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New to this trying to get n touch with dr.Yily...

New to this trying to get n touch with dr.Yily just need to get a quote I need numbers and email address please. ......thanks!!! Been looking on this site for a while now seen some of yilys work and said 2 myself ....Damn shes a beast I need her n my life ...see im 33 and have 3 kids my body held up for years but the last 3 years been crazy im like wtf breast all saggy now and got a gut...people always say 2 me gurl u look good in my head im like yea with clothes on lol just tr of hiding behind the clothes I just want my body back you know want to feel beautiful again and I know that yily can do that cant wait to get n touch with her and get my quote.....then it's on ?

waiting on the right quote"

Waiting on the right quote....send n pictures and got a email says 7, 000 im like oh hell no" all I want is lipo, tummy tuck, breast implants.....i never seen anyone pay that much on here so I email her back and called talk to her assistant told her want I wanted ...now just waiting on my new quote


Really been calling the office for 3 days now everybody is putting me on hold....tryn 2 be patient I wanna start planning for my trip don't like doin things at the last minute. ..heard some of these story on here im like yikes" lol but I know everthing going 2 be just fine. .........right?

change of plans im going with dr.fisher now

I'm Just have a tummy tuck pay my deposit and my date is for May 28 2015 ...I did wanted a bbl but I already have a ass I Just need to tone it up... Can't wait Fisher is getting me a lil waist and a flat stomach.. I live in Atlanta ga will be flying to Miami
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