Getting Ready 4 My New Booty By Dr. JIMERSON - Atlanta, GA


Hey! IM SOOOOO EXCITED TO GET MY BUTT AUGMENTATION. I have my consultation on January 16th and I plan to have my surgery around March 1st.

About me... I'm 24, 5'5, 145lbs... 34D-32-38 .... Wish measurements 34D-26-41

I don't want a crazy Nicki Minaj booty, just something nice that'll give me a nice curve with hips and booty. I plan to have my lower and upper abs, waist/flanks, lower back, and bra rolls lipo'd and put into my hips and butt. I plan to get 800-900 CCs and in butt and 200-300 CCs in my Hips.

I've heard so many great things about Dr. JIMERSON and I cannot wait to take my trip. Ladies please comment :)

did u get it done?
omg our bodies are so similar!! wish we coulda gotten sx around same time but supper happy that ur sooner than later!! i am also 24, weigh 147 n want similar measurements! will continue to folllow ur journey.. best of luck to u hun!! ur gonna look amazing!! #team jimerson!! :)
Hi hun, great pics and good luck and i just wanted to ask do you want to have an earlier date. Im scheduled feb 11 but i need a date in march for school. message me.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I found him on the message boards a few weeks ago... I contacted his offices and made my appointment :)

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