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I have a genetic hooded brow. Glad I did it when I...

I have a genetic hooded brow. Glad I did it when I did! I was on the fence about doing this - due to the fact you do not want anyone to mess up your face - let alone your eyes! So I was Soooo scared. But I figured I was not getting any younger and I did not want a BIG difference.

So Insurance covered a lot of the cost - but I had to pay 4000 of my own money. I went to SEVERAL Dr's all over Atlanta - but I choose Dr. Hanna. Glad I did my homework! I also to prepare for the surgery - took 1000 mg of vitamin C - and the supplements you can buy in the office. - I did EVERYTHING they told me to do - and I was back at work in no time.

But I am 2 weeks out and I can tell if I eat too much salty things - my eyes swell. Just take it easy - and remember it takes time to heal - I am REALLY glad it is over and I am looking forward to Feb when I hope Dr. Hanna will do my Mommy Makeover - I am addicted to feeling better about myself I am RAGING against the dying of the light! heheeh

Dr. Hanna

I went to EVERYONE in Atlanta - I spent a year and a half looking for the right Dr. Dr. Hanna is one I choose. And I am really glad I did! He did an amazing Job and I am not the only one! If you are looking to get this done - make sure you look for someone who has some 'oculoplastic surgery experience / training!'

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Thank you for sharing, you look fabulous! I am going to see my PS for a revision to my ears at the end of the month due to facelift I had last year, and was going to discuss with him scheduling this procedure for my upper lids. I wished I had it done with the facelift however at the time they didnt seem so bad. Since reviewing your story and several others on this forum I realise I was incredibly naive about recovery time! I had heard and read about recovery being that within a week to 10 days with a little makeup would be just fine to face the public. From your photos it looks like signifcant bruising under eyes (you just had upper lids right?) Could you please advise me as to what day in your recovery you feel you could have worn makeup and been out in public? I anticipated a three week recovery period with my facelift and really within 10 days I had no bruising and felt great, so had assumed this less invasive procedure would be..less.Thanks again for your photos and sharing!
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Congrats!! You got a very natural look. Did they do a peel under the eyes as well? I saw Dr. McCord a few months back but I am still looking.
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Wow, I can't believe your insurance covered any of the cost (but good for you that they did!!)... What insurance do you have if you don't mind me asking? I also have a co-worker whose insurance covered her eye surgery and she is not much older than me, but I'm not sure if my insurance would or would not... But your results are amazing!! You look great!! :-)
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Thank You so much! I had insurance cover it because of - my eye sight! I did have to pay for the lower - and I am glad I did. It was the best part!
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45!!! No way! I am defiantly getting it done!! Waiting to hear from surgeon, have to pay full amount but Ill do it some how!! Think I can pay in installments. Thank you so much for the information!! You look amazing, hope I do! I'll post pics before and after when done! It's in my family too and I'm so fed up with looking tired, and a little bit evil with my hoods!! Lol. Thanks again!! Tina x
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Yes I am glad I did it - I am about 5 weeks out and good as new! It takes a little getting used to - but I am really glad I did it.
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wow!!! i so want this done! have just e mailed a surgeon in the u.k (where i am). very scared though!! thought your eyes were great before though, but look even better!! any regrets at all??
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No not at all. Your right - not terribly bad - but due to the fact it was a hereditary problem both my mom and grandmother had - and I knew I wanted to get it done - and insurance covered it - due to the fact it was impacting my peripheral vision. I am REALLY glad I had it done at my age - cause it was hard enough! And it seems like it is getting harder to heal. My Nana waited until she was 60 and my mom waited till 50 and I was 45. I might have to have it again - but at least I got a head start. (I did not want a big change - just to see better) so to answer you question finally (hehe) No - I have NOT one regret!
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REALLY nice!
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Thank YOU!
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You look great! You said you aren't getting any younger, but you sure don't look like you are very old :) (before or after)
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Thank You Minnie! Do not let the long hair fool you! But it is getting better everyday!
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