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BEWARE !  I was very disappointed in what...


!  I was very disappointed in what was advertised versus what I wound up with. I wanted to freshen my eyes and they talked me into a mini-lift. (The consultant indicated that I could save this much $$$1200 if I signed today.)

Both eyelids were cut differently, one was not even in the crease of my eye. One eye was cut like a cat eye with a curve on the end and the other eye was cut straight across and a pocket of fat was left to hang over the straight cut. My EARS GREW much longer and hurt constantly. The pain was intolerable. My face stayed swollen black and blue for 3 weeks. The pain, the crunching noises, the smell, there is no way to describe how horrible the experience is. When I complained about my eyes after they started to heal up and you could really tell how different they were, LSL kicked me to the curb. Their suggestion was for me to have a brow lift... that would have only made the scar on the eye that was not in the crease look even worse. The surgeon did not like being questioned on my visit to remove my sutures (which they left 1/2 of them in) about why he cut me twice behind one ear. He told me to grow up.

In the beginning I only wanted them to fix my one eye that was cut straight across & remove the fat bag. I refused to see Dr. KK after his hateful 1st visit antics. I had no idea that he did not work for LSL and that he was/is a freelance surgeon and he has his own practice closer to me than LSL in Marietta. (He also offers his own version of the “One Hour Lunch Hour Lift”) I returned to the home office thinking I signed up for the surgery with them, they would be the ones that would help me. They refused to do what I ask for. So, I asked for my money back to have my eye fixed by another doctor, again, excuse, excuse and more excuses. They kept having me drive over 100 miles to see them (5 times for follow ups + 2 original visits) to see if there was any improvement and they never took any notes nor pictures until I showed up with my husband. When my husband was with me, the General Mgr. joined in along with Dr. W. I asked for my after pictures to be taken at this time and they were.

My ears continued to hurt like a toothache. The skin felt like it was wadded up behind my ears and my lobes were stitched to my face. I could not stand to wear earrings at all for the first 5 months. I could not sleep on my side, it hurt to talk on the phone, It hurt to wear my glasses for any length of time. I just cannot explain the kind of pain, searing, stabbing and burning all at the same time. I searched for other surgeons to redo the work. Most of the doctors just shook their heads (like you big dummy). How was I to know????

I picked the LSL office due to the advertising and what the brochure promised. The before and after pictures that are shown and the endorsement of ABC, CBS, NBC and others. The endorsement of Oprah and others + Dr. K, the founder and all his talk of how safe the procedure is. The doctors credentials looked good (I did look him up on the net), the advertising was excellent but as far as the procedure, it was pure hell. Dealing with the front office and the home office was hell after the surgery. I had to have the surgery REDONE completely by a competent surgeon. I could not believe the difference! I woke up, my eyes looked almost completely normal on the 3rd day and they look the same. My ears no longer hurt and they are not long anymore and they look like they use to.

I think if I had not found this new surgeon I would have sunk into a deeper depression and no telling what I would have done to myself. I just can't believe that a company that is as large and as well know as LSL can get away with this kind of treatment of their clients. This just can't go on. I have read real horror stories and have heard even more from women too embarrassed to post. It seems like they can do whatever they want and there is no way to stop them and everybody is afraid of them. One woman told me that she was threatened with a lawsuit if she even mentioned the Dr.s name.

If I can stop one woman or man from going through what I went through, I figure that I have done them a big favor. The big selling point of not being put to sleep and that makes it so much safer is complete BS. I will never forget the stench of my own skin burning and hearing the surgeon saying over and over he was late for another appointment. My one hr. appt. took over 3 and 1/2 hours.

I FEEL like I will forever be scarred by what LSL did to me and if they offered to redo everything for free in 10 years and give me a million dollars too, I would leave the country on that day!

1-19-09 I would also like to add as of the CBS TV 46 interview that aired recently, they too are being sued by LSL. (As of right now, the videos are still up, email me if you need the link) They are saying that CBS is harming their good name they have worked so hard to build. Well, LSL, did you ever stop to think HOW HARD all of us had to work to save the money to have your lift done. And the main thing is that everything that you say in your commercial is untrue for most of us. Your lift is not CHEAP by any means. And the help I was suppose to get from the LSL founder personally, well, that did not happen either. He wound up asking me a whole lot of questions about things that were not related to my Lift at all. I will let you know more about this situation and exactly what he was asking me about at the appropriate time.


I'm very grateful for your Post. As I and my mother that will be 80 this year where fixing to go for a consultation. I'm had several appointments, but each time something came up. Thank the Lord. Because ,I was fixing to go. You are right the advertisements are what draw you , but after reading these things, I would not take my dog. Thank You ,Thank You so much. You saved us from making the biggest mistake of our lifes. I know several others that have mentioned LSL and I am sending them your Post. You didn't just save me , but this post will go on and on and hopefully . They will be put out of business. I will tho look for a good surgeon on our side of town.
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Good for you. I wish more women would investigate this place thoroughly. In Florida, many women were compensated by the company for bad "surgeries". I have not posted in a while because I was letting LSL ruin my life. I truly hope women will take the time to go and get several consultations. In most cases, the consultations are free and you can talk to the surgeon, not a paid sales woman who makes a commission to "close the sale". Also, has everyone noticed that Deby Boone is no longer on the commercials. Wise up People! Best to you. Chrystal Eckes.
Dear Chrystal, I am so sorry for your terrible experience and really grateful to you for sharing it. I'm glad you were able to find a good doctor to put things right. Would you share the name that doctor with me? Thank you! AJBT
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Please get a 2nd opinion.

March 31, 2014. I thought that after all the advertising scams were brought to light and how Lifestyle Lift was posting their own favorable reviews that people would catch on and realize that SURGERY for the face cannot be performed in a hour. I still peek in now and then to see what people are saying and read a few, but I refuse to get sucked back into this hate relationship that I have towards LSL. I can only say that after I suffered through the surgery and horrible follow up that I WOULD NOT NEVER, EVER, even if it were FREE, have another LSL doctor touch me (nor would I send my worst enemy there). I can only warn people to take the time to get a 2nd opinion before you opt for this advertising driven marketing machine. They will take your money and it's just gone. You might as well take a vacation of a lifetime and enjoy it.


JJ has pointed out a statement in my review which I should change. I stated after 3 days of my revision surgery that I could tell and see a difference. I should have went into this statement further; what I meant and what I said are two different things. I should have wrote that 3 days after the surgery, I could definitely see and feel a difference. I no longer felt the pulling sensation behind my ears and the pain was gone. My eyes were much better even with the swelling, I could see symmetry. I still had 3 weeks of healing to go through. No surgery is without pain. At the time, LSL advertising campaign made it seem like you go in, go home and go to dinner. I personally know of no one who has been able to do this. My ears were pulled longer due to the kind of surgery that LSL performs. I am not the only person to complain of this. Some women even have ears that are misplaced. I apologize if anyone has the impression that I did not go through a healing period. I did, although it did not last anywhere as long as the LSL surgery. I did not have the daily swelling as with LSL and the difference between the two facilities was like night and day. I am so happy and thankful that Dr. Zwiren took the time and had the skill required to make me look so much better after the LSL botch job. Best, Chrystal
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This story seems pretty outlandish, or at the very least, greatly exaggerated. Your depiction of your "revision" correcting all of your issues and concerns within "3 days" is not even scientifically possible. Any procedure (especially a surgery that corrected the laundry list of issues that you disclosed in your review) would have taken at least 30 days for the swelling and scar tissue to settle before you could accurately tell that your eyes and ears were "back to normal". And how is it exactly that a lower face lift can cause your ears to "grow longer"?? This site is provided to the public so that consumers can accurately disclose proper information about plastic surgery as well as cosmetic surgery, so that other consumers may read accurate results and final outcomes of these procedures. If you truly had a negative outcome, I am very glad that you found a surgeon that was able to correct your original result, but by the same token, please make sure to separate fact, from exaggerated fiction.
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JJ, after glancing at your history of all the posts you put here, they all seem to be of the same theme: Criticizing others for what they have written about their negative experiences. Usually people with subsidiary reasons for doing so do that (company plant, etc.). It's highly clear to me that this woman was butchered by the LSL procedure, just by looking at the pictures where the ear is stretched in the after photo, and the "laugh lines" that appear AFTER surgery where none existed in the before photos. Those are some ODD-looking "laugh lines!" They don't even look like they would follow the curve of a normal SMILE. It appears the surgeon stretched up to the hairline and didn't quite know what to do or which way to stretch the skin around the mouth to achieve a natural lift. I agree with her summation that the face is "unrecognizable" after the surgery. I think she was quite beautiful in the BEFORE pictures, even around the eyes (the part she wanted to enhance), but the after pictures have made the eyes TOTAL different in appearance that it looks nothing like the person at all the way they were before. Since this was NOT a full facelift or a seriously involved surgery, there is simply no excuse for that incompetence. I truly hope obtaining a good personal injury attorney is still on the table, or perhaps the statute of limitations has expired, because I'm pretty sure every penny would be given back, at the very least, because they butchery still exists after the refund. I think LSL would have settled out of court for MORE than the fee paid in this case, and it's too bad that didn't happen.
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I should never had this procedure. I looked better before he touched me and I was certainly pain free, I could wear earrings before the procedure and have not been able to do so since except for very short periods of time. But I will once my ears heal from my new doc. I have also noticed that on my smile lines, I now have more that I did before the lift. Not only that, whatever they do also caused larger bags under my eyes. I do not recognize the person in the mirror looking back at me!

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