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Latisse is Awsome!!!!!! Longer, Thicker, Darker Lashes - Atlanta, GA

I've used it for 3 months and have found it...

I've used it for 3 months and have found it works wonders. Longer, thicker, darker lashes. Well worth it. I had no lashes and now have great lashes!

At first my eys itches from first use but only took a week to get use to.

Casey Powell, PA at Perimeter Plastic Surgery

Went over Latisse and NIA products with me and kept me informed and told me what to expect from them, so there were no surprises.

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I think works different for every body, I have been using Latisse for almost 6 weeks, and I can see new eyelashes coming out , and my natural eyelashes they are longer and so dark, I love this product ,I am afraid I will become addicted , I am still in my first bottle cause I want it to last longer , and I dont need to use mascara anymore,good luck for everybody
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hi- Just read your post and was wondering what you mean by "no lashes?" I have very sparse lashes from years of abuse and have been using Latisse for about 12 weeks. I've noticed eyebrow "new growth" but have not noticed any NEW lashes appearing on my lids. I do however, see the length on the few danglers that I have left, increasing in length. I've read how Lattise won't grow new lashes but makes what you have thicker, longer and darker. I'm hoping there are exceptions to this. I have tried to get info from the docs. more than once and haven't gotten an answer to my specific question(regarding the possibility of new lashes being born, the matrix of the lash possibly being too damanged, my age-50, etc.) Thanks in advance for any info you can give me regarding your experience. Stella Nicole
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