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Hey! Ladies Let me tell you a little something...

Hey! Ladies
Let me tell you a little something about me..
After losing 40lbs and 10 inches of my body, I'm still not happy so I decided to get a tummy tuck. I'm 5'2 and I weigh 145lbs. My goal weight is 135lbs and I hope to achieve the goal before surgery. My current measurements 34-31-40 and I hope to lose 2 more inches off my tummy before surgery. I workout 6 days a week & eat clean 98% of the time. I'm trying to be realistic with my TT goal but I really want my measurements to be 34-26-40 after surgery (lol)

I went to 3 consultations here in Atlanta

PS "A" consultation
I was able to get the appointment that evening on the same day I called. When I arrived they had me fill out paper work & they called me back shortly. I was asked to change into a white robe..which was not clean looking to me so, I decided not too. The assistant had me watch a 5 min video about the tummy tuck procedure and I was handed a photo album of before & after TT. Shortly after that the PS came into the room. He asked me to put the robe on and he walked back out of the room. So I just went on ahead and changed into the robe. He came back in the room and he didn't even introduce himself. He looked at his chart and mentioned my blood pressure was good and stated that you are here for a tummy tuck? He examined my tummy and explained he would lipo my upper belly, waist & flanks. I wanted to ask him questions but I felt rushed he only spent 3 mins with me & left his assistant to explain more about the TT surgery. I started to ask her questions & she was rushing me also. From there she walked me out to get a quote from the scheduler coordinator. The coordinator had a bad attitude and rushed me also. I must say I was loving the price! The next day or two I called back to see if I could book a second consultation with him because I knew someone who had a good experience with her consult & she booked her surgery date with him. I called & asked the front desk could I make a visit again because I had some unanswered questions & felt rushed. But she wasn't having it & told me to go ahead & book your appointment & ask him the question during my pre op. She also said that I could ask her the questions. At that moment I decided not to follow up with that consultation because I couldn't deal with the attitudes.

PS "B" Consultation
I was late arriving to the place but called ahead & told them that I was having car trouble and she was nice about it & was able to see me anyways. The moment I arrived I was asked to fill out paper work & was called back to the patient room. I was asked if I wanted something to drink while I was waiting to be seen. I changed into a robe ( clean one) The PS came in right away & she was so pleasant. She introduced herself & we talked shortly about myself & health. I had so many question but before I could ask her she pretty much explained & answered all my questions. I was giving pictures of her work and I told her my expectations & she examined me & assured me what she can do & I was pleased to hear that. I felt like I could talk with her all day. She made me feel comfortable. From there I was sent to another room to speak with the scheduler coordinator & chatted with her for a long time. I spent well over 2 hours with them talking about my expectations etc.. I never felt rushed. The office wasn't crowded & I didn't feel pressured to book anything. Overall it was a great experience. The whole entire office staff was pleasant & warm.

PS "C" consultation
I arrived & I filled out paper work & waited to be seen. During my wait in the waiting room music was playing. Also the place was extremely cold. I was sent to the patient room & I believe they probably forgot about me because I waited for a half hour to be seen & that's not counting the wait in the waiting room. I was giving pictures but the photo album had only two pics of TT before and after & it was only profile pics. The quality of the pics was awful. The patient room felt like I was there for a Gynecologist visit instead. I was so uncomfortable. Finally the PS walked in & he was funny & cool. He examined me & stated that I didn't need any lipo & I wasn't trying to hear that at all. He did have me thinking that he care about the patient recovery & post op care. I liked that idea but I couldn't get the no lipo out of my head..

So I decided that I wasn't going to anymore consultations & I choose Dr. "B"
I will keep you dolls updated soon :)

12 days away of getting my waist snatched

I though I should add a few before pics.. I would add more later on.

In a lot of pain

I made it out of surgery safely, thank you Jesus. I haven't seen my tummy because it's wrapped up.

When I woke up from surgery was was in a lot of pain. Thinking about it I have always been in pain since yesterday morning. Ugh my pain meds are not working and I have tried Percocet & Lyrica. I'm suffering right now. I didn't expect this to happen. I can't stand or walk long without feeling like I'm about to faint.
I vomit 3 times so now I'm afraid I ripped my muscles apart because the pain was intense. I also coughed a couple of times and had hiccups. Smh I'm going through it y'all.
I will show you'll pics as soon as I can see my belly or feel better.

Less Pain More swelling

Pain is under control but now I feel like a walking brick. Trying to walk more to relieve this tightness I have.

1 week post op

Today I'm feeling much better. I'm able to do a little bit more for myself. I noticed my recovery is a lot slower than other RS girls. So it really don't matter If you are thin, workout, & eat healthy, everybody body is different and my recovery was hell..

23 days post op

Well I planned on updating my tummy tuck review 1 month post because I thought there would have been a significant change since my last update but.. I still do not see much change and I don't think I will see a difference by Monday which would be my 4 weeks post op..
My hubby says he see change but that's his job to make his wife feel better.
I'm so swollen.. It's very uncomfortable & emotional. Today I told myself that I just have to be patient & let my body heal and do its job..

Finally woke up flat!

I have not been feeling well... one day I feel great then the next day I'm in pain. I still cannot stand straight without pain in my muscles.
When will this ever end?

Lost 10 lbs

I just wanted to update my current weight... I now weigh 135lbs yay! but my measurements are still the same :( 34-30-40 I think my waist is the same since I swell above my belly button. I really would like atleast a 27 waist post op.. Once the swell go away..Then I can do my job in the gym to get it down even more.. I'm so ready to hit the gym

I think I found a way to help with swelling

I was looking at a tummy tuck youtube video & this girl had major swelling & her PS told her to massage her tummy 3 times a day in a direction that is away from her belly not in a circular motion.. This will help spread out the swelling and help flatten the tummy out. I knew it had to work because she was big and swollen during her first couple of weeks then her tummy was flat by week 4. So I started yesterday & went to bed.. woke up in the middle of the night & my belly was extremely flat. I use vaseline or cocoa butter to help with the massage.. She also said the massage works to flatten out dog ears too.

Abdominal board

Hey ladies I found another but better solution for swelling. It's the abdominal board and you can order it from lipo express.. You don't here a lot about abdominal board or tables unless you read those TT journey stories from women getting their SX done in another like country DM. You know their tummy tucks be amazing so I at least like to look into what they are using after their TT Surgery. I was hesitant to purchase it but it was only $20. Some ppl make their own but I really don't think it works the same because this little bad boy is extremely hard in the center & let me tell you! this board makes my belly surf board flat.. I slip the board into my garment & sleep in it or sometimes wear it around the house. This was the best $20 investment I made compared to those expensive garments.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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Looking great! Thanks for sharing your story
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Hi lady enjoyed reading ur story u look amazing! How u doing?
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Just wanted to check on u. How's the swelling been?
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How did u lose the 10 lbs!!!???? Please do share! I'm stuck:-(
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I didn't try to lose the 10 lbs during post op sx.. I guess my metabolism was already in burning mode since I had already lost weight prior sx.. But just stick to eat low carbs between 60-120 carbs a day.. No sugar & sodas
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I tried a fat burner t it messed with my thyroid...can't do that but I think it's my carb intake...need to clean up! U look fab girl!! Keep it up:)
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Go on puretrim. Com. I've lost 9 lbs in 29 days! It's a meal replacement shake. It has tons of vitamins and minerals and all sorts of anti aging ingredients. Lots of plant based and brown rice proteins. Of course I've been eating 100% clean as well. Zero processed foods. I keep track of my calorie intake with an app called My fitness pal. It helps so much. Really keeps you accountable. I drink more than a half a gallon of water a day as well. You can have the shake for breakfast and dinner to really kick off your weight loss and when you get to your ideal weight just have one for breakfast. It's a total lifestyle change. It's not a fad diet. I feel so much better. My skin looks amazing. I have so much energy and my periods have drastically improved. It's amazing how crappy food really destroys us from the inside out. I don't sell this product or have any affiliation. Just a very satisfied customer. Look into it. It can definitely help you lose weight.
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Thanks for the tip!!! I will try it!
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I love my abdominal board. Sometimes I even used a hardcover book but the abdominal board worked wonders...Happy healing :)
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I heard of the book trick ok thanks i will try that too.. I read your journey & you look fantastic!! Happy healing to you as well..
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Wow..you look amazing. Those massages work great. I'm glad you had a great experience with your tt. Happy Healing babe.
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Thanks Hun
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you look great, I am having swelling issues too. Can you PM me the name of the girl that did the youtube video? Thanks
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I'm sorry I tried to look her up again & at the time I couldn't find her page but I'm sure you can find her if you was to search swelling after tummy tuck.
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You look amazing!!!
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Brooklyn, your results are excellent and your shape is sexy as hell. Not being gay but I love your butt and hips and the flat stomach just sets it off. I'm not as curvy to begin with but I hope with a flat stomach it will emphasize my hips and butt. Thanks for the info about swelling.
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Aww! thanks ... I pray that I love my final results. I have lost some curves so I hope to gain it back this fall.. I will be doing the squat challenge with you .. it's my second favorite workout.. but I also love running hill sprints.. & hip thrust . I think it makes your butt way bigger than squats.. The way I'm feeling I doubt I will be back to working out by week 8 .. we shall see.. I'm in week 5 now :/ You are looking good by the way.. your PS pulled you tight.
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U look amazing:-)
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Wow u have an awesome shape goin on there hon x I'm glad u told urself to be patient it's the number one key to recovery x I'm 8 weeks post op today and spent 2,weeks in a strap x other girls have dropped in like 4/5/6 days and look like noobs I'm 8 weeks n still don't look like I've got the round fluffy boobs I'm suppose to have x but working out all my life and 5 babies over 18 years picking them up ect my pec muscles r so tight my implants can't drop x I got upset at first then thought hey if they need help dropping they ain't goin anywhere else ha lol xx u will get there u already have change and look amazing with a capital A xx glitter rain showers to u for healing patience n hugs xx u got it girl yippy xx have a magic day honey xx
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Oh yeh is the profile pic of u ?? If so u r fking sexy woman xxx I mean sexy as they come xx
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Aww thanks a lot I really appreciate your kind words. & no that's not me in my profile pic
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Do you know the name of the video or the person who posted it? I would love to check it out. :)
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No I'm sorry I don't know the name but go on youtube & search tummy tuck swelling .. I'm sure she will pop up
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