Help me! Butt Implants?? JIMERSON vs YILY !

Hey Loves !! I'm new to posting , very scared...

Hey Loves !!

I'm new to posting , very scared rightnow , however I need the help :)
I live in TORONTO canada and I have $12,000 saved for my procedure .
I'm going with BUTT Implants , only because I've worked so hard to loose my weight I gained a whopping 102 pounds in 2 years after my mothers death , hit the gym about 8 months ago and lost every pound off !! and refuse to go back to gaining for a procedure , I've gone to a few surgeons in toronto to be honest I didn't like what I saw ( not meaning they did a bad job ) just the results weren't close to what I want .

I've read TONS of reviews for months now. , I've 97% on Dr. Jimerson , just waiting to be contacted back for a consultation is dreadful , I've been waiting for about 2 weeks now ??? Which is very weird , cause she took all my information down .

I will continue to wait , just praying I can get this done in august so I can recover in piece from my job due to my off months being sept/oct .

I might of left out something I hope not :)


Well after still waiting for dr.jimerson...

Well after still waiting for dr.jimerson ,

I've switched focus to dr yily . Waiting on her response as well !

Whoever can do my procedure first I will see , sounds crazy , but jimerson is taking way to long !
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BBL ladies and reviews !

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good luck girl post pics!!
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so dr yily does do butt implants with silicone?
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Finally Jimerson Answered me ! FYI ladies ... Apparently if your paying cash (like me ) you get a discount also , you don't wait until 2014 you get the next available date , a lot of ladies look to finance there surgery but don't get it , so he books his cash patients who already did there consultation ! I was so glad I got this info today ! Hope that helps ladies !
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Dr. Jimerson he does good work and so does Dr. Constantino Mendieta
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Me either - leaving the country fa tha booty smh lol - I want to go early/mid May - waiting on a quote.......ready to book my flight and make it real! good luck Ladies!!!
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I can't take it anymore ladies yily taken way too long! I'm currently at another doctor rite now for a consult!!
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I was team YILY but it was too difficult to communicate with her...especially after sending several emails to her. Never got a response back after two weeks I just went ahead and paid my deposit with Jimerson!! He's expensive but I'm willing to sacrifice to get this done in Sept. Keep me posted ladies :) Wish you the best of luck.
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I plan on going in April but that's if she has it available..nothing confirmed yet
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OMG! I've been waiting for both of them to contact me that its driving me insane ! Well will see who gets back to me first !
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I finally got got thru to her assistant yira and she booked me may7! Try Calling 809 331-5050 ext 208 it's yiras #. Call around 9am
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TBH I've been calling all sort of numbers trying to confirm a date and get a quote ! Hopefully anytime in may or first weekof june !! Wbu???
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Hey when we're u planning to go again? Iv decided to go with team yily! I'm still waiting for a response. Never thought I'd leave the country for sx procedure like this..
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