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Hello ladies. I am new to R.S and wanted to post....

Hello ladies. I am new to R.S and wanted to post. I did research and found Dr.Jimerson to be reputable as per his client reviews and credentials. Anyway I scheduled my Consult for Februaru 2013 ( he's really booking up) and right now I am in the financial planning state of my goals.

I have a few questions:

1. Does any have both Breast implant and Butt implants ( how much?) and how did you go about paying for the procedure? and how did you prepare and plan for this ( like what steps did you take).
I am asking because I've spent the last few nights tossing with all sorts of ideas of planning. My concerns:
- how to tell my employers I am taking 2 weeks off for Cosmetic surgery?
- Should I stay in ATL the whole two weeks?
- And should I use a Nurse to care for me in the hotel because asking a friend or relative to take time off work to be with me is costly for them.
2. Dr.Jimerson has a magical eye for the buttock but what is his skill level in breast implants? ( I viewed some of the photos and some looked natural others looked un-natural) Has anyone had thiers done? which one's did you get and how much?

3. How to finance without a Co-signer? If no financing how much did you save and for how long?

Thanks in advance for those of you who answer these in detail :)


Your employ do not let you take time off for such a thing, Is not because you, is insurance, company policy, goverment, and burocracy adn bla bla bla...I just get my fat transfer, and the nurse tell me that they don't sign LOS? or leave of absence, any way, but my manager let me stay few day out of work, I spent 3 day in home, feel much better... the doctor tell me I can go to work right away, nonsense, I was bleeding everywere, how can I go to work like that and in pain?
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One question, I just got my fat transfer from my upper abdomen, and lower and abdomen to my butt, the doctor got like 3 pint of fat in 2 contianers like ice cream, and he just put one container, my butt is alittle more bigger , but is not what I was expecting...what did he did with my other fat? why he don't apply the hole fat to my butt? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
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Ladies,if you are considering doctor Jimmerson check out this girl's results! she looks good!
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I saw Dr.J's reviews on R.S and I looked him up online.

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