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36 Year Old, No Children, (Smart Lipo on Upper & Lower & Abs & Love Handles - SonoBello Atlanta, GA

As long as I can remember I had "love handles."...

As long as I can remember I had "love handles." even when I was a lot thinner with a six-pack I still had them but they weren't that bad at the time.

I've done a lot of research before deciding to go through with Laser Lipo (Smart Lipo). This site helped tremendously with my decision making and of course the support of my husband. Well my consultation was last Thursday, the 10th at Sono Bello in Atlanta. The office is very nice and the staff was very polite. The girl I met with for my consult was very energetic (Sahar) and complimenting. Because she made me feel very comfortable I decided on going with this office.

My surgery is scheduled for Saturday, April 19th and today I had my pre-op appt Dr. Marc Klein. The pre-op really wasn't that bad. I was nervous for a moment because I had a male doctor, a male nurse and then my husband present. So it felt a little weird with having all of these men checking out my body. But it was over so fast I didn't have time to care really. The doctor was very polite and he didn't stay in the room too long, which didn't matter to me because the questions I had...he answered and that's all I cared about.

I was given prescription for Hydrocodone for pain, xanax for anxiety, cephalexin (antibiotic) and phenergan for nausea. This should be interesting, given that I am a person that refuse to take medication...ever! I'm sure I will take the antibiotic and hydrocodone if needed but anything else...I doubt it. I was also told to start taking Boiron Arnicare two to three days prior to surgery to help with bruising, swelling & pain. I'll start taking those on Wednesday.

I'm not anxious yet but it does feel a little surreal. I'll update after my surgery Saturday!!!

It's Wednesday

Today I started taking the Boiron Arnicare. The pills are so tiny and sweet. I took 5 pills and let the dissolve under my tongue 3 times today. Because they were sweet I had to resist chewing them lol which was a challenge. The closer it is to my surgery the more excited I become!!!

Surgery Date 4/19/14

Surgery is complete!!! Thank goodness! Quick synopsis of how the day went. I was called back to a waiting room with a nurse where they give you the little "bikini in a bag" lol that's what I call it. And the hospital type robe to put on. My blood pressure was checked and the nurse gave me a dose of all the medication that I had to get filled. He also gave me and IV in my arm...to start the process. My sister was with me and even though I was almost "high" we were laughing along with the nurse. So I was pretty calm. The nurse took several "before" photos. After I was given the medication, the nurse turned the lights off and told me to relax...I guess so the meds could kick in.

After about 15 minutes I was walked back to the operating room where Dr. Klein was waiting. Dr. Klein was awesome. He put on some music and we talked the entire time and laughed. The only part I could feel was when I was being numbed with the "numbing fluid stuff" LOL I can't remember the name right now and if I did, I surely couldn't spell it. It starts with a T. LOL. Anyway, that pinched a little but it was bearable.

Dr. Klein was very gentle and kind. He's actually pretty funny and entertaining. I really wasn't sure how long it took because we were engaged in conversation the entire time...because I refused to fall asleep! I had to know what was going on! LOL! I didn't ask how much he took out but I looked over at the cannisters and one was filled to the rim and the other had about 1/3 full. I didn't get a chance to see what I looked like because immediately two nurses put me in my compression garment size medium. The hooks could only go on the first row because I was so full of fluid.

The night of surgery 4/19/14

Ok so after returning home from surgery. I passed out on the couch. I slept for about 12 hours straight. I woke up and my shirt and poise pads were soaked with fluid and blood. I needed assistance going to the restroom and I asked my hubby to help me change the pads and OMG.....while removing them, I started leaking like a human sprinkler. Seriously, not to scare anyone but my hubby said the bathroom looked like a crime scene. LOL! I needed assistance standing up and I was getting nauseated at the same time. Finally I was all wrapped up. because my garment was soaked in fluid and blood, I had my sister wrap an ace bandage around my abdomen until my garment was clean.

Day 2 - Post-op 4/21/14

So I woke up this morning, in pain. Not a pain that I couldn't bear but a pain like I did 5 million situps! it is only painful when I try to walk. It's like my body had to warm up or something. But anyway I returned to work after taking some Extra Strength Tylenol. People couldn't help but notice that I was moving slower than usual. I was fine most of the time. The only time it was a little uncomfortable was when I was sitting at my desk for a while and then had to get up and walk around. It felt like my Abs were being pulled in different directions. But still bearable.

Oh and also my garment has moved to the last row in just two days!!! Woo hoo. So I looked up the company and I'm going to order the "stage 2" garment directly to save money.

I forgot that I took a shower last night for the first time, with assistance of course because I did get a little light headed. The incisions were small and some stung a little when the water hit them . After getting out of the shower I got a sneak peak of myself and I was amazed at how great my shape is looking! HATS OFF TO DR. KLEIN!!! Even though I was swollen, I could totally see the difference, even my hubby had to say something.

Dr. Klein called me about 9pm last night to check on me and to answer any questions. He reminded me to make my one week followup appointment. I made the appointment this morning and it will be this coming saturday which is exactly a week from my surgery date. Hopefully i've covered everything and If not I'll add on..

I'll try to upload pictures soon.

Day 3 - getting around better

Today was alot better! I'm able to move around alot better and a lil faster! Starting to experience some itching on my stomach under the skin. My stomach is still numb in areas so it feels a bit weird to scratch it.....lol it doesn't feel like my own skin. Anyway I went ahead and ordered my second stage garments in medium and small. It's a little hard to get comfortable while trying to sleep because im so tender while trying to switch positions but its getting better each day!

Photos for day of surgery and two days post op

I can see a difference! Can't wait til the swelling goes down!

Day 5 - no more meds

Finished my antibiotics and no more pain meds!!!! It just feels like I've done the hell out of some crunches lol! I've noticed that I get stiff while sitting and then i have to warm up to get going lol....like a wind up toy!

I ordered my second stage garments in medium and a small.... The medium is very snug but it fits very well. This one is a slip on with the open crotch.......the open crotch is a must especially with all the water i'm drinking! Lol

Playing dress up with & without stage 1 garment

Ok i wore this dress two weeks ago and had to wear a belt to give myself a waistline and hide my belly bulge!!! I'm ecstatic that I don't have anything on and my figure is looking great!!!!

Now my Garment.....this is the stage 1 garment that the doc gave me after surgery size medium! I wear it 24hrs a day! It's very comfortable and hides really well under clothing. Its made by marena comfortwear. And I went to their site and ordered my stage 2 garment.

Also tonight i noticed a little more bruising.....and the swelling in the vagina area is pretty weird and my hubby laughs at it. Sure can't wait til the swelling goes away!!!

Had to take a pic and look at them together

Lookn good....if i should say so myself lol

7-day f/u at Sonobello yesterday 4/26/14

My one week f/u went smoothly. I met with my male nurse James who is always pleasant and makes me feel very comfortable. He took my photos and checked me incisions which had all closed....5 in total. He documented the areas i am still tender and numb in. Overall I'm healing nicely! Um then we talked about the weight thing....well he said he wanted to see me down 15 at my next appt in july which will be my 3 month appt. cool I can do that! I can't start my strenuous workout regimen for another 2 wks. Also I was fitted for my 2nd stage garment....which I already purchased but found out it was included in my package lol oh well! I'll get to start wearing it on wednesday!!!

also i almost forgot....while waiting for my appt I met the beautiful and very sweet 22carrie, who was having her surgery with Dr.Klein!!! I can't wait to see her results even though she already looked great!!! It really is a small world!!!

First day of exercise and entering the lumpy stage

So today I started my exercise regimen. I walked 4 miles with my compression garment on....I was swollen by the time I was finished but it felt good to be starting again.

I have developed a pretty large lump in my lower abdomen and i began to massage it with my electric handheld massager that I previously owned. My stomach is still tender and so it's challenging to use the massager but I have to suffer through it lol.

Forgot to mention that at my 1wk follow up appt I was given vivite firming lotion which I use twice a day. It's supposed to help with firming the skin and can be used in other areas as well. We'll see how it works.....also my stage 2 garment which I was measured for came in today in a XL! I'll start wearing it tomorrow!!

I have to admit that I need to get better with my water intake and my eating.....i want some killer abs this summer so I have to make some changes!!!

2weeks post-op update

As you know, I started my workout regimen....walking rather about 4 miles ...2 or 3 times a week. I plan to get a little more regular with the walking. Anyway, i walked without my garment on and it seemed as if my large lump got larger by the time I was finished! Won't do that again. I still wear my CG 24/7 to ensure the best results possible. Because I'm still a little tender my electric hand massager was a little too much for me even on its lightest setting. My husband suggested using the pizza roller..........yes the pizza roller! Believe it or not...it's been working. I use it in the mornings and the evenings before bed. I also still use the Vivite firming lotion twice a day away. Its too early to tell if that's working. Even though I can feel the lumps and see it a little, i'm still happy with how I'm progressing!!! I'd do it all over again! My bruises are slowly going away and the swelling is going down. Still having problems with my water intake....ugh one day at a time lol!

I will probably start posting once a week to track my progress!

3weeks post-op update

Hey folks! So I began using the Arnicare Gel to help with bruising and swelling. Only started using it yesterday so no opinion yet. I also ordered some more Arnica Montana pellets from walmart.com before I completely ran out. My swelling and bruising is subsiding so I'm really happy about that!

Still dealing with this large lump but received some good advice from FTA2014 about massaging in the shower under the hot water..so I'll start doing that!

I went to the gym for the first time this morning! It felt good to be back! I only walked on the treadmill at a fast steady pass and lightly jogged for 10 minutes. I wore my CG, which i wear 24/7. I have 3 so i always have a clean one to wear.....which is a must lol!

Glad I made the decision to get SL! Honey I AM LOVING MY CURVES!! And so does my hubby lol!

Forgot to mention

I had a total of 5 incisions....one being in my belly button where I once had a piercing. Also i'll be updating my measurements as my journey continues. Not much movement on the scale and my bad eating habits have contributed to that.

Loving what I see!

I know i haven't updated in a few weeks but it was mainly because there hadn't been much of a change. My swelling comes and goes and the large lump in my lower abs is appearing smaller. It's pretty weird sometimes because when I lie down I can see it and freaks me out a little. The massaging does help! Just this week I have slacked on wearing my garment but plan to start back this weekend, i just couldn't hide it under some of my work clothes.

I'm still using the Vivite firming lotion not only on my abdomen but my thighs and butt, heck maybe it can help tone those areas too LOL! I've been exercising but not as often as I would like.

Anyway here are some updated photos...just two days short of 7-weeks!! What ya think?
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Klein was very kind and polite. He made me feel comfortable and was available to answer any questions I may had. Dr. Klein is absolutely great! He made me very comfortable and he was a pro! He called to checkup on me the following night of my surgery to see how I was doing and to answer any questions I may have.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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What a change. U truly look better with each pic update.
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Thank u!!!!
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You look great...lol at the pizza roller ( will keep that in mind) . Love your results...so inspiring. I hope I'm as happy when I have my SL done.
  • Reply
Thank u! Lol hey the pizza roller helped me through the hard times! Lol! Good luck with ur process!
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You look great! I'm really happy with mine too. I'm really surprised how good the laser tightens the skin.
  • Reply
Thank u! Yes I was a little concerned with that at first but my skin is really tight....almost too tight at times lol
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I just reviewed ur pictures. U r making great progress and looking wonderful.congrats
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Thank u!
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Hi there New body! My question about the rolling pin protocol wasn't for my personal use:-) I'm actually 4 months po and thankfully, that protocol is in my past :-))) However, I value new techniques that everyone talks about and I wanted to know if the protocol is unique compared to using the electric massager :-) The more I know, I can share with others. You know... Anyway, I noticed that you mentioned in your blog that the reason why you transitioned from the electric massager to the rolling pin was due to not being able to tolerate the intensity of the massager. I can relate to that... 'been there :-) I'd like to suggest to you that in addition to the rolling pin regimen you've started, also massage yourself in the shower. The purpose of that is to allow you to target the lumps using different modalities (techniques) at your disposal. The more, the better. You should, use your fingers to compress the actual lumps in small circular motions. The added heat from the water will help cause you can compress it more than if you would if you were doing it out of the shower. Secondly, still don't give up on the electric massager. I know the pain may seem unbearable. However, the more frequently you do it, more tolerably it'll be and then you can gradually increase the intensity. Note: With the electric massager, start with the lower intensity and slowly increase the duration. Don't jump into increasing the strength until you can tolerate the lower intensity for an extended period of time. That's what I did and it helped tremendously. For me, I was able to increase the intensity about every 5 days and within 3 wks, I was able to tolerate the highest grade. I hope this helps. Stay blessed & happy healing!
  • Reply
LOL! FTA2014 I figured out who you were after I said "happy healing" but it was too late! I've read ur blog. I'm special smh lol. I appreciate your advice and will start massaging in the shower as well. Ok ok i will give the electric massager a try again....eek. Lol thank u!!!!!
  • Reply
You're funny! I'm still healing too so thanks for the "Happy Healing" wishes :-) Oh you know what... Try this technique when using the massager. I know it'll work :-) 1. Set the massager to the lowest intensity. 2. Keep only your CG on for starters since the pain is intense. 3. Lie on your back and take in a deep breath. Inhale till you can't get any more air in. 4. Before you exhale, apply the massager on the spot that has the lump and SLOWLY breadth out. 5. As soon as you're done exhaling, remove the massager. THAT's IT! :-) The secret is the longer it takes you to exhale/empty your lungs (lol), the longer you can keep the massager on the spot. Make small circular motions. Slowly compress in the area (don't increase the intensity yet) The more you do this, you will find yourself gradually tolerating the massager. I incorporate this technique during my therapy sessions with patients and now that I'm thinking about it a lot, I most likely did it too subconsciously too. So, Ms. New Body...loading, enjoy the "eeking", "ouching" and "what the blahing" (I'm sorry, I just had to tease you a bit :-)... You will be fine. I promise :-[) Be blessed.
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Thank u! Will do! I truly appreciate the advice.
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The rolling pin massage. As I understood it the lady laid flat on her back on the bed and mostly rolled up and down and at angles. I do not remember her posting about how that went for her it was just posted as what she was doing for lump prevention. I do not remember if the Dr suggested it or if it was her husband's. I just remember the rolling pin since it was such a unique idea.
  • Reply
Thanks ColoradoMaiden. It's amazing that there are different tools/ modalities that can be used to aid our recovery. I wished I knew about it then, cause I'd like to document exactly how to do it, what to expect, and what not to do. Anyway, as long as it's working for some, that's awesome. I hope they document the details about it cause it'll so many prospects during their early days of recovery. Thanks again madam :-)
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I have heard of ppl using that pizza roller and even a rolling pin, whatever works. How is ur lump coming? If it does not look or feel like it is going done pls take that ol roller and go after it at least twice a day. Good luck.
  • Reply
Interesting..., I didn't know that :-) Wow, I just learnt something new and will pass it on when needed. Question: how soon after surgery do you recommend this and for how long? Thanks.
  • Reply
Thank you ColoradoMaiden. It's not moving fast enough so I think I'll try it twice a day! @FTA2014 I would say start massaging as soon as u can tolerate it.....it was almost two weeks for me and it was still tender. I massage about 15-20 min while I'm in bed watch tv lol
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Where I seen this the Dr had recommended it after the first couple of weeks starting out very lightly and as tolerated.
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Wow, you look great!
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Thank you! Happy healing! ;)
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I just looked back at it pre & post pictures. What a difference. Congrats.
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Thank u!!
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So nice to meet you in person. You look GREAT! I can't wait to look at mine. I still can't believe how pain free it was.
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It was nice meeting u too! I bet ur glad it's over. Get some rest and keep us posted! Happy healing! ;)
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You look AH-MAZING!!!!!
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