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Losing Weight for a Tummy Tuck - Atlanta, GA

I have been researching tummy tucks since I had my...

I have been researching tummy tucks since I had my first son almost 5 years ago. After having my second son 6 months ago, I'm finally ready! I had a consultation a couple months ago with the awesome Dr. Davoudi, and he informed me that I need to wait a few more months and lose 20-25 more pounds before I can get it done, for the best results anyway. I've got 6-8 weeks left to lose this weight. I really hope I can do this!


I love Dr Davoudi! He hooked me up. Listen to him he won't steer you wrong.
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Hi oh by the way Is lipo included in the price $8000 thanks
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Same here and that's the reason why I have delayed a consultation because I want to get close to my ideal weight. 20lbs to go :) Good luck girlie
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