54 Years Old. Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty with Light Laser and Under General Anesthetic – Atlanta, GA

Uppers were saggy for 10 years, then the lowers...

Uppers were saggy for 10 years, then the lowers joined them and I looked tired all the time. Thanks to all the people who posted. It was very useful to read about other experiences.
Day of surgery was very smooth with attentive nurses. I was out for 2 hours roughly and apart from a thirst I did not suffer any ill effects from the general. I had been prescribed pain meds and anti nausea but i have not used them.. The sensation is of a tightness where the sutures are and sunburn on the lower lids upper cheek. I was given sinecch arnica to take and a cream called Elta for the lasered area. I was also prescribed an anti viral tablet and cream and an anti bacterial tablet.
Posting this now as this is my third attempt. I am on day 5, Will follow up.

Stitches and plugs out

Today is exactly one week from surgery. So glad it's all over and I can focus on the healing. I'm a little red from the stitches coming out. Thank goodness the ugly plugs are gone too. I will post a detailed day by day diary of how it went from April 4th to date, when I get home ( I am a visitor to Atlanta) on Sunday. The laser on the underneath was the worst but I'm told it will heal well and will make all the difference long term. Sorry I couldn't post as I went along but I found it hard to see and only have back lit ipad , which is hard on sensitive eyes. Good luck to all who are having it soon and to those who are a day or two post.....rest and follow your doctor's orders to the letter.

Day 12 pics and a promise

Attached are a few pics. It's funny ....one day the left is better than the right and the next, it's the other way around. I still feel they are tight and my vision is blurry in the right eye so I'm scared to drive...for another day or so anyway; luckily I don't need to. I will post doctor and my experiences shortly. I don't live in USA and am just home after two weeks away and settling myself in.

Today's pics

The right is better than the left today. Blurred vision improving slowly. It will be two weeks tomorrow.....can't believe how well it is healing. It feels hard and lumpy on the scar and suture line but I am told this will take 6 weeks to soften out. I am going to accupuncture to help with healing. Will review Dr Graivier of Roswell, Georgia, tomorrow. Can't wait to sleep on my side again!!

Pre pics With and without make up

Just posting a few pics. Blurry vision better each day but not entirely gone.

Day 19 ....Big swell

Yesterday i behaved like a normal day.....tore around cleaning my house etcetc. I think I overdid it. Last night my left eye which is healing so much more quickly than the right, started to be itchy along the scars. I took a Benadryl for the itch and put neosporin on it. This morning both are swollen and the left one is particularly swollen and red. I guess this is the one step back after my two steps forward. Maybe a warning to me to take it easy. I have to laugh...my right eye was the worst and the left was getting all the prizes for healing well. Now the tables have turned.

Lesson learned

Don't rush around too quickly after surgery. I set myself back about three days by cleaning my house on Monday. Idiot. Luckily the redness on my lids (due to cleaning agents I used and not surgery) is going down. Chemosis improving by itself. Slept on both sides with more comfort last night.

Verdict so far

I originally posted "Not sure". The reason for this was the addition of laser resurfacing on the lower at the same time. It was the right decision because of my age and my lower lids sagging, but it has made things a lot more difficult recovery wise. For younger people considering it ....the upper is an easy procedure ...the lower a good deal harder. It's to pain...just discomfort and ugliness. All in all....it is worth the suffering. My husband looked at me the other night and said "you look great". I don't but we can envision the result.


It's no pain..I meant.

Tried out make up....

Can't feel a thing on upper or lowers but put mascara on and a bit of concealer. The light is bad as I'm in a rush out to dinner....will anybody notice??? Yes they did! Lol! I will post a daylight one when I can....right now I'm happy to be healing and sleeping and infection free.

April 25 morning no make up

Gosh..I'm posing out of order. So anyone looking at this. I'm just disorganized !

Before and after

Did a quick comparison

4 weeks out

I took the steroids this week. Still no great change and I'm a bit upset...I still have a glassy film under right pupil and I'm showing too much white (for my comfort) just above the middle of the lower lid. I don't want to bug my PS who says it's all normal. To be fair and practical, my right eye was way worse than my left eye in terms of sagginess so it had the most work done to it and it definitely is taking its own sweet time healing. I have been massaging the scar tissue in each outer corner...yucky feeling but I'm told it works.

5 week pics

May 9 was 5 weeks post. I am writing this a few days later. Today is the first day that the blurry vision in my right eye seems to be diminishing .....it has taken a while but there is suddenly (well after one week of drops) a big improvement. Annoyingly though, my left eye which has been healing so well is really sore underneath today as if I had walked into a door. Very weird. Maybe I slept on that side last night. I am lightly massaging under both to get rid of the little bumps...they seems smaller on the right but the largest of them under my left eye does not appear to have diminished so far. I will ask PS About all this at 6 weeks out.

6 weeks pics

Chemosis still healing but it's slow. I'm glad it was only in one eye. I went to Pilates class. I have been power walking for the past 4 weeks so am fit but Pilates was a little hard with the head movement. Just did what I could. I'm still a little swollen in the mornings. Feeling is coming back in my lashes but the lids are still hard and sort of numb. The lasered area under the eyes is still hard (but no lines!) and the left is way less hard than the right so that gives me hope that the right will improve soon. I have bumps which are scar tissue and I'm massaging them. Hope they go soon esp the one under left eye. Speaking to PS Monday.



Lines when I squint but not like before!

See pics. Chemosis great today.

Two steps back again

This is really annoying. About 3 weeks ago on a Monday I cleaned the house and my eyes puffed up and I blamed the cleaning agents which are actually "green" and not too chemical.
OMG the same thing happened yesterday. Has this happened to anyone? There is no explanation. I did nothing unusual, (no cleaning) and I did not put anything different on them. It's like I am back to the 3 week stage.
How can this be?

I spoke to PS before all of this and he told me to continue to massage the little bumps and lumps (gently). He thought I looked great. Then this happened!

Forgot to say...due to drama of the swelling and redness today

My PS said my vision will get less blurry (right eye) as the lasered area underneath continues to heal and soften and my slight scleral show will improve too. I had upper and lower bleph and laser under both eyes but the right eye needed more attention so it's just taking its own sweet time. He wasn't fussed so I'm not going to. For me every week is a milestone. For him the real first milestone is 3 months....so roll on July 4th!!!

I look like a zombie ....not due to surgery

The eyes are worse. Can't believe this. It's nothing to do with surgery. I have no idea what set me off this time. I am chugging Benadryl to no avail and slathering hydrocortisone. It has sort of spoilt my trip to Washington DC. Stayed in hotel icing them all afternoon.



That was something else

See my May 22 post. It took a whole pack of Benadryl for my eyes to go down which they did the night of the 23 rd but they were still red.....will post pic of the red ....no make up.
Next day I went to sephora and the girls there were very nice and gave me samples of Josie Maran and Clinique which are non allergic, (so is almay), and I was able to look somewhat respectable at the wedding. After a glass of champagne I did t care. To be honest I'm not sure this swelling is any fault of the surgery. I think my eyelids are just very sensitive to chemicals etc because if it and something is setting me off. May is allergy month I guess.

Eight weeks and five days since....

The Right eye has been slower to heal than the left. The laser treatment underneath eliminated wrinkles for sure but it definitely added to the healing time ...the lasered area under my eyes was hard and stiff (muscles, tendons, nerves etc). The left has softened out 90 percent and the right about 75 per cent so I am confident that at the 3 month mark they will have softened out more or less completely....which is what my PS has said all along.
The scars are barely visible. In the morning my eyes look a little swollen to me but it's not noticeable to my husband...so he says. I still have no idea what set off the allergies as I don't suffer from them but I'm sure it's something environmental like cleaning agents, fertilizers, pest control etc that set me off and also delayed my healing a little too.
I had a little scar bump on the corner my left eye and it's nearly gone.....see May 16.....again PS said it would.
I have a little dry eye issue in the right but the chemosis which plaqued me for weeks has almost gone too.
I put eyeliner on lower lids a few days ago ....it felt weird on my right eye ...it was an unpleasant pressure. But I can now feel both upper and lower lashes again! All in all I'm really pleased.....I have always looked like my dad with slitty eyes....someone told me I look like my (IMO beautiful) mom now! Lol!

Ten weeks 4 days post op

Oh to have leaped from week one to week ten with none of the in between stuff! It's such a difference.
Both upper eyelids continue to be slightly swollen in the morning and a little red after I shower. I had to admit if I have a glass of wine with dinner the night before....they are more swollen in the morning! Choices have consequences! There are no scars visible. They both remain a little hard to touch but the feeling has nearly completely returned to them although it's still a weird feeling to put eyeliner in the uppers.......and I only out it on the lowers if I am going out. I am really pleased with result and progress so far. My family saw them for the first time and are very impressed. The dry eye continues to improve. I only put drops in now when I remember. I travelled to Europe. 6 hour flight. No issues. Wifi is patchy so I will post again when I can. I have been following quite a few of you ....hang in there. I will respond to you ladies when I can....patience Kayde and JNations and LilT!!

Three month update

My PS really didn't want to hear my moans and groans until the three month mark. But he still dealt with them with Grace and patience.
Essentially I love my new eyes....they look great. The hilarious thing is that my golf has improved! My PS did promise! Lol.

I will post a pic with full make up as soon as I get out of golf gear and into civvies.

For my pals who are a few weeks out ..hang in there. I will check in with you guys later and see your progress....wifi is a bit sparse.

There is still a hardness especially underneath the right. If I run my fingers along the upper incision lines I can feel them. My right eyelashes used to curl in towards my nose due to the heavy skin....now they are straight!

Oops. Time perspective

I'm 10 weeks out. Not 3 months. Still happy. Lol

Allergy back....a half step backwards.

It's got to be pesticides (roundup) on golf course.
No golf for two weeks to sort this out.
Conclusion.....eyelids very sensitive to all chemicals .

Still improving...

I haven't posted a pic because I can't be bothered with make up! I did today so here it is. I really love Josie Maran concealer from Sephora.
The skin on my eyelids continues to soften. The right is better than the left. Underneath, in the lasered area it's still hard and the left is better than the right. Go figure! This hardness is reducing bit by bit. I have stayed away from golf courses and have not had any allergies.....again go figure. The scars are barely visible. I have forgotten the lumps and bumps and other little worries. Time and distraction are great healers. I look my age but not tired or cross. I love it!

For those with bumps

Some of you who are post surgery recently are freaking about bumps from stitches. Here is mine at 4 weeks. It's practically invisible at 4 months now ...I can feel it but it is going away. It took at least 2 months . It hurt to massage it ( waaah waaah) so I didn't and as PS said it will go away anyway. I will post an update pic soon with review.

5 months today.

I have not got time to do a full update so I'm posting a few pics. I live in a sunny climate (and across the ocean from my PS) so the outdoor comparison shots in full day light are harsh. Even though I'm squinting in those, I am happy with the result. I still have a little swelling and a small milia but I'm not worried. I had my annual eye exam and the eye surgeon was very impressed with my PS work! I have not needed to see my own PS since my stitches were removed but I have been in touch by phone and email and will visit later in the year for final photos etc. He is strictly of the school that you can't judge his results for 6 months and he is right where my progress is concerned. For younger patients I expect the recovery is quicker ....so don't be put off by this if you are considering bleph....I'm sorry I didn't do it at 40.
Roswell Plastic Surgeon

I don't live in the USA. Dr Graivier was recommended by a doctor friend of a friend in Atlanta. I consulted him for upper bleph and at his suggestion, I went for both upper and lower bleph with light laser on the lower. I loved the way he put it...he said that if you redecorate the kitchen and it turns out great, you regret not doing the breakfast room at the same time! The minute I walked into his office I knew I was going to be in good hands. His staff are welcoming, friendly and professional. It is clear that they respect him and love their jobs. It's a happy place. Dr Graivier is confident, energetic, friendly, professional, witty and above all, a skilled and innovative surgeon. He does not solely do eyes which I was a little concerned about but having discussed the procedure with him, I felt I could trust him. The pre op tests and visit were all arranged with efficiency by his nurses and staff. I was given detailed instructions verbally and in writing, as was my husband. I was intrigued and impressed that I was given Sinecch arnica to take the night before and for 4 days after. The morning of the surgery Catherine the surgical nurse and Michelle the anesthesiology nurse, put me at ease right away. Dr Graivier marked me up with a pen ( one eye more than the other as it needed more attention) and off we went. I came to with no ill effects; my husband again, had been given detailed post op instructions verbally and in writing. We followed those to the letter. Because I had laser treatment I was seen by Dr G and Jill, his skin care professional again 3 days later. The staff were all so pleased by my progress after 3 days that I almost felt like I had won an award! As for aftercare, I saw him again, exactly one week after surgery, when I had my sutures taken out. He reassured me that I was progressing normally. I was concerned about blurry vision in one eye and a feeling of hardness under my eyes. Most of all I was concerned about flying home. He reassured me and gave me further information as to how things would progress. Two weeks post op I can say everything is as he said and I am comfortable that I will heal as he has promised. He gave me a prescription for a steroid for my blurry vision which I have not filled yet as I hope it will improve by itself, given time. It says a lot for his confidence in his own skill and my progress that he does not need me to fly back for a one month follow up unless I feel the need to. I will make that decision in a few weeks. My experience was great. I'm now 5 month post and will try to do a full review at 6. On this post. For people in Georgia considering bleph or other surgery ...Dr G is skilled and fabulous and his staff are wonderful. I have not been able to visit as I live overseas....but they have responded to all my needs and queries and I can't wait to see them all later in the year to show them my new eyes, in person.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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you look amazing!!
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Thanks Svejuca. They are even better now. Need to post 6 months photo on October 4!
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wow you are lucky, looks great I want to get it too but worried about scarring
  • Reply
When properly done the scars look like wrinkles and fade anyway. If you are young and / or healthy and really need this...go for it. As you saw. I'm sorry I didn't do at 40 or 45 .
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And absolutely STUPENDOUS and educational review!!! Thank you so much for all the time it took and all the photos. My U/L bleph was completed (with 9 other facial surgeries) on Aug 21/14 so I am just over 2 weeks out. Your photos are so clear -- and you so clearly needed to have this done! You are a stunning woman to start with, but now that eyes wide open -- oh those baby blues -- you look absolutely sensational!!!! I hope mine will turn out as successful as yours did. (I think it will -- PS says everything looking very good and fast healing, especially since I'll be 65 in two months! Thanks so much, very best wishes!!
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Thank you ! I have skimmed you posts and will read in more detail. Suffice to say you are amazing to have had all this done together. Very brave and very sensible. Get all the misery and discomfort over together. Best wishes for leaps and bounds (week 10 did it for me but I had way less surgery than you ): loads of hugs to you. Well done
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you look phenomenal!
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1 of your new pics is dated 2013. Also, your eyes look so much bigger now.
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3/4 ...must be the wine!
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You look amazing! 20 years younger! Right about the harsh light. I feel that without harsh light we would all look 35 or 40 again. Although, even in a dark bar it only takes a quick glance from the doorman to wave me right thru while carding everyone lol, hahaha.
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I live in bright sunshine year round so the daylight pics for me are the real test! I squint but I don't have saggy slits! You look fab too! Let's touch base at 6 months...Oct 3 and 4!
  • Reply
Living in bright sunshine year round is worth it. I wouldn't care how I looked. 6 months it is.
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Your eyes look fabulous! I went through all your photos. You had NO BRUISING! No purple and black under your eyes and running down your cheeks. I find that amazing.
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Lol. They were there alright! I also had my husband to look after me and no doggies to bend down to pet. AND I was punished by those allergies; but some people are like a peach and bruise more easily than others.....that's you. I assume you are taking arnica and Bromelian ....? Hang in there. The foundation I got but never used is Proderma if that helps. Or huge sunglasses!
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Yes, I am taking the Arnica and Bromelian. You're right about the bending, I try to do very little of it, but some is unavoidable. I like the analogy of the peach, still I feel age is a contributing factor - I'm much older than you are. Fortunately, I DO have huge sunglasses!
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Wex....the first 8 weeks are the pits. Breathe deeply. This too shall pass and by Halloween you will be so much happier! Age is irrelevant. You have a strong therefore, IMO, young spirit.
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Thanks, Cassandra. Your words are very encouraging and I will follow your advice. My spirit IS young, that's why I went through this in the first place. I sure didn't look the way I felt!
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Hi, tell me again. What ki d of laser did you do on your face. Thank you!
  • Reply
Sorry Lisaroxy. I thought I had answered you. It was Sciton.
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I'm sure you did. So sorry. I just forgot.
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No prob Lisa. My internet has been patchy. My doc in Atlanta uses it a lot. Very lightly. I was healed of the burn within 3 -5 days and it didn't hurt at all.
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Thank u for letting us know about your experience. So happy you had a wonderful experience. What kind OD laser did they do on you.
  • Reply
Hi Lisa. I think it was scion but will check my file and get back to you ...it's buried somewhere! It really worked on the lower lid... It was very swollen in the right one for 3 months. It's now 4 months and way better but not fully healed. I'm being patient.
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Great updates, thank you so much! Have a question, what are the stitches next to your nose for? Have seen them before but really don't understand the purpose? Thanks!
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SS...when my surgeon removed fat from lower eye, he put the little stitches in to corral and support the remaining skin and fat. They were there for a week. Ugly weren't they?
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