5 weeks PO from lipo of the abs, flanks and legs. Great results!

Today I went to have a Consultation for lipo for...

Today I went to have a Consultation for lipo for the inner thighs and flanks. The consultation went very well! I think I like the PS better then the PS who did my Tummy tuck back in October of 2011. I so excited about getting this done. I wish the PS I had for my TT would have just done it from the start. When this new PS saw my results from the TT ( preformed by different doctor), he stated it was a good job, but he was suprise my Tummy Tuck PS didnt recommened Lipo of the flanks and Abs.So here we are, looking to get this done around November 2012. I've aready ran this by hubby, but have to run it by him again. Not that it matters!! LOL. Off to the next PS for Consultation. Will keep you posted.

Schedule for Lipo surgery on August 31, 2012....

Schedule for Lipo surgery on August 31, 2012. Looking forward to it, just hoping things are going to be excellent, not great Pre-op is August 21st. I'm excited!

2 1/2 weeks before my lipo. I excited and getting...

2 1/2 weeks before my lipo. I excited and getting nervous. Why? I dont know.

Tomorrow is my Pre-op appointment. I get to talk...

Tomorrow is my Pre-op appointment. I get to talk to the Dr and I get things in order as to what is taking place, meds, garments and whatever else. I'm excited and nervous all over agian. Surgery is scheduled for August 31st. Will post some before pictures this week

Today I had my 3 hour preop appointment, where...

Today I had my 3 hour preop appointment, where they drew blood and took my vitals. I'm a very health person, so everything came back fine. My surgery is in less them two weeks. I'm really excited! and hope everything will be absolutely wonderful. My surgeon is great and I think he is really going to make sure I'm really happy with results ( as it seems he will). I'm starting to wish I would have chosen him for my TT. I will be getting my knees and thighs done, my Flanks, love handles, back and some area on my stomach that I had bulges from the tummy tuck. I will will under general anesthesia. This will NOT be smart lipo, as my PS doesnt do smart lipo and feels its a waste of money. From the looks of the reviews of smartlip, it doesnt work. Some people are satisfied with it and some are not. I want the real deal! The sh*t that works ( LOL). I have been prescribed percocet, colace,an anti-biotic, Xanax (so if I'm feeling anxiety, Zofran for Nausea and and in injection for blood clots So I'm all set. Looking forward to this precedure.

Tomorrow is my day for LIPO of the back, flanks...

Tomorrow is my day for LIPO of the back, flanks and legs, I'm so excited and Nervous! I'm nervous about my results not coming out as good as I want them too. I'am also hoping 5 days for recovery from LIPO is enough. I didnt want to take anymore time off work. Today I wll post pictures of my back and legs pre-op. Hoping to be over whelmed with my results.....LOL
I will be thinking of you dear.


Back in a binder this time I'm in two binder and a...

Back in a binder this time I'm in two binder and a garment. I'm feeling great! A bit stiff but good, pain is very min. Compared to a TT, this is a cake walk! Happy healing

My Lipo was done by a different PS! He is the best! Love my new PS. Dr. Robert M Davoudi in Duth Ga. Wish I would have done TT with him.

Today is day number two for my LIPO. The lipo went...

Today is day number two for my LIPO. The lipo went great!1 My body looks amazing!. I'm really excited to see how the real results are in 2 months. Getting the flanks done really brought my waitline down from a 34 to a 29. I'm so excited! My Azz looks as if I had a BBL. I was thinking about asking my PS if he gave me some fat transfers to my Azz. It is so round and out there now. Maybe its because my wait is so small now, that it makes the curves pop more. I will post pictures very soon
I'm surprised you didn't do lipo first and then the tt. I'm gettin lipo done don't want the scar from tt and still want to have kids. All the best with the healing.
Hey Brooksie,

From reading your post all seems to be well. I can't wait to see your latest pics. It is a walk in the compared to the TT hey? I am back to my normal self now.

Happy healing dear.

So, my Doctor informed me he removed 4 1/2 liters...

So, my Doctor informed me he removed 4 1/2 liters of fat from me in total! I got on the scale today for the first time after surgery and I'm down 10 pounds.....Hooray! I still have some swelling,,,,we will see the final results in a couple of months.
Oh ok
I know sometimes people can see the crease through the clothes. I guess no tight fitting clothes for 6 weeks lol is it easy to get in and out of the binder? I'm looking for comfort
It's not comfortable at all having to wear legging like gride under your pants. You feel stuffed...LOL
Deeva84, Yeah I have to wear a binder and a girdle for six weeks. It fits under my clothes, you cant tell

Get my stitches removed today. Healing well!...

Get my stitches removed today. Healing well! Looking good! Feeling excited about results. Still Stiff in the legs, wonder how long this will last
$6000 for upper and lower abs and flanks all the way around....
That isnt bad!
LOL...That is ok. IF your getting that your going to look amazing afterwards. I know this person who had it and she looks Awesome!!!! How much are you sending if I may ask?

5 Weeks PO form Lipo.....Loving the results of the...

5 Weeks PO form Lipo.....Loving the results of the lipo. matched well with my tummy tuck

Hey Brooksie!! Your results look great! I'm still in the planning stage of my follow up lipo. Hope to have it done in the next 2 months. How are you feeling? Compared to the TT how is your recovery been? I had lipo with my TT but I don't feel like he removed enough and I have a fat pocket that needs to be sucked out. How long did you take off from work? Congrats on the body girl!!!
Hello Yellow Bikini, Thanks so much ! I'm feeling great!! I'm now 6 weeks PO. I'm have some tingling sensations, but that is to be expected. Compared to the TT, Lipo is a piece of cake. I'm really glad I got got the lipo, I wanted it when I got the TT , but the doctor didnt think I needed it, but now since I got it, I'm really please with my overall results. I also had a fat pocket from the TT that my new PS had to fix. I got the surgery done over th Labor day weekend, so I took that Friday August 31st off and had the weekend and that monday and Tuesday to recover. So I took two days off work. Thanks again Yellow Bikini! Cant want to see your results. How is your tummy tuck working out for you now?
I'm still loving my tummy tuck. I can't believe it has almost been a year. I still have some numbness between my belly button and the incision. I still love not wearing a girdle all the time. I will definitely post pics and updates once I start this new journey. Thanks so much for the updates.
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Dr. Robert is great! he listens to your every need and sounds like he really cares about what your want out of your surgery.

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