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My motivation is to fix the eneven butt implants...

My motivation is to fix the eneven butt implants that were done by a cheap Dr. I have wanted this for years but decided I would not chance another surgery unless I found the perfect doctor, believe me I have done my research! I feel so horrible about my self because it's discussing, this surgeon did lipo on me also so I kind of have to find out if I even have enough fat :-(..... Everything about my body I hate because of this doctor, uneven stomach too! My biggest worry is wondering how long I have to walk around without butt implants, before I can have my fat injections to replace them? I am sick to my stomach everyday thinking about how I look because this doctor ruined me!


That's horrible. Did you go out of the country when you initially did your implants and lipo?
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Sadly yes I did, but all the pictures looked Beautiful but im sure they were not his.
I would love to know if you have seen Dr. Andrew Jimerson, I have heard great things. I have been wanting to have a number of things done also, by him.
I pray to God everything works out for you.
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Finally a consult

Hello, I am excited to begin my journey to a better me. I will be posting lots of pictures, even the dreaded after pics of the implants removed from my butt. I fear the saggy, wrinkled sad droopy bootie! But, I have decided to have them removed during the winter so I can heal through 3 months with jackets, baggy clothing and ruffle skirts. I have also researched some supplements to increase the healing process. I shall return with hopefully a surgery date sooner then layer!


Yes I went to mexico
I have see him, he is a very busy man but he is great and passionate about his work.
Yes I paid cash and its a lot cheaper! Did you have your con yet?

butt implant removal soon

So, its that time, I have been not sleeping or eating well because of my fears to face this world without my famous big bootie. 3 months I have to go without a I did the next best thing and bought a $30.00 temporary bootie lol. I cant wait for it all to be over. I need to post some wish pics and before pics. I will do it

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before implant removal pictures

Right before surgery! !!

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Post op buttock implant removal

Finally had my butt implants removed, I am a little sore but not too bad. I cant wait until Christmas so I can get my deformed booty fixed. I posted some pictures of the saggy, wrinkled booty because it was very hard for me to find any pictures to help me get an idea of what I would look like. If anyone goes through this, you should seriously be emotionally ready, because its tough!


Don't worry girl. It'll all get better. Just remember the longer you wait to heal the better. I had my implants removed as well just make sure you wear you garment for a long time. Good luck with everything :)
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Thank you, I did not get garmets for the removal, did you, and how long did you wait before you got it repaired?
Yes I did, my skin went back to normal. You should wear something really thigh. It doesn't have to be a garment, but something really thigh like spandex. It'll help a lot . We'll they say it Takes 3 -6 months. 6 months for the majority of the healing. I got main removed in May of this year and I will be getting my bbl on October 23 . I can't wait!!! I've been hiding from the world

16 days post op implant removal

So I'm feeling a little down, wanting to hid from the world, but today has been kind of a better day. I am pretty sure I have a seroma but its not bothering me although I am sure it slows the healing process. The nurses and dr say it will resolve on its own and I am hoping it will resolve quickly so I will be ready for the BBL in December. I was 140.lbs but I was told to gain 10 pounds, I gained 10 pounds and now Dr. JIMERSON wants me to gain 5 to 10 more, kind of scared since I'm only 5'2" tall. I told him I didnt really want to to gain anymore, so he put me on this special scale that determines your body weight proportions like how much water, muscle, fat, and even in your extremities. I have way more muscle then fat, I was really surprised. That explains why he wants me to gain weight. If I lose the weight after BBL I will lose my booty. Here are some pictures of my scares between my butt.

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