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Opinions Please! - Atlanta, GA

I have a raised mole, about 1/4 inch wide and...

I have a raised mole, about 1/4 inch wide and 1/8th raised. It is flesh color - above my lip and just next to my nostril. Been there for 20 years so not cancerous. Been getting sooo many different opinions from doctors - some say shave, some say excise. Has anyone out there had something similar, and if so, how was it successfully removed? I am worried about recurrence with shaving, and scarring with excising. It's a pretty big area and bang on my face so I'm doing my research first! If anyone can recommed a doctor that would be great too!

Shave excision is the best approach for this kind of mole removal. It's less likely to scar and is much cheaper. A Derm is specially trained to do a great job at this
Hi, I had a black mole removed on my cheek between the nose and the lips. Lets say it is where the line is when you smile, it was as big as the pupil of the eye and it kinda bothered me because I felt it was so noticeable. So I had it cut off by a plastic surgeon and he did a great job.. No one notice it gone and at first of course it was red and you can tell, just like if you get a cut.. but after a couple of month its not noticeable unless I tell you and you look very close.. I had another burned or lasered and that one is white and instead of black. My recommendations, are go with a plastic surgeon, now mine was excised and I still have have some scarring but not to the point that you can tell, unless you look really close... So go with the shaving in my opinion, Mine was where the line is so when I smile it less noticeable...
Hello, I have had two moles shaved off my face side/cheek area anyway, no problems fastforward to now and they have started to raise a bit. It has been over twenty years so I guess all is well :) good luck
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