5 weeks post op - Atlanta, GA

Wanted to post a quick summary of my experience. I...

Wanted to post a quick summary of my experience. I have done way more research after this procedure than before because of my curiosity of others experiences.

Two weeks following my initial consultation the insurance company approved my reduction and was scheduled for April, 25th. I never had to go to PT or "prove" my back pain which was nice not to have to jump through hoops.

I pretty much left the size up to my surgeon, sine I feel its more about proportion than being a specific size. She left me with some good boobage, Im surprised to find out that they are actually measuring a D cup. She said at my one week post op that I can expect for them to stay relatively as they are with the exception of dropping and softening a little.

This was such a pleasant experience for me....I was at the hospital for only 5 1/2 hours, no drains just some tape gauze pads and a surgical bra. Went home had lunch, napped and then took my dogs out on a walk! The next night I was out for dinner with friends! I only took pain pills the day of the surgery and the day after and that was mostly "preventative". Showered after 24 hours, no bruising, no blood....had my first post op a week later and was stunned when they took the tape off. Skin was all closed up and just a pink ring around the nipple. I was not expecting them to look this great in such a little time. I have full sensation ( my biggest worry) and they are starting to soften and round out. I think they are a little fake boob looking but I am very happy and just hoping that they drop and look a little more natural.

Wearing supportive sport bras from the office now and am re-taped, both of which will continue for the next couple weeks.

Completely amazed at how smooth this has been... my biggest grips were not being able to sleep on my side for a week and also I had a few itchy incision days. Cant really complain with that :)

It goes without saying that the back relief and new shopping are the highlights!



Your results look great, congratulations. I live in ATL also, can you share the name of your doctor? Thanks!
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Wow Claire...you have breezed through recovery like you are a pro! Congrats on feeling so great and on your amazing new boobs!
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Thanks Kate, she used the inferior pedicle (anchor incision).

Okay so I stumbled upon this diagram (even though it was for breast augmentation) that finally made me realize the shape that I most liked, which I saw around but didn't really know how to describe. I think your surgeon definitely achieved this. To me it's the most natural/attractive looking breast shape with the nipple on the breaking point to the "lower pole". Im very curious now how much of the shape has to do with technique or what you are working with. Just curious because I know you said you had friends that used the same surgeon, is their shape similar to yours?

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Had to re tape my chest today. First time I have...

Had to re tape my chest today. First time I have felt down. The flesh colored tape kind of disguised all my incisions for the past two week so today was a reality slap! Wondering if any of your guys that are a few months/years post op had a lot of change in size/shape/swelling after the first few 2 weeks or if at this stage what you see is pretty much what you are going to get?


I spoke to my PS and he said he would not do any lipo along with the breast reduction because of the blood flow...

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Wow Claire, your surgeon did a wonderful job of giving you fullness at the upper pole! Gorgeous!

As for size/shape, I've read various places that they're not considered fully healed until 6mo - year after surgery, which would mean you can expect to see some changes yet. Although, I also think it depends on the quality/elasticity of the individual's tissue, the technique your surgeon used, and how well you care for your new breasts. I'm just shy of three weeks so I can't say from personal experience, but the good friend of mine who had her reduction w/ my PS 4 years ago experienced little change from the 4 week mark. Her breasts today look very similar in shape and size to her 4 week breasts. But from what I've seen and read here that doesn't seem to be the norm, so who knows? It's a waiting game!
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I should mention, that friend is 26... maybe that makes a diff? :-)

5 weeks post op......everything is going great! no...

5 weeks post op......everything is going great! no more tape... went for my first run today and it was heaven! Aside from the extreme heat :) My skin near the incisions seems to be extra sensitive to whatever it touches (when i have a sports bra on and take it off there are lines from the bra indented into my skin) has anyone else experienced this? Need to get my "before picture from the surgeon next visit and put it up here to really see the difference! Hope everyone is healing well!!


You look great great results. Can you provide your doctors name and what insurance did you use. This information would be helping womankind ..smile
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Congrats and thank you for sharing your experience :)!! Continue healing well.
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They did a great job! Im looking for one in Atlanta now as well. Who did you go to, if you don't mind me asking? :)
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