After Years of Debating....

I've decided to pursue my ideal body image by...

I've decided to pursue my ideal body image by going through with liposuction of the abdomen,back and arms. I love my size (size 16/18) and overall shape, but my stomach and back are just too rolly. They make me look awful in certain clothes and I want to live and be able to wear cute, trendy outfits because I'm a young fashionista! Im only 29 and would like my body to match my diva personality and attire!

As for my arms, well let's just say they are irregular! My left arm is bigger than the right one and this makes it really difficult for me to find shirts and jackets/blazers that fit my arms! I started eating right over a year ago...I exercise 4 days a week but I'm just not seeing improvement in my problem areas. So hopefully this surgery gives me the boost and continued motivation that I'm looking for....

I've been talking about this procedure and researching for at least 3 years! I chickened out last year after looking at photos of bruised va-jay-jays, but after reading several stories on Realself I've concluded the looks are worse than the pain. So wish me luck and send up some prayers! My surgery is scheduled for April 19th!!!!!

Okay, I'm done with my preop labwork and I'm paid...

Okay, I'm done with my preop labwork and I'm paid in full. Yikes! But I am confident that this surgery will be worth the cost. I need my sexy back! I've always been thick in the thighs and slim in the waist. My waist is still smaller than my bottom but the rolls (oh the rolls!) really distorts my image.

Anywho, I'm counting down! Excited but nervous at the same time.

Ok. Here are the awful nude pics! I can't wait...

Ok. Here are the awful nude pics! I can't wait until the stomach hang is gone. I'm also looking forward to having an arch in my back again! I think the arch will enhance my butt and I'll look curvy like I did when I was a size 9/10.

So yesterday was the big day. Unfortunately, I had...

So yesterday was the big day. Unfortunately, I had to spend to go to extended recovery! But my doctor just wanted to make sure I'd be in good care because she took out more than the 5000 ccs. I'm not sure how much fat she removed bcuz I was knocked out and didn't see her after the surgery, but she relayed the info to my husband and mom.

Anyhow, the nurses have been driving me crazy! They keep moving me to change my pads and gauze and this is very painful. I wish they would let me be. I wasn't in much pain until they started moving me. Now My pain is at a 7 out of 10. I think the majority of pain is from the incisions!

They tried to get me up for a walk around 9pm last night but I was just too dizzy and nauseous. However, I was able to do a walk at 2am after taking two medications for nausea. I still haven't been able to eat much...I had 1/2 cup of jello, 1 cracker and 1/2 cup of applesauce. That's all my stomach will allow. I asked for gingerale but they said no I can't have that!

Needless to say, I'll be glad to go home.

Okay ladies, I'm moving around better on my own...

Okay ladies, I'm moving around better on my own today! Yay! I actually ate 3 tbsp grits, 1 sausage, 5 chunks of fruit, 1/2 cup of yogurt and 2 pieces of grilled my appetite is returning.

My pain has been around a 4 out of 10 with movement. I had some the stitches in my back taken out so I so much better. I also took a shower. Thank GOD!!!!

So now I'm hoping that I can go back to work on Thursday and act normally.

I haven't updated in a few days because I didn't...

I haven't updated in a few days because I didn't want to be negative. I'm swollen but my biggest problem is I have hard lumps everywhere! I wouldn't even call them's like I just have a hard sheeting all over my back, flanks and abdomen. I have lumps in my arm and it makes them look deformed. As of now, I still don't see much of a change in my body...especially in the abdomen. I'm trying to stay patient (I'm 11 days postop) but idk if the initial pain and the continued soreness is worth the results. Don't know I'd do this again or recommend liposuction to anyone.

Post-op pics posted! Returned to the gym...

Post-op pics posted!

Returned to the gym today! Omg, I was sweating and tired in the 1st 10 mins of the treadmill. Smh! I forced myself to do 15 mins of the treadmill, 15 mins on a bike, the weight machines for legs. I'm definitely not ready for abs or to lift weights. But I guess some physical activity is better than nothing!

Happy healing ladies!

No changes

My stomach hasn't gone down anymore. The pooch is still there. That really sucks! My arms are still bruised, dark underneath and still look the same as 2 weeks ago. And my back still has rolls. When will I see more results?! I've been eating way less portions and 90% of my diet is lean meat, vegetables and fruit. I do still eat dairy but no soda, no fried food, and very minimal carbs. Wth?! Though I am 10 lbs down from my pre-surgery weight.

I'm really hoping that I won't need a round 2, but with the way things are looking....I'm sure I will. Don't get my wrong. I can definitely see a a 70% difference but I want more. I want more!

Next week I go on vacay and would really like to not have any bruising! I would like a flat stomach and back with no rolls. Is that too much to ask at 4 weeks post op?

Ps. I went for cupping therapy. Ouch! It was yesterday so I don't see any changes just yet. Stay tuned for my opinion on this...

Nothing new

Still no more changes! Ugh! However, I'm going on vacay tomorrow! Wish me luck on maintaining my healthy eating and exercise regimen while on vacay.
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Ur lookin good. I think u will hv better and more dramatic results if u wore ur compression garments at least 18 hrs a day. And get lymphatic massages
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aw your lookin hot chica! love the lil waist-belt,i can't wait to that. and your pouch your saying is still there.i think your lookin flat and great already! however; i see many have went from a lil swoll,much swollen here to severely FLAT,but not overnight,or few weeks,chica, so be patient,your already lookin more flatter,smaller waist area,(QUITE Sexi!)and lol about not wanting the shelf butt,some i hear like that, i do not personally want that,will NOT have it either!dr.already said i will not. But your lookin great,and i know the flat sexxxi stomatch will come. just be patient,i see already a great diff chica.from "prior pix"so congrats! hang in there. keep us posted. adios! night. *CertifiedSexxxiFlatStomach2013*
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Just give it time. Everybodys body and shapes arent the same. You seem like youre motivated though and thats the good thing about it. So I think itll all progress soon just look for the best.
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Hey you look terrific... Did you have lipo on your butt? I see how small your waiste appears and your butt will appear up and out, because of your waiste appearing smaller. You look fine, enjoy your new curves. Angelface
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Hi angelface! No, I didn't have lipo on my butt. Just the entire torso (up to bra line) and arms. But taking the fat off my back and flanks makes butt look huge! Everyone keeps staring. The attention to my butt is worse than before!
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My waist looked freakishly small in my clothes today! I had to post pics. I'm hoping it stays this way and my pooch gets smaller. I'd be extremely happy!
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I understand how you feel. I'm 15 days post op and I'm debating the worthiness of my liposuction. I know I need to give it time but I'm bigger than my pre surgery weight. As a nurse I understand that once the fat is removed the body sends fluid to the sight. This fluid weighs more than the fat removed. Which for us sucks. Two days post op I looked amazing now I can look at my stomach. I'm hoping that in the coming months this dissipates. I hope you start to feel better soon. I'm finally feeling better with a little more energy. So it does get better as far as that but results are still in the air. Hang in their!!! Hope U feeling better soon!
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I'm so glad you responded. Have you thought about using a water pill. It seriously may help you. And also I was told to make sure I kept the conpression garment on as instructed. I go for my consultation with Dr.Okora this evening so hopefully ill start my revision soon. Please keep me posted on your results and I indeed will continue to encourage you as well that good results are soon to come. Ill let you know later how my consult turns out.
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I thought about a diuretic to help but it wouldnt affect the fluid in my abdomen. It would affect my normal fluids. So I just gotta ride this out. I'm wearing my compression garment all the time. I hope everything goes well with UR appointment. Thanks so much for the support!! Let me know how UR appointment goes.
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How are you feeling about your results today? I can see a difference now in my flanks, back and upper abdominal area. I still have the ugly lower pooch tho.
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I'm feeling more like myself now but like u curses on that doofus ugly pooch! I can see someof the swelling going down but not enough. That's good u can see a difference in ur flanks, back, and upper ab area. Thank goodness for my awesome boob job to make me feel better. Lol
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Well rn2b313, I've made up my mind this is what I want to do. I thought about it all weekend and also disscussed the procedure with my hubby. he seems to be on the same board with me but he goes back and forth about what if this what if that, but I said as long as I'm content everyone else will and thats mainly how my house flows. I know thats a bit selfish but hell, their happy so why can't I. So its basically about me feeling confident and secure with me and I think its time for that to happen in my life you know. But keep wearing your compression garment and hopefully new results will start showing more for you.
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I'm feeling much better as I hit 3 weeks post op. I'm wearing my compression garment as much as I can. It gets so irritating. I'm seeing some changes in my shape but minimal. I feel almost 100%. My boobs look great and are so shapely that I can't see my crazy tummy area! Lol WINNING!!! I'm sure after another month I will see more differences. Keep me posted!
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Glad you're feeling better! Have switched to a stage 2 garment yet? I did. I purchased a leonisa. I bought the one with the panty because I wanted something that wouldn't show under pants. It works and its pretty comfortable but it's a pain when you need to use the restroom. I'm thinking about buying one by vedette that has the slit in the panty. I still sleep in my stage 1 garment and binder. I started using the lipo foam (I sleep with that on) and it is really helping with the swelling and shape! I posted pics of today and a few days ago. my waist looks much smaller today and thats only after a few days of the lipo foam. You should try it. Happy your seeing results with your boob job! I feel like I need a lift but I'm scared lol
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Hi there. I am also a size 16/18 and would like to know if you have gotten any good results out of your surgerory because everyone I go to say that being this size you may not see good results but i have seen several photos of good results. Please inform me on the do's and don't and is the doctor who did your surgerory worth the visit.
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I can see changes in my body. Especially my back, flanks and upper abdomen. The verdict is still out on the lower abdomen and arms but I am only 17 days post op. so we will see if it gets better! My only advice is don't do your arms (or legs) at the same time as your abdomen and back. It makes it more difficult to get in and out bed, up and of a chair, car, etc. and it's uncomfortable!
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It took me 2 weeks to feel like I might live. The anesthesia makes me so sick too for 3 days I could not eat. Then antibiotics made me sick...ugh. Then the garments were so tight i got a bad acid reflux cough for over 1 month. Yes my Vajayjay was so swollen and painful. But now 3 months nothing hurts, the itching stopped and no garments or skin sensitive. It just takes time and we survive. You are a lot younger so progress should be quicker. Look forward to the after photos. It is worth it...
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Hope you are doing well..
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Hi Curvy..Good luck at home. Can't wait to see the results!
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Hi Curvy... thank you for sharing your story with us how are you feeling today and do you have any after pictures
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I'm still sore and my stitches hurt/burn, but only with movement. I'll post pics after my postsurgery appointment on Monday
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Well, looks like you, tina14u and I will be going through on the same day and its almost here. I pray for your successful recovery and the results you (and we all) so direly want. Take care!
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Good luck with your surgery!! I hope you get the result you want.I'm having a TT and Lipo on April 19th too.I'm so excited!! Cant wait to have a flat stomach again
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Any chance you will share with us how much all this lipo costs? angelface
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It will be very worth it. Now almost 3 months I am feeling a lot better. Can actually not wear the garment. It like in 1 week things changed. I am in mexico now and its very hot so I am sweating and things still get itchy. I look back and it seemed to be a long long road but I feel so much better not having a gut hang out..LOL
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