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I have been back and forth about even having this...

I have been back and forth about even having this procedure done. I am just over 24, and have not had kids yet. I am going to Atlanta Friday to have this procedure for self esteem purposes. I was a college athlete and my mother now has been breaking me down about being "fat" although I'm not.

Does anyone out there now how pregnancy will effect the treated areas?

I am supposed to be having 2 procedures on my lower abdomen area, one beginning Friday.

Thanks for the help! Will come back with updates.

Day 1

Got the first treatment today. We did a large applicator on the lower abdomen of mine. It did take the breath out of me at first and was really uncomfortable. After about 10 minutes, it went numb and I sat and played games on my phone.

On the 3.5 hr ride home I was just fine. I plan on going to the gym tomorrow and I have to work tomorrow night. Will keep posting to show updates day by day!

Day 4

So far things have gone very well. I went to work the day after the procedure and felt just fine. The skin on the area that was treated feels a bit weird but nothing major. I am just now today experiencing the sharp pains everyone is talking about. But they are not bad, in fact, I already went to the gym today.

So far so good!

Day 11

Ok so the pain is all over and done with. Now I am just awaiting results. Days 4-9 were pretty painful only at night for me. It was a really weird pain and like a sharp stabbing pain in my bellybutton area. But I would just take an Ibuprofen and go to sleep.

Awaiting results. Will keep posting!

Still Waiting

Well it has been quite some time since the procedure and no outcome just yet, then again there is not supposed to be just yet.

Will continue updating!

Day 1 After Second Treatment

So I decided to go ahead and go for a second treatment. I really kept doing my research and everyone said they saw significant results after the second treatment. The first is sufficient, second has amazing results. The first treatment, I had one large applicator on. The second treatment, Marsha split the treatment into 2 medium applicators to cover more surface area.
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My best results were after the 3rd & went back for a 4th. Now, all I have left is loose skin.
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Also, I'd tell your mom to shut the ef up! How dare she cut you down!
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Thank you so much for the support. My friends and fiance have been VERY supportive. I'm doing it for myself so I can fit into my old clothes again and feel comfortable.
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I certainly would not do this if your pregnant! I also can't see any possible way this would affect future pregnancy. The freezing doesn't go below the fat layers & doesn't even harm your skin.
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I am not pregnant but do plan on having a family in the future, and I mean 4-8 years or so. Just as long as it does not effect that area in particular I am fine with it! Thanks again for your feedback. Tomorrow is day #1!
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I had consultation today and asked about the same thing (pregnancy) I have already had 2 kids but might want another. was told that the fat is eliminated but just like loop may come back in other areas ie butt boobs arms etc... going in tues for procedure
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The lady I saw basically said I will still gain baby weight but I will be able to get "fat" everywhere else but not necessarily in this area once I do have a child. Good luck with your procedure. After the first 10 minutes, you're just fine!
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