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I am a 24/yo mother of two. I had my daughter...

I am a 24/yo mother of two. I had my daughter 8/10/12 leaving me a total of 225lbs at 5"6. I was on adipex for 3 months while dieting and exercising at least 3days a week. I was able to drop my weight to 205 but it hit a plateau.

Im getting married 6/7/13 and knew I didn't want to be a fat, hot,mess on my wedding day, but exercising with no results became tiring and discouraging... So I began researching doctors to do my liposuction. After about 6mo of thoroughly looking, I found Dr. Michael Carter in Atlanta Ga off of Roswell Rd.

The way that Dr. Carter does his consultations is: you take three pictures in your bra and panties with your face hidden. Take one of your side, back and front section. Once Dr. Carter has received those emailed pics, his patient coordinator calls you with a price of your procedure. For me that worked out AMAZINGLY bc I don't have a lot of time to go to dr appts; especially with his office being an hour away.

Tammy Martin (Patient Coordinator) was the absolute best as far as getting me all of the necessary paperwork, scheduling my appt, and even calling me post surgery to check on me!

My initial appt was for March 6, 2013,but I got scared and cancelled. My fiance was able to re-talk me into going through with the procedure, so It was scheduled for March 12,2013.

Dr. Carter called me the day before to give me the opportunity to discuss any last minute things.

When I arrived that morning, I did my paperwork. I was taken to the back, given oral sedatives, and then his PA came in and drew on the areas that would be operated on.

I had my flanks, upper and lower abs, and back done. The procedure took about 3.5-4hrs. I won't lie, the suctioning HURT!!!!!! It felt like my skin was stretching to the max and would eventually explode.

I am 4 weeks post surgery and i'm JUST now feeling like i'm back to myself. I wont blame the surgery 100% though. I think my recovery time was a little more lengthy due to the fact that I have two small kids at home and I returned back to work (i'm a police officer) in 4days and have been back ever since. So, I never just gave my body time to rest.

I do feel as though recovery from this was much more painful than both of my c-sections. I didn't even have to take meds when I had my daughter, but I was on Valium around the clock with my lipo.

I have my first lymphatic drainage session set up for 04/16/2013, so i'm hoping that those sessions will help with the lumpiness and firmness of my stomach.

Overall, I am EXTREMELY pleased with my results and would refer everyone in the ATL area to look into Dr. Carter. I still have a long way to go, but with just a month into the recovery process, I can only imagine what my final results will be!!!!!!

More to come!

I meant to add that my doctor was able to...

I meant to add that my doctor was able to successfully remove 8 liters of fat!

4/16/13 Well, I had my first lymphatic drainage...

4/16/13 Well, I had my first lymphatic drainage session today! Wasn't as bad as I thought!

She started off by placing a cold compress over my abdomen. She then took this hand help massaged that kind of beat on my stomach like a drum. It hurt too bad to have it on high intensity, so she brought down the force; painful but tolerable.

She informed me that I still had significant swelling and tenderness, but no seroma (Fluid filled pouch under the skin).

After that, she did a hand massage with oils, which felt REALLY good, then a high frequency electro-shock thing that I couldn't feel. She repeated the same steps on my back.

The sessions are 75.00 a visit. The dr recommends 10 sessions. One session per week. I highly doubt i'll do 10, but I have another appt next Tuesday. I'm considering doing at least 5 due to the fact that I felt much better afterwards and could feel a difference in the hardness of my skin.

The therapist did inform me that since I still had some significant swelling, and tenderness, I needed to wear my CG at least another 3 weeks!!!! BOOOOOO to that s***! LOLOL

Cheers to happy healing ladies!!!
Dr. Michael Carter

Google, word of mouth

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey love! Thanks for sharing your story ! I think I'm going to check out your doctor for New Years :) I just want lipo of the upper and lower abs and my waist !!!
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That's what I initially wanted and was quoted 3500. He's a great Doctor! Still the best money I've ever spent! Wishing you the best! Post pics if you get it, love!!!
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Wow! 3500 that's not bad at all! At first I was thinking about going to DR but it's so many horror stories I read on here. So I'm like no Bueno lol. Thank you so much for replying back!! I will keep you posted on my journey as well !! Thanks love *hugs and kisses *
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Whats the name of the site where your surgery took place?
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Im in the atlanta area, and researching ps now for tummy tuck and lipo. My question to you is, how are you clothing fitting now? How many sizes did you go down, and is your skin still tight after weight loss post surgery?
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My skin is still tight from my surgery but I also have hard spots even after 7mo later. But thrilled about my results!
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Hi. What did you do.to make.the.extra skin retract.I have a lot.start my.massages.tuesday. had mt bbl.last tues.
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My doctor told me that my girdle is the key to less skin sagging. Even 7mo later, I still wear my girdle from time to time.
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Ok thanks
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Hi hoopz2407 Iam a 29 yr old from New Orleans. I'm always traveling to ATL I've been doing research on lots of Doctors but alot of them out the states. I'm scared to travel to another country so I'm look for a local Dr that perform lipo on arms & tummy. I was very interested in Dr Carter can you email me @ la_mo84@aol I would like to ask you a few questions if you don't mine. Thanks in advance
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Have you noticed a lot of skin tightening since the procedure?
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I absolutely love your results! It gives me hope that my stomach can actually get flat (we had similar shapes) and the skin will contract after lipo. Did you use the lipofoam and ab boards? Im trying to figure out if they are truely needed.
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Hey honey! I'm sorry I haven't responded in so long. But to answer your question: my skin is still tight but it's also still hard, almost 7mo later. I'm spent 60.00 on that board and only used it once Bc it was so uncomfortable. But over all I'm still happy with my results. I will update hopefully tonight
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I'm so happy for you. But please do your new curvaceous body a favor and kick back and take care of yourself. If you have a lot of fluids to be drained I Think it's because your body isn't Being given a chance to heal. Honey, Take care and thank you for all you do as a police officer. God Bless and may All your dreams come true on your Wedding day..
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Thank you angelface1!!!! I couldn't have asked for a better profession! I have slowed things down quite a bit once I realized that was the only way i'd heal! LOL So, i'm feeling MUCH better and now on a happier road to recovery vs painful one!!!! Thanks for the wedding day wishes! I will post pics then as well!!!!
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WTG!!!! You look amazing!!! Your DR did a fabulous job & you look like you are recovering really well!!! I have yet gone for longer than an hour with a CG on lol! I had both TT/lipo and MR... It's amazing you went back to work so quickly! WTG on the weight loss & for being brave enough to go through with this!!!! You just look sooooooo amazing!!! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!! You won't regret you had the lipo done, wish I had done lipo yrs ago lol!!! xoxo
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LiveNLearnBhappy, Thank you SO much!!!!! I thought a tummy tuck was in my future due to loose skin, but since I had the lipo, my skin is tightening as my stomach shrinks!!! *WOOT* LOLOL These compression garments are from hell! Point blank! lol
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hey hun, you look amazing... may i ask do you still have loose skin as you did 1 day out? or has it tightened out now!
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Hi Shirene, No, My skin has tightened A LOT! I was worried that I would have to have a tummy tuck later down the road, but I don't foresee having to have one. As my stomach gets smaller, my skin tightens and goes flat as well!
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wow your results look amazing! Congrats!!
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Thank you ma'am!!!! I will continue to post pics throughout my journey!
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Wow you look so beautiful ! Your Doc. Did an amazing job. I as well just had upper and lower Abs , flanks , inner thighs. I'm a week out and still sore. I'm starting to see already a nice result. She took out a total of 2800cc BUT this was my third trip back because I was not happy with the result. Being awake while this is happening is not the greatest but so worth it if you want to look a certain way. Anyway you look fantastic and good luck please post more after shots for further transformation, it gives us all hope !!
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Thank you SO much!!!! Beauty is definitely EXPENSIVE and painful!!! LOL My doctor was able to take out 8L so I was ecstatic about that!!!!!!! Keep us posted on your progress!!!
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