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7 Weeks and No Difference Yet. It's Hard to Wait for Results! - Atlanta, GA

I have used Latisse daily for 7 weeks and I see no...

I have used Latisse daily for 7 weeks and I see no difference yet. Has anyone else experienced these slow results? It looks from the reviews like most of you notice progress even at 4 weeks. I am getting discouraged, but I am still keeping it up. Just wondering what an average, normal time that it takes to see results. Thank you.

Has anyone else experienced these slow results?

After 16 weeks of using it regularly your lashes will be so heavy you can't lift them. Not kidding!!! Be patient.....
You make me feel like a real whiner, because I've only been using it for a month and I was already getting frustrated. I think it's probabaly because, with the daily applications, it kind of feels like you've been doing it for longer than you have. Not that I was expecting anything amazing so soon, but I guess I was kind of hoping to see *some* kind of change. A little micro-growth in the bald spots or something. So ok, I'm apparently being impatient again. I will keep applying and waiting.
If it's any encouragement, I'm at 11 weeks of use and beginning to see most definite eyelash length growth, although they're not thicker. I'll keep patient, as I have been told that I have adrenal fatigue by my holistic doctor, so I guess that the low adrenals could contribute to slower progress. Just try to be patient with yourself.
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