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I'm 5'4 126 pds I'm trying to achieve a juicy...

I'm 5'4 126 pds I'm trying to achieve a juicy booty for my size. I been thinking about this for 3 years ..I found a doctor in atl .. My consultant is this Monday. .Excited and nervous. .I'm wondering what's cc's will I achieve, and my outcome. . Please comment on experience and information .. I will keep you guys updated

Is 300cc implant small

Well I went to my consult. .I can only get 300cc oval and little fat to use to help. I am afraid I will not see a difference.


Its been awhile since I been on here.. Im at it again hopefully my bday I can get these butt implants..Wish me luck .I have gained 10 pds soo hopefully I can get larger implants now.
Julian gordan

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