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On June 1st 2012 I traveled to Atlanta Georgia to...

On June 1st 2012 I traveled to Atlanta Georgia to have a "minor" neck lift done. I was lead to believe it would be "no problem". Things started out pretty simple. I was injected and NOT put to sleep. Then the Dr. made the minor incision under my chin and then I felt this pushing and tugging,no pain untill he pushed or pulled something on my right jaw...I told them I felt something and the assistant said "Did you feel pain or pressure?" I said ...pain..the surgery continued.I believe a muscle was "ripped". .I saw him suturing the plat muscle. Then a very tight ace bandage was wrapped around my head....Mind you...they provide a hotel room for two nights. I stayed the night prior to and the night after surgery, so as to be able to get dressing changed. The day after my surgery, my chin had opened up and had to be resutured...The next week visit ...fluid had to be drawn off my neck ( approximately 2 cc's). During ;the weekend after the aspiration ..more flud accumulated. As I tilted my head it would move from one side of my neck to the other...I called the 24 hours number with no return call. I called again during the day and was given an appointment on the following Saturday where the fellow doctor drew off more than 5 cc's of fluid and then placed me in a "sling". On my return visit the skin on my my neck has started to attach and looked lumpy and hard as a rock. I was instructed to get a untrasound hand held device (No more than $100 bucks!) and use it to help with the scarring. I could not get out of there fast enough without crying. I feel that I am maimed for the rest of my life. I am doing all I can to reduce the ugly wrinking and tough , hard areas in my neck.

This "company" of bargain basement reject plastic surgeons should be avoided at all costs. Like everything in get what you pay for. Whenever one even elects for any type of plastic surgery procedure you must run a thorough check on their credentials and Board status. It is not a simple procedure. Avoid this company, pay the real fee for a qualified plastic surgeon only...If you cannot afford the BEST, top of his class, American Medical School qualified....then run away....and grow old gracefully.
I'm so sorry for your bad experience. I, too, have a numb face & neck, tingling in my face
and neck, and continuous itching around my ears. I had my LSL in Huntersville, NC by Dr. Diaz. I could never get in touch with them either . I have told LSL all about it to no avail. I even contacted Dr. Drew's show and they got in touch with LSL, when in turn they got in touch Dr. Diaz. Apparently it has all been smoothed over. If a class action law suit ever happens, I'll be the first in line. I told them that they were ruining people lives and that they took an oath to "Do no harm". These Drs. are just that, they are not plastic surgeons...that's why you charge plastic surgeons prices. I was told that the Doctors took a quick course to do these procedures. Well, just had to say my peace, Best Wishes. Marion 4115

Thank goodness I found this site while researching Lifestyle Face Lift. I was all prepared to contact a doctor near out home town to have the procedure done. I have watched the commercials and went to the website and was amazed at the results but I wanted to hear from others who had had this method. Now I will seek a professional plastic surgeon. Ladies, I, too, am so sorry for your horrible experiences. Because you have shared so openly, I decided not to go with this '"company". I trust you will all be rewarded for your bravery and courage to speak out. Good luck and God bless- Cie Cie


Now six weeks post op. I have been going to a...

Now six weeks post op. I have been going to a local Dr. for ultrasound on my neck daily for the past week after I returned from my business trip. I did purchase a hand held ultrasound (of which the Dr. said it was practically useless)and it has just arrived. . There may be some reduction of the LARGE does seems to be reducing...I hope so. My neck still looks horrible and it a REAL: embarrassment for me and humiliating. I regret ever having this done.
Thank you for posting your story about LSL. I too was interested in a neck lift and received info and several phone calls pressuring me to schedule an appointment. After reading your story and several others on this site I am glad I delayed making an appointment. I really wish something could be done to prevent this type of thing from continuing to happen. For now, know that your story has helped me to decide that a LSL isn't an option.
To slr57: I can see why you would feel how you feel about Lifestyle Lift after reading some of the negative reviews. I'd like to try to alleviate some of your fears and anxiety. A LSL is a facelift done under local anesthesia. By using this method, it is performed under the safest possible conditions. Both general and or IV sedation are types of anesthesia that carry significantly greater risks than local anesthesia. But even under local, the surgeon can still accomplish all the goals of your facelift. Each LSL doctor is a board-certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon. Discussing your needs with him or her and going over the goals of your surgery are key to properly setting your expectations. Once your surgery is done, know that you will need time to recover. Some heal very quickly, others take several weeks. Some look amazing right away, some need minor touch ups to refine the result. Everybody is different. When people post negative comments, I've often found that the reasons were from either a lack of communication or just simply poor communication between the patient and surgeon or patient and staff. There are always both sides. Often, the posts themselves don't convey the whole story. As a LIfestyle Lift surgeon, I can tell you that all LSL surgeons are very well trained, very knowledgeable, and do more facelifts than most other surgeons around simply because it's what we specialize in. The numbers speak for themselves. I can tell you that NO surgeon, LSL or not, can guarantee any result. That is the nature of surgery. But at LSL, we will certainly do everything we can to make you happy. Even if that means touching up or revising part of your surgery. And you should know that that does happen to a very small percentage of patients in ALL practices. No surgeon hits a home run with every surgery every time. And anyone who makes that claim is probably simply not being honest. I would encourage you to still go in for a consultation with a LSL surgeon. Ask all the questions, even raise the comments that I'm making right now, and I assure you, you will leave the appointment at the very least, more educated about the facelift operation and the recovery process, if not ready to proceed. I hope this comment was educational and/or helpful.
I did my research and decided against a lifestyle lift. As my doctor explained, ...can you possible cut and sew anything in a hour? If is sounds too good to be is!!!! My facelift took my PS about 5 hours and I was asleep...woke up..didn't feel a pain and very happy with the results after 5 years....I would NEVER consider a LSL under any circumstances. My face lift cost $10,000 included a overnight stay.
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A lady at my church used this same group. She did have some minor scarring but was basiclly pleased with her results.

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