Having a 25 Year Old Crown Replaced with an Implant - Atlanta, GA

I'm having an old crown with a Marilyn Bridge #10...

I'm having an old crown with a Marilyn Bridge #10 removed and replaced with an implant. It's in 2 days and I'm starting to get scared. I'll go into a flipper to begin with then next week start the process of having the rest of my teeth over layed with vaneers. This is the first step of an entire body make-over.

3rd day's, the worst day...

...so they say, and right now that's holding true. The surgery went well. I don't remember a thing, not even asking Dr. Currie to take a pic, but apparently I did. The site is very sore today, it really hurts to wear the flipper. But not so much that I need the hard core pain meds, 600mg ibuprofen seems to ease the pain. For now I'm going to say successful in that I'm coping
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Love this full service spa clinic. Everyone has been so helping knowing that I'm under a deadline. Everything has to be completed prior to my gastric sleeve surgery and the office has bent over backwards to help me get it done.

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I have 4 implants on a fixed bridge and due to one being broken had to have it removed and replaced. I was extremely nervous about it but all went smoothly and I have the new implant in place waiting for healing and integration to have a new bridge placed. I am scared of injections but it wasnt too bad and I did not feel anything during surgery. Good luck
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I can understand why you are feeling nervous. Its always a bit frightening right before a treatment. It sounds like a really positive step though. I'll be sending good thoughts your way. Please let us know how you are doing after the procedure!

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