I am currently 22, 5'0 and 126 lbs. - Excited! - Atlanta, GA

Hi there! I am currently 22, 5'0 and 126 lbs. My...

Hi there! I am currently 22, 5'0 and 126 lbs. My weight not may seem like much, but I have a lot of fat and I have some rolls too.

I was supposed to have a phone consultation on 10/31/12, but it got rescheduled to 11/29/12 bc he wasn't going to be in the office that day. I got a call about 2 hours later from Shelly with most of the information I needed. Dr Jimerson called me back 1 1/2 hours after she did so I could discuss more info with him.

I'm getting my lower back, flanks (love handles), abs, upper bra roll, lower bra roll, arms, neck & lower face (cheeks) lipo'd then have the fat transferred to my butt and hips. They gave me a total quote of $12,100 since I'm financing. Then when I talked to Dr Jimerson about adding additional areas it increased to $14,800. I paid my deposit of $500 so I could hold a spot.

I'm scheduled for surgery on 3/4/13, but hoping to get an earlier date SO IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO SWITCH DATES PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! I am looking for somewhere between Jan & Feb. I'm ready for a better body! :)

I will be flying in from Texas. I'm going to stay...

I will be flying in from Texas. I'm going to stay in the Hyatt, that way I don't have to rent a car since they have shuttle and all.

Can anyone help me find a place that will finance more than $5000? I applied for CareCredit & Medical Financing, but I have too many inquiries on my credit report so I got denied. My score is in the 600s. :(

Hey ladies! So I applied for Medical Financing &...

Hey ladies! So I applied for Medical Financing & Care Credit and got declined so then I applied for Healthcare Finance Direct and got approved for $5000. They also said that if all fails then you can actually finance the cash price in the office, but only have up to 1 year to pay it off.

Looks like no one can switch with me in Feb so I...

Looks like no one can switch with me in Feb so I went ahead & booked my flight. My preop is 3/1/13. Called Aziza today and she was sooooooo helpful. I was advised to gain 5 pounds to get to what I wanted and thank God bc I DID NOT want to gain 15 pounds lol. I am staying at the Hyatt & the daily rate is $71 before tax a night. Aziza also offers transportation from the airport to the hospital/hotel & she is charging me less than a taxi. She charges extra if you want your meds picked up & etc.

If anyone has gotten their upper & lower bra roll,...

If anyone has gotten their upper & lower bra roll, arms & possibly their neck lipo'd, could you tell me about your experience? I've read a few reviews where they paid for their bra rolls & seems like it didn't even get lipo'd. I have tons of questions!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I've been doing months and months of research and I finally found the perfect doctor, Dr Jimerson. From what I've seen he has the best results and he is super kind and caring. Can't wait to meet him! :)

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Heyyyy. Just checking on u. I know that our surg dates were close. Week One has been a beast, I know. Hope that u r well....
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Best of luck to you!!
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Congrats hun! I am going with healthcare finance direct too. Did you figure out how you will pay the other half yet? Thats what Im trying to figure out.....
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So exciting! It will be here before you know it
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Good luck on your journey girl!!
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Thank you! I'm excited
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You should be girl!!! Your date is right around the corner!!
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WOW you are going to be a whole new woman! Good luck to you on your surgery. What kind of things did you discuss during your consultation other then what you want to look like and how much it costs? My consult is not until April 10th seems like forever away!
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Just financing and them telling me I need someone 18+ to escort me out after surgery. They're a lot of help though. :)
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Wow! April 10 was originally my consultation date but I got it moved up to December 12th! I went to my consultation, put down my deposit, and I'm now scheduled for April 15th, but trying to move it up to mid-Februry. I'm gonna PM you.
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