise, we feel lazy and that is just not acceptable to us. I hit a point where I thought, "I'm going to be lazy and do notta today!"--and it felt great. Giving yourself permission to just relax and take it easy is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves. So...just as other people will send a sick person flowers when they are ill, give yourself a break instead :-) (I know...easier said than done but if you give it a try, you'll love the feeling!) Take care and continue well on your recovery.

POW2 Pics

Here's updated pics. My tummy incision is very low.

My waist is measuring the 34" (was 35) in the morning before major swelling takes over, hips 39" (was 40.5). That's nice, because I know it'll only get better. I am swollen and have not worn a CG at all yet! I am 5'6" and now weigh 143 (was 147). That blows my mind, as I eat baby meals non-stop... Especially now that I can get out if the chair by myself, haha! Healthy eating pays off!! My indulgence these days are grapes. Geez Louise.
Looking good Fit! I don't see any signs of infections so the healing is doing its job!! Happy continued healing ^_^ have a beautiful weekend
Thanks, you too!! ;)
Oops, I mean Fitbug

Random Thoughts & Progress

I drove for the first time today. I took my son to school, 10 min away. It was ok! Note to self: The speed bumps on campus need to be avoided.

I have also spent the last two nights in bed. Wed night was pretty restless. Last night, I wore my new skinnygirl boy shorts (thank you Chiklet) and I actually slept for a four hour stretch. That's about as good as it gets for me at one crack (even prior to sx). Got up and peed and slept for another 3 hours. Wow, sleep is under-rated. I sooo needed it. Now, I'm wondering if the CG had a hand in it. Since yesterday was my first day with one, it's likely. It hurts on the bruised areas a bit, especially my upper abs, where I had the majority of muscle spasms from MR, but I'm getting used to it. The support/stability is amazing. I can see why everyone calls them their security blanket. Sometimes I hold it out though, so I can breath and my abs catch a break. Even my fav yoga pants feel constricting now. That's how tender my abs are....

Anyhoo, I am also a big fan of the cami now. I was always much too large and saggy for them. Bras are still uncomfortable on my incision. I have a compression cami too. It's great because it's snug, but not too tight, and it's super long and even covers my TT scar. It's Tees by Tina. I got it at Intimacy (where I had my bras fitted) a while ago. I just ordered a bunch more from Amazon. Yeah, online shopping!

Happy healing everyone!
Excellent update! Thanks for sharing. You are doing SO well!!!
ouch girlie the muscle spasm's don't sound like good times. I was released Friday to go back to the gym but I haven't gone yet. I am walking 7-10K steps a day but at the great sacrifice of the swell too. I also have the 3" range LOL. For some reason it doesn't matter if I eat nothing more then an orange if my stomach is 2" bigger I am instantly feeling fat LOL. I really hope you get some rest tonight. You know those pain meds you have to take them before the pain and keep up on them. Maybe you should take half before you go to sleep?? wishing you ZZZZ's
I do get some spasms from working out. I think it's cause you can't stretch the way you normally do after a work out. Just slow it down a bit:) Rub down time:) Get your hubby to help you out by rubbing some muscles for you. Massage your tummy a bit:) I hope that helps:)

Exponential Growth

My surgery was 3 weeks ago today. It's amazing how the human body can heal so quickly!

I sleep in bed now. We also have a 4" memory foam. We had it prior to surgery, but I need it more now for my hips. I can sleep on my side for short periods of time. It's wonderful relief for my back. My hip bruises have faded immensely. My left hip and tummy just requires a lot of lotion for dry skin from tape and blisters etc. No biggie.

I drive now. I try and limit one way trips to 20 min. In Atlanta, that's not far, but the freedom of driving again is great!

I went to the gym this morning for the first time to walk on the treadmill. Nothing heroic. Just one mile at an avg of 2.5. I tried to go a bit faster and it hurt, so I backed off. I got bored and increased the incline to 1.0. That lasted for about 4 minutes, then it started to hurt. I backed off. But I finished my mile and it felt good to be out and about.

I run errands now; stores don't intimidate me. I can even push a grocery cart without it going rogue into the display. haha

I crave water. Maybe it's those memories of being deprived the morning of surgery... I was so happy to take the 3 pills they gave me pre-op with the mere tablespoon of water. Oh, how I wanted that water. How does ones mouth get so dry? Is it nerves? Does the IV suck the moisture out of your mouth? IDK, but I love drinking as much as I want now! It's even better when you can get up out of the chair by yourself! Ah, the little things you appreciate.

I have headaches. I've head 6-7 migraines since surgery. I'm assuming it's my hormones out of whack. I don't know why. I'll ask my PS about it next week. I've read other RS peeps have headaches too.

Tummy still swollen (no surprise), but I see waist definition now. It feels swollen out front, not on sides. My upper abs are still the most sore, occasionally retiring a muscle relaxer (usually in the middle of the night) if I overdo it. No pain anymore, just pings and pangs. Coughing still not pleasant, but I no longer have that dry throat constant cough from surgery. My TT scar is healing well, the center is the scabbiest. It doesn't bother me at all. My tummy sometimes feels tingly, like when your mouth wakes up from novacaine at the dentist; however, mostly it's numb from the BB and below.

My breasts have minimal swelling now. My right breast is still bruised though by the areola. My nipples are not constantly erect anymore either, thank goodness, although they are tender to the touch (including the seat belt). The biggest area of tenderness on both sides is the outside of the scar under my boobs (nearest my underarm). The scar is very thick there. Bras are uncomfortable because it puts pressure on the skin near that scar and my drainage hole scabs. So I'm enjoying compression camis whenever possible.

I still relax the most in my recliner. It's the best position and seems to help with swelling.

I still take Arnica. I think it helps and I take it consistently throughout the day.

I eat small meals like a toddler, but I am hungry! When I wake up in the middle of the night, I now occasionally require something for my screaming belly. I usually opt for 1/2 scoop protein powder mixed with water.

I still need naps sometimes. Even the energizer bunny needs a break. Two words: recliner and pillows. Haha

I am amazed by this transformative surgery. I know my body is not at its final result (thank you, swelling, haha) but I really cannot pinch-an-inch. I have no muffin top, nothing whatever. I know the PS TOLD me it was all extra skin before surgery, but honestly, I didn't believe him. I've grown so accustomed to "rolls" that when they are not there, it's mind-boggling! Even my boobs are a perfect size for me. I don't feel like I'm all chest now. I've probably gone down a size (from 34DD to D). I wonder how long it will take getting used to the new me. Life is good.

Happy healing my peeps. Hugs.

Battle of the Bulge

This morning my tummy was bulged out above my BB more than normal. It's my tender spot where the spasms still hit and has been bruised since surgery. I went to the gym and walked my slow mile. It bulged more. I called the nurse. She had me email a picture. Then she decided she wanted to see me. So, I do have fluid building in that spot, but not enough to stick a needle in yet (thank goodness). The solution is to be active but be very mindful and also try to wear a tighter CG that also does not cut across fluid build up, which could make it worse.
This has been an overly active week. Hubby is traveling, so I have to drive my son to (private) school and activities. I'll chill more during the day. Netflix anyone? haha

What a Spaz

So I relaxed over the weekend and tried to enjoy the recliner. Monday (yesterday) I was back to my normal schedule and the treadmill. I walked 1.25 miles at 2.7 mph. For the day, I had logged about 7000 steps. While I don't feel it at the time, the treadmill must be throwing me over the edge. I awoke again in the middle of the night to severe muscle spasms. I took a muscle relaxer & massaged by upper abs, but the spasms lasted a few hours, so by morning I had to take a pain killer! I read online that the spasms are a normal part of increased activity in conjunction with muscle repair, but ouch! Didn't see that coming. So today I slowed it down again and didn't do the extra walking. Will see what tonight brings. I seriously need sleep. My husband commented on the circles under my eyes this weekend.

I've also been paying more attention to the measuring the swelling. My waist has been approx 31" in the morning and 34" by bedtime. It seems to happen regardless of activity level or whether I wear a CG or just a compression cami (my preference). The swelling is significant by mid day. I pretty much have to wear pants with an stretch waist.

On a positive note, I visited my trainers at the gym today. They've been wonderful and checking on me regularly. I love their positive energy!!

Oh, I forgot, Patience!

I had my checkup with the PS today. The answer to every question boiled down to time and patience. Yeah, I knew that! (Slap on forehead)

The migraines are most likely due to my system being out of whack from anesthesia. PS pointed out that anesthesia alone can throw off your body for several weeks, let alone major surgery. Point taken.

Popped a stitch under right breast. Seriously, that must have happened within the last 24 hours, because I do check myself now with a hand mirror. Little bugger! If more pop, no Neosporin or other goo, just soap and water. PS is a big fan of time, nature, and basic cleanliness. Works for me. Just have to remember "patience".

PS noticed my skin is uber sensitive and said to continue to leave tape off of incisions. Fine by me! Tape helps them flatten faster, but time will take care of that too.

Swelling is normal. I look great. Muscle spasms are also normal, albeit painful. PS reminded me of the extensive muscle repair I had. On the days I walk on the treadmill, he suggested I take 400 mg of ibuprofen before bedtime to help ward of spasms. Will defintately try! He was happy I was walking and making the effort. Upward and forward!

Next appt is in 4 weeks (right before POW 8). I have permission to go back to the gym again at POW6, so we discussed how to "re-enter" as I am a bit gun-shy with the recent spasms. Basically the plan will be, with the help of my trainer, to start slowly and with minimal weights. Same rules, listen to my body, build up slowly, but at POW6 I cannot "hurt" myself and will be ready to try more. I just have to remember the exponential healing. I like having a plan. Will adjust as necessary.
I can relate 100% its a trickster I tell you. I Feel normal so I do normal and right when its time to relax and go to bed I feel all the pains and pulls that remind me Im not back to normal!!! Hang in there. That's what those pills are for! You will be whole by summertime. It seems like a far away goal but that is what I set for myself. hugs
It will get better. .honest! Just be patient. Can't compare to other people. you're you. If you're doing better than a week ago...then it's progress! ! Thinking of you!
I am sorry you have hit a snag in your recovery! Things will get better....we all need to vent about our issues so I am glad you have a safe place here to do so. Wishing you the best.xoxoxo

Simple Simon

Sometimes things are not as easy as they appear. Outwardly, healing seems transparent. Yet it is much more complex than simple incision. Lately, I've been experiencing highs and lows physically and therefore mentally. While trying to walk a little more or participate more in daily family activities, it comes at a price, often muscle spasms and now charlie horses in my feet. Yuck. I really am not that activite! This morning I awoke to a stinging pain deep in my right hip, at the end of my incision. The scar looks normal. I thought maybe a stitch was coming through or I slept on it funny (I can sleep on my side for a short time). I actually walk with a limp today. I was significant enough that I took 1/2 pain pill! Yet another reminder that this is a process. Internal healing is still continuing, and will for some time! While my bruises are starting to fade and the scabs are starting to go, I am not whole yet.

Sorry for the 'woe is me' attitude today. Honestly, I don't know how all you ladies that work do it and so quickly!
I do not find your update to be a woe is me at all! You've gone thru something drastic, these days are expected! Glad that you are doing well overall :)

Mind, Body, & Soul

All is aligned again. I am thankful that my first tearful day was 4+ weeks into the healing process. While I had a little bit of pain and a mental downturn, it was temporary. Sunshine, rest, and friends got me through the speed bump. Thank you!

I am getting used to the swelling now. Think of how awesome I will look and feel when it is not part of my normal day. I'm at my max (3" increase in waist) by mid morning now because I walk early which starts the process. Even if I wear double CG, it's the same. I guess it's part of the process.

Good news is the painful bump in my wrist from my IV is finally disapating! The vein is still tender, but I was about ready to put my arm in a cast to protect it. Very happy.

I wake up with muscle spasms yet, but they aren't as severe. It's like my abs are trying to stretch out, so I catch myself trying not to let them in fear that this spontaneous movement will cramp or over extent. It's strange how it only happens at night when my body is totally at rest.

My skin is also looking healthier and less dry and sickly. It was so abused looking from the blisters and tape and not taking vitamins for a month.

I still wake up in the middle of the night. Although I can sleep on my sides for short periods of time (1-1.5 hrs), I cannot roll from my back to my side. I wake up and have to life my body to reposition. It may be psychological, it could also be that I use two thin pillows yet, not sure. No big deal, just a note.

Everything else is back to normal. Sitting in a regular chair gets me tired. After dinner, I'm ready to put on my PJs and sit in the recliner. It's still the most comfortable spot. Happy Healing!
Ugh.. so still at 2 months swelling ups and downs? I see that it varies quite a bit between different people. I'm sure it depends a lot on the body and how much activity and even what we eat. I'm getting the impression that i will be one of those that will have swelling for a couple of months. Here I was hoping that POW 3 would be only slight swelling.. um, not. I think my recovery will be similar to yours. I think i will take the swelling if that is the only way i can be somewhat active. My mental health will be worth it!
When I wrote that I was POW5, RS must round up to 2 months. Tomorrow is POW6 for me. I am more swollen than ever... It bothers me most in my upper abs, a horrible bloated feeling, but that's where I can feel it, the lower abs are still numb. I eat a very low sodium diet. It's caused mostly from increased activity. This week, I've pushed walking hills more as well as lifting those Costco-sized items. Ugh!! I'm still trying to mix activity with rest. Everything is a balance! Happy Healing!!
Hi! I just wanted to mention that I had my MM April 8, 2014, and still have significant swelling by the end of the day. I've taken to wear my compression garment again at night and it helps a LOT -- by morning the swelling is gone again. I'm still drinking water, trying to watch the sodium and just letting the healing progress. I'd been told it could be up to a year so I'm not concerned particularly and my PS is happy with my progress. Doesn't want to see me again until Spring 2015. If I have any pain (the belly's still numb), it's my flanks from the lipo. The more swollen I get, the more it hurts but it's getting better too. Glad to hear everyone's doing well.

Video & Pics POW6

TT Scar Video POW 6
Video of scar. Swollen and everything! POW6. Scab in the very center was caused by blister from tape the first week! It's taking its time! PS just recommends soap, water, and air. No tape or scar cream. Fine by me; incision is a bit tender yet. Scar rises in the center, but is super low. Note, my mole just above scar in the middle was next to my old belly button! Haha. Skin discoloration is leftover from bruising. I'm very fair-skinned. It looks worse than it is!
Looking good, Fitbug! I'm still with ya on the swelling. Although in the past week, I think I am only increasing 3 inches in the waist instead of 4 inches by the end of the work day. LOL. I too enjoyed the piano practice in the background. He sounds very good!
It's interesting to see how different PS's design different TT scar lines... I wonder how they choose - if it's their own technique or if it's based on the individual person. Love the struggling pianist in the background! ;)
Haha, I didn't even realize he was practicing. He's trying to memorize that piece. I learned to tune it out years ago! I like how straight your scar is, but mine is so low, it really doesn't matter. I wondered, too, if it was technique. It's interesting to see drain placement as well.

Behind Closed Doors

I'm still a spaz when it comes to sports bra shopping. I tried a racer back , but as usual, I think I am claustrophobic even with the ones with hooks. I end up twisted and half contorted getting it off. I can only image sweaty after a workout! I'd probably resort to cutting the darn thing off. Embarrassingly, I almost had to ask the staff for help. Good gravy!
So, no racer back, got one with hooks (moving comfort Fiona). I ended up a size 34D. Only went down one cup size. Perfect!
I think I dented a boob in the process though. Until I go back to the gym, I'm sticking with my slightly big, stretchy bras and compression camiis.
You look really great:):) I"m glad things are getting better:):)
Great scar, very similar shape and placement as mine. Are you using scar therapy? Looking good, great waist!
No scar therapy per PS. Knots went away on their own. Thanks for compliment! Waist is much trimmer than before. Video shows it a little better than pics can. Even my underarm flab is better (PS said it was extra skin, didn't need lipo, and some would be taken care of with BL... Sure enough!) Current measurements: bust 38", waist (31-34"), hips 39". Weight 144

Feeling Bionic

i couldn't hold back any longer... I tried running this morning. At first, my upper abs felt needy. I wasn't wearing my CG, as I was only planning to walk. Then my upper butt/lower flanks twinged. Picture me jogging and doing the macerena. Once I got going, I felt great!! I ran slower than before surgery and only 1.5 miles, so I wouldn't regret it tomorrow. Amazingly, I wasn't winded or anything, which is a miracle considering how much time I've logged in the recliner! Oddly, my left side appears more bruised now (where the lipo bruises were healing/that was also my blistered side). Huh, I guess I got the blood flowing.
Dear Bionic Woman (you knew SOMEONE would call you that!): So obviously you got the "bra" issue resolved :-)...or, went free-wheeling! Congratulations on your first outing! Oh, what a feeling!!!!! (Careful not to overdue it!)
I bought one new bra yesterday. It was impossible not to take it for a test drive, haha. Now I need a new pair a sneakers. Some girls like their heels, I like my Nikes!! It was like I noticed the extra skin was gone all over again... No jiggling, just bionic! Love it!!
Gotta love the absence of jiggling jello! You go, girl!

Master of Disguise

I decided to do some shopping today. Besides my sports bra debacle the other day, it's the first time since surgery. Tomorrow is POW7. I fit into a size 6 jeans!! I'm surprised you all didn't hear the squeal from the fitting room. I tried them on for grins and giggles and just stood there in front of the mirror with my jaw to the floor! Zipped right up. No muffin top. Damn. If that's not motivation to keep me eating healthy, I don't know what is. I really helps when you don't have to squish extra rolls into your pants, haha.

I found a wireless girlie bra so I can wear some real clothes this weekend. We're going to visit boy wonder at college. I am so stinkin' excited! I see PS next week (POW8). On my list of questions is when I can start wearing underwire bras again. On RS, I see that varies. Any bra is still irritating all day though. I think it's a combination of my incision underneath my BL and my drain hole scars. When I'm home, I wear a compression cami. Having worn an underwire out of necessity for a gazillion years, I was surprised at how few options (comparatively) there are for wireless bras, especially in the D cup size.

I'm still holding off on a lot of clothes. I'd like to wait until the swelling subsides more. Also, it's not something I can do without my friends. I tend to lean towards comfort and baggier items. I need to find a new happy place.
That is awesome news. I am so happy for you....I wish my swelling would subside so I could fit properly back into my size 2/4. So frustrating. I feel bigger than before....buy patience is the key....I bet you're gonna be so tiny when everything is said and done!!!
Hey Fitbugg: I just got back from the gym and in the midst of a heavy cardio session (my longest and most intense since sx) I thought of you. It was the "running you" not the "can't -find-a-comfy-bra you" that came to mind. Congrats on your size six. The exact same thing happened to me--the sales clerk gave me a size 6 to try on and all I could think was, "God bless you for thinking I'm that small"--and they fit. I just wanted to stare at the foreign looking woman in the mirror for hours! But they needed to close the store! ;-). SO glad you had the opportunity to experience that--quite the feeling, huh? Your friends are going to have a BLAST dressing you up!
go go wmac! Good job on the cardio!

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Friday is POW 8. I just had my PS follow-up appt today. I got a hug, a big smile, and the usual warm fuzzies because Dr. Beegle is a great doctor. He laughed good-naturedly at me when I expressed my usual concern regarding swelling, explaining my new/former exercise routine of weights and running and how my goal was now to acquire a six pack with the GIFT he had given me. Uh, long story short... I can expect swelling for 6 months with increased exercise. Yeah, my upper abs are up to 5" bigger this week due to returning to the gym. I'm not complaining though. It feels soooo good to be back. Only the normal aches from sitting in army arse for 8 weeks and having all my muscles atrophy, haha. I started running a bit last week, but this week, I'm full blown running. I'm at normal pace (7mph on treadmill) and distance 2-3 miles but haven't gotten back to sprints yet. I love Fall, so I think I want to work on endurance and distance for a few months. I love my new Moving Comfort Fiona bra so much I bought two more! So far, no neck, shoulder, and breast pain after running either!! That defines surgery success right there. As far as weights, I tried approx half my normal weights this week. It was a reasonable. I even attempted a few planks. I didn't like them as well, haha. PS said to ease back into ab exercises. My core took a beating with other weights.

All the scabs finally fell of my TT scar on Tuesday. PS said he didn't recommend over-the-counter scar treatments. I am now, however, supposed to tape my scar weekly. Just the TT. BL scars are as is and healing well too. I didn't ask why no tape on Breasts, but I'm glad because they are much more sensitive and the thought of changing tape weekly is not appealing what so ever.

I can wear underwire bras now, whatever is comfortable. I am still tender on the outermost area of my scar below my breast when I wear a bra. I am good for a few hours and then I wear a compression cami. I can still expect my nipples to rise a bit. My breasts seem heavy, for lack of a better description. They don't sag, but they seem to lie ever so slightly on my bottom incision. The PS said they will still change shape. This is so interesting. I love to look at RS pics of implants and BL and note the differences in the short and long term.

I need to stop weighing & measuring myself. The swelling is messing with my mind. I feel enormous. At least this week I've got my eating back on track (after two weekends of vacation).

These days, I am certainly feeling physically stronger. I just need to build rest days into my schedule as I am still healing. So for the next few months, it's my normal diet and exercise. I know when I blink, my body is going to be just what I wished for... Just a little more healing.
amazing you are able to be so active. Running 2-3 miles, and abs.....am sure you will get that six pack! Love your updates
Well, you are definitely a "fit"bug! ok, now you make me sound like a total slug! But hey, at least I do squats! ...now anyway! ;) So glad RS changed the site to be more reader-friendly. Yes, I'm happy now. So there. lol.
SO good to hear of your progress. Okay...7 m/hr??? Oh,my stars! That's fast. I am so not a runner. I've done a little over 8 m/hr for a minute or two but wouldn't be able to sustain that. You go, girl. I admire you for being able to run. I'm so lopsided...not wearing my orthotics probably doesn’t help. Keep up the great work and healing!!! Amazing. Hope my PS is as pleased as yours was!

Slowly I Turned

I wore actual fitted clothes to the gym today and received a compliment from another woman. I felt like a fraud. Had she complimented my running or weight training, I would have smiled and said thank you. But no, I turn in to a joker. Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch....

Another thought, has anyone asked their PS how long they see them for post-op visits? 3 mo, 6 mo, 1 yr?

I'm itchy on my TT incision again. I just started wearing tape. I'm not sure if it's an allergy to the tape or just the swelling pulling on the tape. I change it Wednesday and will have a better idea. Hopefully it just means more healing!

So I decided to get a Brazilian wax. I've never had one. I'm not a hairy person, so grooming never been much of an issue. I was too scared before surgery and the PS said they'd shave what they needed while I was under. Sounded good to me. Well, it itched like hell growing back (they shaved A LOT), but I kind of liked it. So, I am woman, hear me roar. Literally, I am thinking leftover pain pill... Haha. Suggestions?
STopping by to say hi. I see you are back to the gym and full on running. How long did it take for the pulling sensation on your tummy to stop? I start feeling mine feel like the skin is going to pull off and I stop running. I speed walk instead. Running just doesn't feel comfortable even though I am 11 weeks post. Have you tried olive oil for itching? I have read ladies us that. I bet you will always feel better when you shave now. Theres no going back LOL!!! I want to hear about the Brazilian wax. I haven't had one either but I too am curious.
I still get the pulling sensation. I start out a tad slower (6 mph) and build up to 7 mph. If my abs pull too much I back down and build up again. I only can run on treadmill (boo!), as any incline hurts. I even get super tired just walking outside. I'll take what I can get though. :). I haven't tried oils. The itching is that deep down, internal itching.
The first brazilian is a bit of a trip but nothing compared to what you've already conquered. I've been getting them for years, they definitely get easier but a lot depends on technique, I have no idea why but some waxers do a better job of being gentle. So don't judge the entire experience on your first one. I'm so excited about my first wax after surgery when I won't have to pull my belly out of their way!!!! They are also great to talk to about plastic surgery, they've seen a lot with their clients!

Not A Wimp, just Brazillian

I should have tried the whole waxing thing years ago... This is great! It did not hurt nearly as bad as I built it up in my mind (and all the horror stories I read on Facebook, haha). In fact, there were only maybe two "bandaid moments", other than that, nothing. Dang. Remember, I did get a recommendation from a friend on who to go to... That may have helped. I got a modified Sphinx Brazillian. I feel so knowledgeable, haha. Basically, bald EVERYWHERE, except for a sexy little trimmed strip. Waxers recommendation. I didn't want to look like a 12 year old. When she asked if I wanted my lips done, my eyes bugged out, and I said no, that sounded way to painful. She assured me it was not, so I went with it. She also did my bottom. I figured at that point, I was already lacking in all modesty. My skin felt tacky for a half an hour or so afterwards; I guess the wax does weird things to you. But now, my skin is as smooth as silk. Whoa. It's good to try new things!
Ok, I'm sold!!! I'll be going in for a wax before the surgery!!! Pls keep us updated about the below recovery, lol! I too am curious if it'll be itchy and how long until you have growth...oh the things we talk about! My cousin goes on a regular basis and she says she gets all bendy and twisty to make sure they get all the hairs removed haha! I'm flexible but not a contortionist :)
Haha, no not really bendy and twisty. One leg at a time bent up. Easy peasy. My hair grows slow & seemed to get slower (all over) b/c of anesthesia. Will keep you posted, haha!
Oh girl...you are MY hero! One brave lady. Will be curious to know if it comes in itchy. Keep me posted! Enjoy! ;-)
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