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Ok I'm looking forward to having my upper, lower...

Ok I'm looking forward to having my upper, lower abdominal, flanks & fat transfer to my breast.. I have been considering have this procedure for months now. I have lost plenty of sleep from obsessions! I have done soooooo much research, plus called email & talked with so many different people. My personal goals are to have this unwanted fat gone & bigger breast. After having my boys I have no lift at all. What I have learned; drink plenty of water & pray for staff, my procedure & the outcome.

Ok tomorrow is the big day!!! Im a little nervous...

Ok tomorrow is the big day!!! Im a little nervous /excited. Looking forward to tomorrow. I hope I get some rest tonight. After reading some other reviews I got kinda scared but thank God for the staff at Aesthetic & Laser Boutique bcus I got a call from Crystal right on time, our conversation kept ne from chickening out.

Ok everyone I went in yesterday to have my lower...

Ok everyone I went in yesterday to have my lower /upper abdomen, my loved handles & a fat transfer to my breast. I got more than just what I expected as always when I speak with her but this time in person. Dr.Boutte Did my consultation over the phone / email. My appointment was at 10, I went in did my before pics at first and straight back for surgery, Dr Lee assisted me back & prepared me for the procedure. Dr. Lee was great company. During the procedure the only thing I felt was fat transfer to my breast and the only reason for than is bcus antithesis make the breast larger then they appears but the surgery is bearable. When I left I was adviced of being weak on my stomach, that today would be my worst day, that I would need someone here with me and that I probably won't be able to hold for down. However none of those things have happen to me. My hubby to be even went to work. The only pain pill I have been taking today is extra strength Tylenol, I have more feeling in my breast than my stomach and I have like this burning sensation on my lower back I'm assuming thats from not showing yet :-)I now the compression garment are ok but it feels like someone is literally pressing down on your stomach while you're full.
little more about Dr. Boutte she talked to me like she have known me for years, we both talked about our kids well I kinda talked because I was a little sedated (that Damn cherry bomb ) inside joke

Ok so I had my procedure yesterday &I I have...

Ok so I had my procedure yesterday &I I have been doing great all day, at first I felt like a burning sensation on my lower back & all I have been taking is extra strength Tylenol but not after taking off all that dressing & compression garment I am in pain it feels like needles pricking me all over my lower back, my breast are heavy &I hurting like hell and its only the left one I can already see results im not regretting my decision but im praying that the pain only last tonight only. my lower back

Ok before this medication kicks in I gotta tell...

Ok before this medication kicks in I gotta tell you guys about Dr. Boutte. I was saying earlier how I got more than expected while putting the final touches on my new magnificent painful body she also felt obliged to do some work on my buttocks. I now have a apple bottom. The only way you can get a good understanding of what im trying to express is to give her a call. She's the greatest not bcus of what she done on my buttock, on the real she didn't have to do no work on me & I will still be saying the same things. Thanks doc. I have plenty of friends that's getting ready to contact you. One already have. God have truly blessed you Dr. Boutte & I thank you for sharing your blessing with me.

Ok day four, today I feel a lot better then the...

Ok day four, today I feel a lot better then the first three. My compression garment is very uncomfortable, plus it rub against my skin & rub it off. I still experience discomfort when getting up, sitting or laying down let's not forget I'm still tipping :-)I around. My suggestion to anyone that don't have a desk take more than a week off. Just don't expect to go right back to work.
However today has been a real good day I have been up & about not doing to much but enough to make me feel really good about my recovery. I already see results I will upload pics later. And those picture is day 3

Day six, im finally standing up straight no more...

Day six, im finally standing up straight no more tipping just for today:-) I'm actually thinking about going back to work tomorrow. I did say thinking so it depends on the rest of the day. Today I have walked for several minutes every 30 minutes. Overall today is a great day so far.

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Are you saying 7 cases with your doctor?  How did you find out you had MRSA?  What are the symptoms?  How does your body & breasts look at this point?  Any changes?
What made you change your rating to "not worth it"?
I change my rating bcus I was infected during the procedure, I was told that I was the only case that was ever affected with mrsa there so therefore I had it when I had the surgery (meaning I was a carrier. Per say the doctor, I had fat transfer to my breast &I a week later there was a pocket or a large painful lump that when from the side of my breast to under it. After swelling up so big eventually my breast had so much pressure that it started to drain. Not no small drainage either, it smelled so bad that it took everything in me not to get sick. Mu
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Oh my gosh, sounds scary & traumatic.  I am very sorry this happened to you.  It seems standard in the plastic surgery industry that a tag line comes with complications of "oh, you are the first one that has ever had this problem".  Plastics seems like the only industry where people actually have to pay doctors to correct their own mistakes.  I wonder how it would be for them to have something done incorrectly & then have to pay to have it fixed?  Are they using the golden rule for how to treat others & not being consumed by greed & money?  Isn't people's care the most important thing?  Hmmm..sorry to ramble.  So, do you still have the cyst or did it drain & go away?  Are you happy with your breasts and lipo now that the MRSA cleared or are there problems with the cosmetic work as well as the MRSA?  You can file a complaint with your medical board in your state, it is easy.  And, they will research these MRSA cases related to your doctor.  It is important to do for the welfare of other women.  I had to do this 6 years ago against a gyn who took out parts of my body without my consent & never told me.  I had to end up testifying for the medical board as he was doing it to other women & had 3 other charges.  I do believe he is getting ready to lose his med license now as it is a lengthy process.  Best of luck on recovering.  Please keep us posted.  Amelia
Hey, my experience was very scary & traumatic. I have never in my life experienced anything like it. I thought I was going to die. I had a fever that would come and go my blood pressure was so low that the doctors was concerned about my major organs. As far as my results physically im ok one of my breast are bigger than the other. I have this long hard knot going across my stomach. I feel deformed,this experience most definitely affected my sex life. I don't like to be touch bcus I feel deformed. I was affected mentally the worst. When I told doctor Boutte about this she advised my to seek psychological help. That's some shit huh? As of now im in the process of seeing another doctor to have a mri bcus I still have lumps in my right breast. My whole family having to be tested. Basically im just taking it day for day. Since she's under investigation by the health department im wondering if they have already gotten in contact with the medical board. I will keep u posted
Mmmm..this really does not sound good.  What can they do about the lumps?  I wonder if they will dissapate with time?  Are they painful still?  The hard knot in your stomach from the lipo can be very normal at this point with lipo.  I know many people who had that and with time it goes away.  I think you may be able to massage it?  How high was your fever?  How low was your blood pressure?  Any other symptoms?  I want to know what to look for w/MRSA.
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Sorry for two posts my phone is stupid. All I remember is what I was told at the hospital about my bp. I was really emotional every time they check my bp when there was no diffence I cried a lot. I even called my kids father & told him where my insurance policy was along with instructions about where I want to be buried, I even wrote my boys a letter explaining how death happens and I don't want them blaming themselves, how I love and even though a lot of things might not have been said but I know they love me & visa versa. Girl no one should ever ever experience this.
That is so scary! So sorry you had to go through this!
Thanks Laura, I guess what don't kill you only makes you stronger huh? How is your daughter? I'm hoping that her experience was nothing like mine but I guess the worst thing about her case is that she couldn't speak. It's something I won't ever take likely.
Yeah, you'll be ready for anything now, right? My daughter fortunately (knock on wood) only has one boil at a time, usually with several months between infections, but will get a fever with it, then has to be on antibiotics for over a week, which I hate cause they mess up your digestive system. I would be more than happy if she never has another one, which I hope will be the case once she's out of diapers full time. She had to go to the hospital clinic for one to be drained when she got one on a weekend and her regular doctor wasn't available to check it and didn't want to risk it. Just the fact that it's an aggressive bacteria that only responds to certain drugs is very scary, so I can't imagine what you went through!
God! I hate she's having to experience that. I know that she might be a carrier especially since she has had it for a while but is there not more that can be done? To at least get rid of it for more than a couple months. What have her doctor said concerning her condition recurring. So now im worried, I'm so sorry that your baby is going though that and I pray that everything get better. I can only imagine what you're going thur god I know that gotta be hard being a mother and concerned about your baby. When my son was an infant he caught staf, he had little blisters pop up and I thought I was going to die, a little extreme I know but I thought he was bitten by a spider, everytime I brushed across the blister just lightly he would scream. So like I said I can only imagine.
Yeah, other than the bleach baths and putting ointment in the nose, there aren't any other things we've been told to do. Having two other kids who may be carriers, but haven't had infections, plus my husband and me, I sometimes feel like I need to have a decontamination crew come to our house! Still hoping that once she's older her immune system will be stronger and kick it for good. I will be really concerned if she ever needs surgery or has a serious cut, but fingers crossed that won't happen. I hope that your staph will not recur or cause any trouble for you!
Oh no! I'm sorry about the MRSA! My daughter (almost 3 yo) has had recurrent MRSA infections - she gets a boil in her diaper area and then has to take antibiotics for a week or so. I have no idea where they started, but she's had four infections so far, starting at about 18 months old, several months apart. I find putting a little bleach (less than a cup in a full tub of water) in her baths once a month helps keep them at bay, and putting Mupirocin (the antibacterial ointment) in the nasal passages of everyone in the house is supposed to help wipe it out, since usually if someone gets it, others in the household will become carriers or may already be. Hope you're feeling better soon!
How are you feeling?
Thanks for asking I am actually a lot better now, still shaking up but better
glad u r feeling better
The after pics looks great! Please post more as you have time! Much appreciation for sharing;)
Wow, you look great, even with the bruising! Keep us informed as you recover!
hi 1701schley, wow.... your lipo result is great even only four days. Your picture can't see any swelling at all ; therefore, I start worrying about my lipo result because mine still swelling even two weeks after my surgery already, so not sure about my result yet. Could you please tell me that what kind of lipo your have done? Congratulation!!!
Hello Sos2013, Thanks for it actually does look great there, on pic day 3 and 4I but unfortunately the swelling have settled in, not only in my abdominal but my left leg & foot was swollen. At this moment I have no waist, it looks great from the front /back but from the side it looks bigger than before. I had smart laser lipo. Keep me updated bcus even though I was excited the first several days I have actually been a little depressed, you see I wanted INSTANT results :-) not happening,
Don't depressed...your nice waist will be back soon. I heard laser lipo melt the fat, so it's not good to use for fat transfer. May your doc use another lipo to get the fat before she used laser lipo? Anyway, I can tell the laser lipo tighted your skin very well. Lucky you!