Vanquish-3 Treatments

It was an easy, painless, quick procedure, like...

It was an easy, painless, quick procedure, like laying under a heating pad for 30 minutes.

That being said, I paid $1300 for 3 treatments spaced one week apart. 2 weeks after the series of 3, I have NO VISIBLE or Measurable results, as if I never had the treatment.

Unless something shifts over time, it was not worth the money. Most of the before/after photos I've seen from the company don't show visible results, they look the same before and after, just like me.


Funny I contacted Atlanta Dermatology and Laser Center and they said they have NEVER treated anyone just three times. I wonder if your really a patient or just someone trying to bash the practice or the procedure.

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Results may show up over time....

To be fair, I've been told the results show up after months. I will update. What concerns me is the photos Vanquish has put out, I see no visible results.

I'd like more information from the Vanquish company about how the product works, and what to expect and when. Despite my review, I would be willing to continue to try Vanquish for additional sessions, in the hope that results would show up in several months. I would like to do at least 6 sessions. I encourage people to try the procedure and post visible results.


Hey David. I was treated 3 times. I was told I would get results with three times. I encourage you to try it out. I would keep going with the treatments and do 6 treatments if I had the time, money, and proof of results.

In all fairness there is some promise in this product

After posting last night and realizing I can not edit my initial post, I've taken some extra time to study my before and after photos, and I'd like to update my post to communicate a more favorable review. I think that perhaps the volume in my belly has gone down a tiny bit, and that my waist has contoured. I think 6 treatments is more realistic for a more pronounced result, if results are possible over a longer course of time with this treatment. I am wondering if I will see more results in the next couple of months, and if I do I will certainly post. I will possibly try more treatments, but I'd like to see a more compelling marketing package to assure me of the potential of my investment.

I do think the Vanquish line needs to put more convincing photos of effective results. I do not think the Vanquish company photos are a favorable promotion of the product. I also believe it would be useful to show a full line of progression of treatments. "After 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6" and then a "3+6 months later" photo.

I've tried Vaser Shape and now Vanquish. I think the concept of Vanquish is exciting, and I do encourage others to give it a shot. As in any product on the market, the better educated we are about the product and process the better prepared we are to have realistic expectations. I suggest photos that show better results, a technical video explaining the process and what EXACTLY happens with the fat and when and how it is expected to exit the body, and a detailed brochure explaining expectations and timelines for results.


Thank you for posting your review of this treatment.  I will be very anxious to follow and see your final results.  Keep us up to date.

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Going to try more treatments-subtle but something.

I am going to try more treatments. I think the treatment is potentially worth it, albeit subtle. You will notice I got a good deal in Atlanta, especially compared to the other review.


I'm curious how many inches did you loose after 4 sessions now that its been almost a month since your post
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I don't know if I actually lost any inches. Over all there is a feeling that the volume of the pooch has gone down.
I don't know that any inches are gone. However there may be a slight reduction in the overall volume of the pooch.

Think of it as Body Contouring not as lipo

i am becoming more happy with the results. If what I have now lasts, i am thinking it will be worth it. Think of this treatment as body contouring rather than laser liposuction. I can't wait for vanquish to put up MORE INFORMATION about how this works from a "how does the laser kill the fat and how does the fat leave the body" standpoint.

Like I've been saying, I think I will get even better results with 6 treatments. The real test in effectiveness will be as the next 6-12 months pass.
When I did Vaser Shape (not Vanquish), my results lasted for about a year.

Right now I am happy with the contours of my waist and feel that Vanquish has made a subtle impact. Ps. I am a slender woman with curves. My only real fat is and has ALWAYS been in the pooch of my stomach and around my waist.


The company puts out no information because it's not FDA cleared for fat reduction.  There is no science behind this that has been approved by the FDA for the company to promote or sell the procedure.  

I will admit my role in this that I USED to work for Zeltiq the company that makes and sells CoolSculpting.  I have been in the medical field for 30 years working in the hospital and then the last 16 years in sales.  I have never been able to sell a product that has no indication approved or cleared by the FDA for what I'm promoting it for.  This is actually illegal for the company to do.

Doctor's can use any system or device "off label" based on the science behind it since they are doctors.  The issue is the company actually promoting the product for something they have not taken the time or money to invest into a clinical trial that proves it works and is safe  that the FDA would review and approve.  

This product is approved for deep tissue heating.  

Consider that and why you aren't seeing results or why some do and some don't. 

I DO NOT WORK FOR ZELTIQ AT THIS TIME.  I am not here  to promote or sell CoolSculpting.  I am working with a plastic surgery office and evaluating different technology to bring in for our patients now. I wanted to see the reviews on Vanquish because someone in the office asked about getting it.  
My biggest concern is the FDA indication/clearance.  If the FDA has not reviewed it and approved it for uses, the science then needs to be so compelling that it overrides that.  The science is not compelling or the company would invest to get the FDA clearance so they can publicly promote it.  

Look up the scientific information and you'll never see anything the company has in writing about fat loss or fat reduction.  That's because they can't legally say that.  
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The protocol calls for 4 treatments and the time has actually been increased from 30 minutes per session to 45 minutes per session. I would encourage you to have 3 more treatments at 45 minutes.
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I'm just finishing my 5th treatment-any benefit from more tx's? Is it safe? Can I do 5 more tx's for another two inch loss?

I give it a thumbs up-1 year later

I give my 3 Vanquish treatments a thumbs up after almost 1 year.
I believe my "pooch" has been less trouble this year....and I am going to go ahead
and give Vanquish some credit. Don't get me wrong, the fat is not gone, but the volume feels less burdensome.
I'd love to try another 3 pack of Vanquish treatments, especially with the new time settings.


what is the reasoning behind the 15 min time increase? thx
what is the reason for the 15 min time increase? thx
Atlanta Dermatology and Laser Center

The office was great. I would like more detailed information on how the product works and when to expect results. I'd like to see a video of how the laser targets the fat, and what happens to the fat. I would CERTAINLY go back and keep trying if I had some proof that the treatment works. That being said, it would be good to have a model/representative who has before and after photos who can speak for the effectiveness of the product. Everyone wants to know if their investment will be worth the results. If the office had a live "go to" model to represent the real results, that would be very helpful. All this being said, I am still game for trying more Vaquish treatments.

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