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I had the procedure done today and like many I too...

I had the procedure done today and like many I too was concerned about anything painful ( I am a sucker when it comes to pain). The cold pad definitely alerted me prior to the suction device and boy did it grab a chunk of my belly!

It was a little painful at first until the freezing and numbness kicked in and then it was downhill from there while counting down the time. I will admit it wasn't a pretty sight when the suction was removed to see the lard-like looking skin but the doctor rubbed the skin until it was even with the rest of my belly.

I am still a little sore but I am excited to see the results. Like the others I see here. I will be taking pics to track my progress since the doc said I could see the change of anywhere from 25-30% body fat-loss in my mid section! I will update as i go like the others to see how well this really works!

Here are the pics i took during and just after the...

Here are the pics i took during and just after the procedure on Feb 1st. Not too proud of the look but i am hoping it will be the last time i will see what i carried for so long. :)

Well i am on day 19 and so far i have to say that...

Well i am on day 19 and so far i have to say that i can some changes in my tummy. One thing that i will not miss though was the itching as the fat cells were dying. That drove me crazy as it was very uncomfortable. I still have some numbness in the treated area. I am hoping to have some pics on day 30 :)

Well it's now 3o days and here are my pics, i can...

Well it's now 3o days and here are my pics, i can definitely see a slimmer look. 60 more days to go! What do you think compared to the beginning pics?

Well - my 60 day's here now....not sure if i am...

Well - my 60 day's here now....not sure if i am looking any different as it would seem that i saw most of my change in the first 30 days. The important thing is i look and feel less "pudgy" I am starting to do more cardio and mixing it up at the gym with boxing and work out bands etc so am hoping in the next 30 days to see some change there.

This is my 90 days now or about give or take and...

This is my 90 days now or about give or take and here are the final pics- not a whole lot of changes but i still am happy with the results from the procedure bc now i am work with this and improve on my own with exercise.

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The only thing i wish was explained more in depth tho this varies from patient to patient is the post healing process- esp the itching- that was uncomfortable for a while there but i am still happy i did it bc i am seeing the progress now.

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It's now in October, I think I look the same but looking back and re-evaluating the process- there is little difference after the procedure. What it will come down to is basically changing your diet and exercise. I get a lot more results from that for sure when I decided later to invest in personal training. If I should give advice on this after my procedure- yes you will see a small change- but for the money- I would stick to investing in a gym membership with personal training bc you will get far more effective results along with a choosing healthier meals. Call me old fashion but I tried this to see what the hype was and yes very little change for the money indeed that I could have used for a good vacation- ha!
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Thanks! I've kept it off but exercise and changing the way I eat is the key :)
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Hmm - middle aged now, thought I'd try some of these new treatments to counteract aging on my once size 2 model body (5'6). Tried CoolSculpting AND Excelis. NOT impressed with either 2 months later. And don't let 'em convince you either are painless procedures. Hard to get comfortable at all for "love handles" area and felt like my guts were getting sucked out. One hour each side and I practically had a panic attack. I don't east fats, desserts, I'm just not 20, 30 or 40-something anymore. My husband is older and was convinced by doctor's staff that he could get rid of considerable belly fat with CoolSculpting. He eats small meals, doesn't drink a lot (of beer, soda, any of the *usuals*) and we sign absolutely NO sign of improvement. We just bought some excercise equipment for at home use. I think that will do more for us than either CoolSculpting or Exelis (which hurt like hell!). There ARE great aging treatments out there that take time but are subtle. I don't think CoolSculpting or Excelis are amongst them. Think the medical (beauty) profession has found more to do with keeping/upgrading your facial care. My guess is that this new procedure from England now being touted here should be taken with a grain of salt until there are PLENTY of good results in. Thousands of $$$'s are being spent here. I know peope who regret they wasted that money and didn't just go for the newest versions of regular Lipo. Methinks too many procedures are being approved here to rapidly and because they are less expensive than the tried and true ones (that DO have down time) people are rushing in and cosmetic doctors just keep getting richer. Stick with exercise for your body, good diet & minimal stuff for face (i.e., moderate fillers).
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I agree with you Miss Charlotte. I had CoolSculpting done in December, upper and lower abs, and there is little difference. That's alot of money down the drain. I would not recommend this to anyone.
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I am leaning to agreeing- a gym membership is better in the long run
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I can see a big difference.
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Hi, Thanks for posting. I can see the results. You look awesome!
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I had my flanks (Love Handles) done ten days ago and and my lower belly done three days ago. I hope to see the same results you have. TY for posting
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I just updated with my 60 day progress. Prob not too much change but you can maybe see some- i think the greatest change was within the 1st 30 days
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Looking good! I can definitely see a difference, better shape and more defined.

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thanks Kristy :) yea i was looking at them too and can def see a slimmer more defined look. Two more months to go!
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I can totally see a difference! Looking forward to having mine done in a few weeks!
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Thanks man- yea i can see it and feel the difference in my body for sure. The worse of it is the internal itching as the body starts the healing process.
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Did you have it done? just updated my 60 days
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Well as promised, here are my pics at day 30 today- What do you think? i noticed the I've lost weight as well and i am thinking its coming from the mid-sections as i am slowly trimming down.
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Hi, I am still shopping around and getting some ideas, after reading your review I am curious as to how long the itching lasted. As I am prone to ezcema I hate anything that makes me itch!
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For me, i would say about a week, some days it would itch more. Currently the itching is now all gone and now its waiting to see some results. As a matter of a fact, am coming up to my 30 days on March 1st and it seems like i have lost some from what i see in the mornings when i look in the mirror. I will keep you posted here with my follow up 30 day pics.
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wow that pricing and room seem familiar, i think i went to the same place, ive had two treatments done with his office and am pleased so far!
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I read your review and pics and yea probably the same place- lol. Your pics inspired me and reading your progress as well. I will admit it seem a little embarassing showing my belly that am not really proud of but reading yours and a few others and saw the courage and more so seeing the positive responses, i decided to let my chips fall and just do it. This is a big step for me- i recall being so nervous- hehe. I am hoping i wont need another treatment tho i would love to have a flat stomach too :) I figure i mix it up at the Gym and hope to see some fast results
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Hi there, thanks for your review. Please keep us updated as your results progress!


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