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Hi All, I am not sure if I am posting correctly....

Hi All,

I am not sure if I am posting correctly. This is my first post. I am 25 years old, I have one child he is 14 months. I've never been thin and never had a completely flat stomach but i have always been able to deal with it. After my son I now have flap. My stomach hangs over my belt and I can't even suck it in anymore. I feel depressed all the time because of it. I decided after research research research that I was going to have a Mini tummy tuck and lipo of the back and flanks.

No one in my family agrees with my decision. They are saying that I need to do it the old fashion way. They keep saying that it might not turn out right and if it does turn out nice that they wont be proud because I cheated and that my results are fake.

I feel like they (my sisters, boyfriend, cousins) all hope that the procedure will turn out bad just to say I told you so.

Please help any advice would be great!!!!!
Do it for you. Don't worry of other opinions. Sounds like you are listening to them. They will love you no matter what. I know its 2014 now, but hopefully you get this and think for yourself. Tell your girlfriend to be there for you as a friend and support your choice and save her opinion to herself. A real friend will be there no matter what. Hope this helps
Hey, so I felt just like you. In my experience unless someone is going through the exact same thing they can not understand what you feel. I had girlfriends telling me that the flabby skin bothered them but not to the extent it bothered me. In the end, the only person you are trying to make happy is YOU. I was so disgusted with the way my stomached looked that for 5 yrs I kept my pjs or a t-shirt on with my husband. And I too was being given advice to lose more weight and workout. I went down to 133lbs and ppl STILL asked me if i was pregnant. And my PS told me no matter what I did no amount of exercise or weight loss could remove all that skin hanging and my abdominal wall was so far apart that my waistline would never change no matter what the workout. Needless to say. I would just tell you family & friends this: "I am not asking for your advice or opinion, I went to a professional plastic surgeon for that. I told you so that I could have your love and support and if you can not provide me with that then my journey to feeling better about myself now starts without you" You do not need negative people around you for this...TRUST me. I am 4 weeks post full TT and being negative with myself for the past 5 yrs it is almost what I am used to. So I REALLY needed only positive vibes during this whole process. Hope this helps. ANd good luck to you....You are going to LOVE the new you! Being able to buy pants that don't hurt anymore! wearing a BELT! not worrying that your belly hang is going to pop out of your shirt if you raise you hands! Trust me even wearing the binder under my clothes I am already enjoying it! Think positive and ignore the rest!
Hey stay positive and go with your gut had the same reaction with my best friend and sis... But they came around later and my results are great!! They don't know how it feels so they think it's a waste of money etc... Good luck on your decision
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