bbl....................i want ah stuipd bootie - Atlanta, GA

Hello bbl im wanting a big...

hello bbl im wanting a big bootie i guess its the trend i had lipo last year 9vaser) and not sure if i was happy with my results did plenty research and bucked up on dr j the curve man him self.i have an consult jan 2013 i did speak with him by phone for a phone about a tt......i will post piks of my body soon.

change of doctor

Hello I was supposed to get my PPL done last year from dr jamerson now he's all booked up after the TI and Tiny show so I have to find other options now that I'm really ready to get the surgery done I check that Dr Fisher ran across your profile where a young lady looked at greats her name is feeling the dr office spoke with the coordinator she email me all the information that I need it right away I took my pictures and I will be emailing them back to her fiance and super excited and is willing to finance it yes sirso I will keep you guys posted on my journey I plan on having the surgery hopefully in March of this year

excuse my typos

Excuse my typos. ...New phone with a mind of its own.

Got my quote today

so I got my call today from Dr fishers office I was quoted 5000 which includes anesthesia and whatever else they gave me the email for my clearance also I need to put down a thousand dollar deposit. I was also advised to lose some weight because I am too short to weigh 170 coordinator advised me to get to 150 for best results being that I am 5 feet. I agree so therefore starting next Monday I will be doing the Atkins diet. I have a friend that did the Atkins and lost 15 lb in 2 weeks...

gave my deposit today...

Gave my deposit today n I'm soon excited....boy am I excited.....Dr fisher body....well journey states now wit loosing weight....will be buying my Atkins shakes n dinners.....

current weight 177 lb Goal 155lb

So I was advised to loose weight for best results I'm 5 feet 177 mostly chest....I agree wit weight loss I'm super excited. My Hobbie is too love the guy of mines. N my daughter is like mom mom lol
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

plenty research....and then he did the ti and tiny show...but before then i had him in mind.......

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Welcome!!!! Girl Dr. Fisher is a good choice..he's very friendly and funny too :)
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Can't wait to meet him n since u already went to him girl I need u r help what do I need to buy....Help
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Well make sure you have your arnica gel...they say don't take any vitamins. Get a boppy pillow, some Maxi dresses and a girdle. I don't know who you work with but usually the price they quote for Dr. Fisher does not include a you can expect to pay about $120 for that.
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Welcome Miami6009. I had surgery with Dr. Jimerson & I love love my results. Feel free to check out my blog. Good luck.
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