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I'm 5'4 126 pds I'm trying to achieve a juicy...

I'm 5'4 126 pds I'm trying to achieve a juicy booty for my size. I been thinking about this for 3 years ..I found a doctor in atl .. My consultant is this Monday. .Excited and nervous. .I'm wondering what's cc's will I achieve, and my outcome. . Please comment on experience and information .. I will keep you guys updated
Good luck, keep us posted!
I only can get the 300cc implant. Is that small im afraid that i will not notice a change. .

Is 300cc implant small

Well I went to my consult. .I can only get 300cc oval and little fat to use to help. I am afraid I will not see a difference.
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Hi I need to get my butt done I'm 5'1 158 pounds I don't wNt my butt to be too big but I need it to get a lil bigger because it is small can can someone places help me I heard they do in DR .. Dr Andew is good but he charge 10,000 wish is too much for me .. Any other dr can so it help me !! I'm living in NYC Thnk u
can u tell me how much your dr is charging
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