41 Year Old Mom. Mini TT, Lipo & Fillers - Atlanta, GA

I have been wanting to get a 'Mommy Makeover' for...

I have been wanting to get a 'Mommy Makeover' for years. I admit that I've let myself go, but am now a gym rat and dedicated to getting in better shape. However, even when I've been slimmed down to my old high school weight I still have some extra belly skin and love handles (never had them before my pregnancy). So I know that will not go away with just diet and exercise. I've been working out on average 7 days a week (sometimes twice a day). Trying to get as fit as possible before my surgery date and as soon as I'm cleared post-op, I'm going back to gym mode.

I'll be getting a mini tummy tuck, lipo of thighs, knees, flanks, mid & lower back, belly, lower face/neck & one syringe of Radiesse.
I had lipo with fat try transfer to my butt. I am post-op 5 days and very sore. I like the new look so far but hope everything looks much better after the swelling and soreness goes away. Good luck.
Good luck.

Tomorrow is my pre-op.

Can't believe the procedure is only 2 weeks away. I bought this from Target to supplement my CG for when I'm washing it or to wear when I'm out of the CG (I keep reading that many people do the Spanx route after the CG) http://www.spanx.com/shop/assets/shapewear/remarkable-results-open-bust-mid-thigh-body-zid38-2271/cat-38-catid-tn_lya_sw Also bought some arnica tablets for after. I've used after PS in the past and I don't know if I just don't bruise easily or the arnica works, but I figure it won't hurt. :) I've been a pretty fast healer and pretty pain tolerant so I hope my surgery mojo continues. Also adding some before pix (it's very humbling to post these--lol)

BTW: My stats

It might be helpful to post my stats: 5'3" and 125 lbs with small bone structure. My goal is to get down to 120 before the surgery (not sure if that's going to happen though). My ideal weight is 110.
Sounds like you're in great shape so your recovery should be a breeze! Hope you get the results you're dreaming of. Just be sure to inform your surgeon of ALL your expectations!
You do not look like u would need a mini tuck. R the panties hiding extra skin that we r not seeing? They used to say that 100 # for 5' & 5#'s for every inch over 5'. If that is still true 115 would b a good weight 4 u. Good luck with ur surgery. We will b wanting to c those amazing results.
You really can't see the extra skin. I had pre-ecampsia and suddenly ballooned out during my pregnancy and bye bye elastic skin. LOL Thankfully, he said he shouldn't need to do any muscle repair. I also had a c-section and I have that c-section overhang. :( I had my pre-op yesterday and they took my before pix. Not sure if I'll be able to get those as well. I'm sure they're in better (i.e. brutal--heh heh) lighting. :D Less than two weeks to go!! As for the weight, I'm very small boned. I was 105 in high school without dieting (just normal teenaged girl eating) and minimal exercise. In college I got more into exercise. I'm also excited that I'm getting rid of some of my lower face fat (still need to get pix of those, but I couldn't get good lighting when I tried). Even when I've been my thinnest, I've always had a little bit of a chipmunk and jawline thing going on (I gain weight first in my face). I've also bought arnica gel and tablets to (hopefully) help with bruising. Also going to stock up on pineapple. It's supposed to be good for recovery and plus I just love to eat it anyway. :D Turned in my prescriptions yesterday and will pick up today. Yesterday, the treatment coordinator asked if I was nervous yet, but I said it hasn't sunken in yet. I'm sure the closer it gets, the more nervous I'll be.

About one week out...starting to get nervous

I go in Wednesday next week. The fact that I'm having this surgery hasn't really dawned on me yet, but it's now creeping in. lol I had my pre-op last week and had before pictures taken (yikes), blood drawn and filled my prescriptions. Trying to get a lot taken care of before then. I had a Groupon for Botox at a local spa (had been there before for other stuff like facials) and am going tomorrow, getting a bikini wax Monday (thankfully I've already had my underarm hair lasered off--I hear you really don't feel like shaving after surgery) and will be doing every bit of laundry I can and a 6 mile run the Tuesday night before since I won't be running again for awhile. Also, getting my hair color touched up this weekend.

Trying to be as prepared as possible. I need to buy some cotton pads (I hear they are great for the incision sites), but I've already bought arnica tablets and gel (I saw another RSer rave about the gel) and going to get pineapple to snack on while recovering. It's supposed to be great for bruising and swelling.

I'm taking a week off from work (I work part time, but I'm standing for 90% of it with some light lifting) and am concerned about how I'll handle it. The treatment coordinator at the doc's office seems to think I'll be fine, but just more tired than normal at the end of my 5 hr shift. Also, concerned about how long I'll have to have a drain. I can't hide it in my clothes and don't want to tell my coworkers what I'm doing.

On the positive, my blood pressure has been higher than I'd like in the last few months (I've gained about 8 lbs) and was thinking that could be the cause. At least at the last doc visit, it was down a bit though my weight isn't. :( So I guess I won't be able to get down to 120 pre surgery. Boo. Once I turned 40 my metabolism went down the crapper.

Not really much 'news' to post, but just rambling and venting. :)
Pls ask ur ps about the lifting, my Dr said no more th a n five # 4 6 wks. I & my sister joked about the Dr never lifting his wife's purse. Good luck as it seems it ready.
I work in a library so I would be lifting books for shelving and you can only shelve one book at a time. :) Shouldn't be too bad, but I'll try to avoid doing the book drop--if I have to I'll make up some excuse for not being able to--exercise injury, etc. Pushing that thing can get heavy.

On the other side

The doc said he took out about 5900 ccs (had more fat than I thought I guess--not sure if that included only fat) and took more skin than he originally thought. VERY sore. The main thing that hurts is the incision. Took a pain pill right before leaving the office/surgery suite. The staff was WONDERFUL. I go back next Thurs. for my follow-up. No drains. Touch loopy on the oxycodone and no nausea yet.
Great to here you are are all done. Congratulations and good healing.

I guess I'll be doing some mini updates...

First night: not used to sleeping upright (but who is?), but one thing that came in VERY handy is one of those airplane neck pillows. It was golden. My draining isn't as bad as yesterday so far. My incision isn't as painful, but starting to feel it in my legs a bit. I dunno if it's the CG, but I can already tell a big difference in my legs. :) Tummy very bloated but I expected that. Will get around to taking pictures when I'm up to it.
I am glad to hear u r doing well. Take care.

Two days post-op

Hobbling around and doing a little more for myself. I washed my hair, brushed my teeth and washed my face. Hubby will help me shower tonight. Feeling a little more human. Had a spurt of energy and went up and down the stairs when I had to grab things for my hair washing. About an hour later, it took a bit out of me and had to nap for a bit. Also, on the positive side, I slept A LOT better last night. Only woke up once. Swelling pretty much anywhere there's not a CG. My breasts and arms are bigger than normal, but I assume that will all go back to normal soon. Also, skin is getting itchy. Will see the TT scar tonight. Yikes! ;)

The PS office called to check on me and I asked if I could take my face CG off for work on Wed for 5 hours (I work part time so I plan to wear it when I'm not in public--lol). The woman on the phone sounded hesitant, but there is NO way I'm wearing this thing to work. The body garment, yes, but not the face one. I think I can hide the stitches by my ears, but concerned about hiding the one just under my chin. Any ideas out there? I don't feel like it's my co-workers' business if I had something done.

I've tried to make things funny and light-hearted for our daughter's sake. When I'm shuffling around the house I'll say, "I'm a zombie!!" or "I'm Frankenstein! Muahahah!"

Still taking the arnica montana pellets and will prob use the gel soon. I go for my post-op next Thursday.
Who is your doctor if you are saying. Literally you got a 25k to 35k surgery for 10k...WHAT IS HIS NAME...I AM GOING THERE:)
I dunno since I'm in Atlanta if that makes a difference. Prices in the SE are usually cheaper. I went to Dr Michael Petrosky at Plastic Surgery Center of the South. I got implants by him in Jan. 2000 and u/l bleph & rhino in April 2002. Excellent results on both occasions (originally found him through a friend who loved her results). Very natural looking. From poking around on this site, I don't think his prices are that much lower than the others. I had a mini TT, lipo of lower face, belly, back, flanks, and pretty much my whole thighs. They said he got about 5900 ccs out (I'm sure that counts non fat fluids that come out).
That still is amazing!I am in Baton Rouge and for just one sight say when I did my stomach it is 3k! Then for each next site it goes up about 1.5k...Well good for you I have a feeling you are one of those lucky small girls to begin with and you are going to look MARVELOUS!!!:):)

Day 4--sleeping better

Sleeping better and feeling more human over all.
Hi, was wondering what you got done on your neck? Did u get injections?
I got some Radiesse injections at the laugh lines and on my cheeks. I got some lipo under my chin, jaw lines and lower face (buccal area).
Oh ok. I thought you got injectable on your neck...

Mini TT incision and side

Just a couple of 5 days post photos.

Side by side--wow

I know my CG is partially covering my back in the after picture, but just 5 days out and amazing!

Let's try this again

I know my CG is partially covering my back but the results just after 5 days are amazing.

ok. trying to post picture AGAIN

Grr. Why won't this post?

Side by side

Side by side--5 days

Your side by side pic does look like an amazing change. Congratulations!
Amazing girl!!

First post op appointment.

Got my stitches and and the doc put steri--strips in the place of the tape or whatever was there before. He said not to fret if they fall off. He wants me in my garment one more week and he mentioned that some people like to wear it longer or wear a Spanx type thing after the CG. He said it doesn't change results, but a lot of people do it for comfort. I go back in two weeks for my next appt. I have a voucher for lymphatic massage and tried to get an appt for when I go back, but the person who does that is out of town. :( Tried the next week (DD is at camp) and the lady is out for two weeks. Oh well. I'll figure something out. The bruising under my chin is 95% gone and I'm still taking my Arnica Montana pellets. I can't recommend those things enough. I found mine at Whole Foods. I'm also sleeping slightly propped up and also using an airplane pillow. That's also a must have for after surgery.

My knees had been very swollen and they seem to have gone down, and now it's all gone down to my feet. LOL I went back to work yesterday and was on my feet for most of it (I work part time--it was a 5 hour stretch) and though I was very tired at the end of the day, I handled it. I have today off and go back tomorrow. Going to be wearing long flowy dresses and skirts until I get rid of the CG. When I came home from work last night one of the first things my husband said was that I look a lot thinner. Yay! And I'm still swollen so can't wait for the end results. :D
I loved being in the cg, and I hated it. It really helped with the comfort and support, but I had a full TT w mr. Don't rush that first work out ;) I bike more than run (I'm sooo slow). Was hard for me to get motivated and past the fear of hurting myself. Happy healing! Think you look great!
I think I have a love-hate thing going on with my CG. :D

Incision with the sutures removed and with just a steri-strip

With a MTT do they reposition it belly button?
With a mIni the doc doesn't. I didn't need muscle repair and most of my extra skin was below the belly button. I wouldn't have been a candidate for a full.
It depended how much they remove I guess.

Did my first exercising this evening

Since my doc said I could workout at 2 weeks (tomorrow is 2 weeks for me) I did a 20 minute upper body strength workout. I did 4 min. each on back, chest, biceps, triceps and shoulders. It was nice to awaken my muscles again though I won't be doing any core or lower body soon. :( I'll have to rely on easy walks for my cardio for now. I plan on doing the upper body routine every other day providing my body doesn't revolt against it. lol

My bruising is pretty much all gone and my stomach is lumpy. I bought a massager before surgery so I may try it in the next few days. I know I'm still swollen, but wish my lower face was less poofy. My jawline & buccal areas still look like it did before surgery. :( However, my legs do look much thinner.


Ugh. I wish RealSelf would let you edit posts. I also had fillers on my cheeks and smile lines. It doesn't look like anything was done. The fillers of Radiesse wasn't cheap. Anyone have words of wisdom on this?
You have amazing results! You're lucky you didn't need full TT. I definitely needed it. I wish I had gotten more lipo....will save that for another day :-)
I had Radiesse twice and have had no trouble with it. I had it put the the line between my nose and mouth. I have seen that on me personally it lasts close to a year. Glad that everything else is going well for u.

Some new after pix--2 weeks & 2 days.

Side by side

Side by Side

Fabulous results!

Three weeks appointment

Not a whole lot to report. He cleared me for whatever exercise I feel comfy with. He said my swelling was mostly gone and said for the lumpiness I can massage it but it will go away at about month 6. He thought my right flank was a little more swollen than the left and I still had about 30-20% swelling still in my face, but my face is more heart-shaped than round now. :) I'm also cleared to go to the swimming pool if I want.

I love my mini TT and lipo results, but the Radiesse was a waste of $800. I can't tell any difference.
You look awesome!

Finally getting back into (almost) full exercise mode :)

It's been a month and Monday I did a 5 mile hilly walk and today I did a full Body Pump workout. Not yet ready run though. Before I had been only doing upper body (chest, back, arms, shoulders), but also did legs and abs this time. During the lunge track, towards the end I dropped my bar and did it with my body weight since the middle of my back was getting a bit sore. Didn't want to aggravate anything but still got my legs burning.

Also, starting to be able to sleep more normally. I don't need as much pillow support in either sitting or sleeping.

I still have numb areas and my stomach is very sensitive. Of course I have the lumpies all over including my lower face where I had lipo those most of the facial lumps are under my chin and on my lower right cheek. My doc said to be patient and they'll go away.

I'm down to 120 pounds and my next goal is 115. I'm already fitting in clothes I haven't been able to wear since before I had our daughter and I know I've still got some swelling in my waistline. My next body goal is to get really, really toned arms. Even when I've been working out like a fiend and weigh less, I can never seem to get good definition on my arms. :( I also can't wait to get toned abs. Before, I had stubborn fat and extra skin that prevented strong core muscles from showing through.
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