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25 Yo Female. 1 Child. Did Cellulaze and SmartLipo on Abdomen All the Way Around. Atlanta, GA

I'm 25, 5'7 and weigh 151. I work out at least 3...

I'm 25, 5'7 and weigh 151. I work out at least 3 times a week and really watch what I eat. I have been happy with my improvements in my arms and legs from the gym but my stomach was really making me discouraged. I called almost every surgeon in my area and was NOT impressed. Monday 6/16/14 I called Dr. Larsen at buckhead plastic surgery in Atlanta. They were so amazing and helpful. I did a skype consult Wednesday morning and scheduled my surgery. Luckily they had a patient reschedule and I took that surgery time for that Friday! I can not even put into words how much I loved his staff. When I arrived they made me feel comfortable right away! Once surgery started I took a few pills, got a shot of local anesthetic and then he made the holes and began injecting me with the strong stuff from the probe. We did cellulaze on my stomach as a replacement for the smartlipo laser (can't do both) because the cellulaze gives you more tightening as it helps re build collagen. After we were done with that we did the lipo to suction it all out. I was some what in and out of it but I remember dr Larsen and his staff really taking the time to make sure I was even on both sides, they were comparing canisters of fat and making sure they were equal. From the front they took 2200 then I rolled over for the back and it was the same procedure but without the cellulaze. 1600 was taken from my back. I'm posting before photos but will not post after for a few days. I'm suppose to wear a compression garment for 72 hours non stop before I can even shower. So I will follow his directions to a T and will update in a few days.
happy healing!!! wow! you certainly didnt look big enough to fill up that many jars...lol i'm wondering how i even got the results i did with as little as he took, but i see them for sure...not counting the numbing fluid i think he maybe only took maybe 400....i have to ask to make sure, but from the pic i took in the OR it sure didn't seem like much... you are going to feel so much better by the end of this week. hang in there...we are here for you
Thank you so much! I'm getting around a lot easier. They warned me I would be sore in the vaginal area... But nothing they could have said would have prepared me for this. Tonight I can finally shower, but I'm scared to take the garmet off because I feel like it's holding me together.
Wow, 3800cc. That is a lot girl. I am the same height and weight and they took 2000cc. I did not have the back done. U should look terrific when u r done healing. Congrats and good luck.

72 hours out finally got to shower and peek.

I have followed Dr. Larsens rules to a T and haven't taken my compression garment off until tonight.. Let me just say I cried in the shower I was so happy with what I saw. I know I am still swollen and have a long road of healing, but even where I'm at now I see such a difference. Today was a good day! Haven't needed any pain meds and I am getting around a lot better. I have my post op appointment on Wednesday and can't wait to hear further instructions and get a new compression garment. I'm so glad I did my research and traveled to ATL to have this done! I still can't say enough about Dr. Larsen and his staff. I really felt at home with them and they treated me like family. Held my hand when I was uncomfortable, talked me through the entire thing. Looking forward to keeping y'all updated on this journey!
Wow! Fabulous!
That is what is nice about smart lipo, u see results almost immediately. I Sen swelling a little later but for the first few days was my best results for awhile. I hope u just go to terrific and stay there becuz u do look great.
you look FANTASTIC!!!! he did a wonderful job...

1 week post op.

Today marks 1 week since surgery. Feeling more swollen the last few days but I know it's part of the healing process. Had a check up apt Wednesday and they gave me a new garment, that's more form fitting and easier to conceal. They also removed the 2 little stitches I had. Almost passed out, something about having my compression garment off really gets to me. I plan on wearing it for a full 6-8 weeks. Missing my gym time a lot this week, hopefully with the holiday coming up things will be busy and I won't notice the next 2 weeks. For anyone that's had smart lipo, how long did you wait before getting back into heavy workouts? I'm a religious spinner and love body pump and body combat. I'm walking a lot to pass the time and went on a cleaning spree yesterday. But I look forward to getting back to a normal fit routine. I will post 1 week photos this afternoon!
Thanks for sharing & i know its on ly a week but ong!!! Ur result looks amazing

1 week photos

Finally had a minute to shower and get photos with the garment off!
You look so great! I hope when my swelling goest down I have similar results! Is your garment only around the waist area? When did you start feeling "normal" when you move around?
It is a waist around only! I starting feeling great about 5 days or so out! As long as I have my garment on!! But when I take it off, I feel weird. I don't even know how to explain it. It's just weird!
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Results & Thanks for sharing!!

16 days post op.

Hope this update finds everyone well after the Holiday weekend! Man, if I had words to describe how swollen I am. We traveled for the 4th of July and it has taken a toll on my healing. I've kept my garment on the entire time, only taking it off to shower still. But the car rides, plane rides, airport travels, has totally worn me down. I'll take pictures as soon as we get home and settled. I think I've reached the peak of my soreness and sensitivity, it's hard to even touch it. My husband was rubbing my back last night and I had to tell him to stop :( happy healing! And take it easy, cause I wish I would have!
You said you consulted many doctors that didn't impress you. What impressed you with this doctor? Your instincts were good and I want to know what to look for so I get great results too! Was it his before and after pictures?
Do you have any scar tissue you can feel?
How did you like your results so far? Any updated pics? Thank You.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Can't even begin to explain how much I enjoyed Dr Larsen and his entire staff!! Seriously the best experience I have had with a Dr.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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