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I am scheduled for a consultation via phone n OCT...

I am scheduled for a consultation via phone n OCT and was told by staff that after that I can be schedule for my surgery one/two mths after. I was reading on here that HE was book into 2013?? doeas anyone know anything about this. Also I think I'm going to need to GAIN weight I have no FAT on my stomach, Flakes,r Back..Just work for a year to get it n PERFECT shape with a FLATBUTT!! now I have to GAIN weight.SMH!!! 5'6 14 with no FAT on ME. I am also getting a THIGH LIFT?? Has anyone had that procedure done. My thighs r a MESS!! So many dents and sagging skin..If any one have any experience on getting both Thigh Lift and BUTT LIFT..what should I get done first. Was told CANNOT get it done at the same time..Thanks guys..Can't wait to have a BUTT..M guy LOVE I mean LOVE,LOVE A'''''''. and I do TOO..

Hi Twilliam,

I wouldn't worry to much about gaining weight. During your consultation he will advise you what to do. I had my consultation in July and he wanted me to gain 10 more pounds. I'm a hefty girl, 6' 00 and 195 lbs. I booked my appointment last week for 27 Dec. Hope everything works out for you.
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His Work!!! Pictures show a thousand words ;-)

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