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Miradry Has Eliminated My Bromhidrosis! - Atlanta, GA

I had the Miradry procedure at the end of last...

I had the Miradry procedure at the end of last month (December 2012), and my condition has improved dramatically. It may be too early to say this,but I think this procedure will be life-changing for me.

About me... I may not be the typical Miradry patient, as I've never dealt with an abnormal amount of underarm sweating. My issue was severe bromhidrosis (odor) which I have SUFFERED for 20 years! This is a medical condition, but (trust me) no one gives you a "pass" for having B.O.

Before this procedure I would shower at least once daily, apply a strong antiperspirant and still experience varying degrees of musty odor in my armpits. I've tried many OTC products, herbal remedies, Botox, Certain Dri, etc. and nothing worked for more than a few hours. Since the Miradry procedure, I have had very little/no moisture in my underarm at all and ZERO odor... and I am not applying deodorant or antiperspirant. I am amazed and relieved!

The procedure itself was virtually painless. Armpit #1 required additional lidocaine/epinephrine shots after I felt discomfort in a couple of areas. Armpit #2 received an extra "dose" of meds and I did not feel a thing during the process.

Afterward, I had moderate swelling, a little discoloration and discomfort, for which I applied ice packs and took 800mg ibuprofen for a couple of days. By the five-day point, I had just a small amount of swelling.

At this point, I highly recommed Miradry. My days of carrying Mitchum antiperspirant in my purse may be over - I pray. If you are a hyperhidrosis or bromhidrosis sufferer... and you can find a way to pay fee, this may be the answer you are seeking. Will post an update in a month.

In my opinion, the $3,000 price tag for Miradry

It has been a month since I had my first-round...

It has been a month since I had my first-round Miradry procedure, and I am still pleased with my results. Recently, I had to "run" to my departure gate in the airport. It was quite a distance, and I felt my face begin to sweat. I started to worry because I had not applied antiperspirant/deodorant. When I got to my seat on the plane, I reached under my sweater and felt my right armpit. It was damp. I smelled my hand (LOL)...and there was no odor. Before Miradry, there would have been a problem. I was happy for myself and for the lady sitting in the seat next to me! Checked again three hours later when I arrived at the hotel, underarms were dry... no odor. Side note: Small amount of hair is beginning to grow under each arm, but it is very sparse.

Hope this continues. Will update again soon.
Mara Grosswald

Dermatology Associates of Atlanta

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I too have just an odor problem. Are you still odor free a year and a half later?
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Now that a year has passed since your first procedure, can you comment on how long lasting the result have been? I am dealing with the same issues that you originally dealt with and may go through with the procedure as well.
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Hi, I'm from Colombia and i have the same problem. I´ve been trying with a lot of thing but nothing is adequate to cure this difficult situation. I would like to know if you dont have bromhidrosis yet. How many time have you without bromhidrosis. I hope you can understand me. My English is not very good hahahaha. Thanks for your answer
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I'm so thankful I've come across these post! I was sitting here (having yet another "I hate my life", tear filled episode) when I started Googling bromhidrosis. I'm 22 years old and have been dealing with this since age 12! That's right, 10 long miserable, self-conscious years. Having bromhidrosis has had such an impact on pretty much every aspect on my life. From work to school to friends to just going out and having fun, I feel like I've been held back and missed out on so much. Personally, I'm the only one I know who has had to deal with this so I've always felt alone in this struggle. Over the years it has definitely gotten alot better (I don't smell like I used to) but I think It's to the point now where it's a mental thing.. I'm nervous about sweating, so in return I sweat. My anxiety, which i believed derived from having bromhidrosis, however is getting worse which also doesn't help. Miradry will be my next step on the path to relief of this repressing condition!!
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Alovely22, Again, I hate to hear of another person dealing with this issue. I understand exactly what you mean when you say you feel "alone in the struggle." Trust me, there are many who suffer silently. If you decide to proceed with Miradry I hope it helps your situation. I've had both "rounds" and I am still happy with the results. Keep us posted on your decision and progress. Good luck!
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Hi FaithLivesOn, I am so happy to have found this forum. It is nice to know that there are also women like me out there that suffered the same thing I have because It sure felt like I was the only one. I also suffered from bromhidrosis. The odor started when I was 10 or 11 right when I hit puberty and has brought me so much sorrow since then. I also suffer from what they call Hidrinitis Supurativa which made my life even worse. Every time I use clinical strength deodorant which is the only type of deodorant that would be strong enough to at least give me a decent amount of time without smelling like BO would cause irritation and eventually cracks in my underarms. Even though it said on the deodorant label not to use it on broken skin I would still use them out of respect for the people that is going to be around me. For years I have silently indured all the pain while every one is oblivious of my suffering, it hurts even more when you hear comments and get strange looks when they start to smell you. I would just cry myself to sleep sometimes and waking up every morning gets so much harder knowing that I will have to endure it all over again. So you can get the idea of the pain I go through, it is very similar to the pain you get after the miradry procedure once the anestesia wears off. There was a point to where I couldn't move my arms to put seatbelts on. You are so lucky that miradry help you in one treatment, not so much for me :-( I had my miradry procedure done February 28. The procedure itself was not painful but 3 weeks into it I am still numb and still have the lumps. The smell also started to comeback. During the first week after the surgery everything was great no smell even without using deodorants. The second week I started smelling BO when I'm not using deodorant so I started wearing unscented Dove, but towards the end of the second week I had to alternate it with a scented one because I started smelling a slight BO. I am not using prescription strength deodorant. I am still somehow satisfied with the results because before miradry Dove deodorants would only last an hour maybe two if I wear it outside and a little bit longer when worn on lazy days at home. My next treatment is in May and I still have 9 more weeks to go which scares me a little bit that it would go back into full swing by then. I am hoping that the smell is just my body getting rid of the leftover apocrine glands secretions and will eventually subside once it has eliminated the toxins. I had a level 3 for my first treatment so I will definitely ask for a higher number on my next treatment. Hopefully that will do the trick and completely rid me of this curse! wish me luck I think I am going to need it :-)
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bummed_out2, Sorry to read that you've had to deal with bromhidrosis too. I totally understand how you feel! It sounds like you think the first Miradry procedure was somewhat helpful to your condition, which is great! Progress, right? Hang in there and monitor your progress closely. For example, does one armpit sweat or smell more than the other? Is the odor isolated to one area of the armpit? This will help you give feedback to the technician during your 2nd treatment. I noticed that a small amount of odor and sweating returned to my right armpit @ two weeks before my second treatment. I pinpointed the "activity" to the crease of the armpit, so we took care to keep that area positioned correctly the second time so that the handpiece could get better suction. I think it worked. You mentioned lumps and numbness... I wouldn't worry about that, unless the situation gets worse. I think it took about 5 weeks for all of my lumps and swelling to completely disappear. I sincerely hope that round two will give you the results you want! Please keep us posted on your progress.
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Hello FaithLivesOn, Can you please explain your odor? I only have anxious, nervous, &/or conscious sweating because I think people will notice my odor which makes my life miserable. I know I smell because people comment about it but I have never smelled it except on rare occasions when I smell my hands after wiping my pits with a tissue or smell my shirt at the end of the day. please help!!!! thank you
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PS - I never wear deodarant (only cetaphil antibacterial soap) because anything I wear that's scented makes me smell more because I notice people sniffling, sneezing, rubbing their noses, etc.
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Hi Bestrest! My odor was basically a strong, musty smell. I was interested in Miradry for the specific purpose of destroying my apocrine sweat glands, and it seems to have worked. I never experienced an overwhelming amount of perpiration under my arms prior to Miradry - just odor. I hesitate to say that the issue was 100% resolved, but I can honestly say that the first treatment was 98% effective for me. I will have my second treatment soon. I completely understand what you are saying about people commenting or reacting to you or the odor. The sniffing, frowning and "arm crossing" reactions that I used to receive from other people on a regular basis have stopped since I had the procedure. I also understand your note about not wearing scented deodorant. Any type of perfume-y products always magnified my odor. I always wore (and sometimes now wear) unscented Mitchum antiperspirant for that very reason. This product was minimally effective if I washed my underarm area and reapplied the antiperspirant throughout the day. Miradry could possibly help your condition. Feel free to email me if you'd like to discuss in more detail. Good luck!
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Thank you! what is your email?
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Thanks:) I sure will and please keep us updated as well!
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Thanks for sharing your story! I was a victim of both hyperhidrosis and bromihidrosis (I know a bummer) I had a great outcome from the procedure as well. What setting did you have?
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City-girl, Glad to hear that Miradry is helping you too! The machine was set at level 2 fo me. Like most, I prepaid for the 2nd treatment... so I will going back to the doctor in a couple of months. Please post an update after you receive your second treatment. I'd love to hear about it!
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Thank you so much for letting us know that miraDry helped you with an odor problem. I can imagine that would be very difficult to have, and am sure society is not very kind about it.

I found this Q&A that talks about miraDry being used to help with odor, in case there are others interested in this use:

Does Miradry Help with Odor?

Please continue to update us, and let us know if the odor comes back, and if subsequent treatments are needed.


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