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I am one week post op. I had a reduction and lift....

I am one week post op. I had a reduction and lift. I think my PS did a remarkable job, but I am concerned that I am not small enough. I wore a 32D before surgery and was spilling out of that, so I probably should have been in a DD. My breasts were so saggy and I always felt out of proportion for my petite frame. I asked for a reduction to a B cup, but honestly, I can't tell anything has been reduced. I definitely got the lift....but I actually feel larger than before. Am I going crazy? I don't have the nerve to post pictures yet. I have been so encouraged by reading your stories as I go through this journey and would appreciate any insight. I paid for the procedure out of pocket, and thought long and hard about it before proceeding. Right now, I am so disappointed. I dreamed of a smaller outcome. I know that there is still some swelling....but I don't think I will end up with the size I hoped for.

Today, I went to my second post op appointment and...

Today, I went to my second post op appointment and the steri strips were removed. The right breast scar looks really good, but the left side is pretty scary. Also, what appeared to be symmetrical just yesterday, is now looking a little off. The left breast (scary scar) seems to not be as perky as the right one. Is anyone else experiencing this kind of healing?

My PS told me I could go into any kind of bra. I opted for one that is wireless and no cups....sort of like a sports bra, but with back hooks. Anybody out there have any suggestions about good first bras?

I feel like I am obsessing over these breasts. My husband is supportive, but I get the feeling he is ready for me to move on. He didn't oppose the procedure, but it was definitely my idea, not his. Wow....so many emotions here.

Today is day 11. I continue to be amazed at how...

Today is day 11. I continue to be amazed at how different the scars look on my left and right breast. The right side looks amazing; however, it looks completely different on the left side. Almost like it was stitched by a kindergarten student. I have jokingly said that to my husband, but honestly.....it is not too far from how I really feel. Another thing I am dealing with is my husband won't even look yet! Is there anyone out there who has had this experience? He has always been a squeamish, but really....seems like he would be a little curious. The final obsession for today is the lift. I am already worried that I will start sagging again. Again, anybody else have those worries? I sound like I am totally obsessing over these new breasts and I guess I am. I have waited so long for this and sitting around doing virtually nothing while I heal just makes me obsess more. Any input or thoughts would be so appreciated. Reading your comments and your experiences helps so much. Thanks!

Today is one day short of two weeks. The right...

Today is one day short of two weeks. The right breast still looks so much better than the left. My husband still doesn't have the nerve to look and I am still obsessing about size and lift. I feel pretty good, but am getting a little stir crazy. My appetite is still not good, so hopefully, I will drop a few pounds during this recovery.

My questions of the day are:
1. What is the best bra to wear post surgery?
2. How much is too much to do? My PS gave me very few limitations but I am still taking it easy, trying not to lift, clean, etc. I have gone to the grocery store and pushed a cart though, and I have been out to eat and to church.
3. How much do the breasts drop as they heal? I don't want mine to drop too much. I have no idea what my size is, but it still looks too big.

I read updates from ladies in this community everyday and appreciate all so much.

Today is either day 15 or 16. I am losing track,...

Today is either day 15 or 16. I am losing track, which I guess is a good thing. I ventured out today to run a few errands and I feel fine physically. I tried nor to overdo it, but I am at that place where I seem to be second guessing everything. I am experiencing the tingling that I have read about, and my left breast is sore around the incision, but it is not unbearable. I still don't know what size I am, but the mirror tells me it is still larger than I had hoped for. Patience has never been one of my virtues. Tomorrow I am going to eat with a couple of friends. I have only told a few people about my surgery, so it will be interesting to see if anyone notices. (Which I will probably be disappointed if they don't and it will further add to my opinion that not enough was removed.). I am still having a hard time understanding why my PS was so adamant that my desire for a B cup was too small. In the end, he settled on small C, large B, whatever that means!! So, overall...I guess I am still worried too much about the size, worried the lift is sagging too quickly, and wondering why my husband still won't look. I think I need him to tell me that everything looks okay. I sound like a mess on this post, but thanks for letting me get it out.

Today I am three weeks one day! I went to my PS...

Today I am three weeks one day! I went to my PS yesterday to get him to look at one of the places on my left breast. I wasn't sure if the incision had been compromised, but there was a dried bloody spot. He pronounced that all was okay. We are going on a long-planned trip out of the country to Nova Scotia on Friday (I'm a Southern girl from Georgia) and I wanted to know my limitations for pulling my luggage, etc. He said I was cleared for that. Sometimes, he is so laid back, compared to other PS I read about on this site that I get worried. He also said that I didn't need to do anything for the scars. The right breast looks good, no raised scar, but the left, is still scary, I think. He wasn't worried at all. He said I am still swollen, so hopefully my dream of a B cup will eventually come true. I am in a 34C right now, but still can't find a bra I like. So....I am continuing to do my layering thing.....the Ahh bra on bottom which comes down below my incisions, with the Balj Revolution on top. My husband thinks I am crazy for wearing 2 bras, but it seems to give me just the right amount of support. Either bra by itself doesn't feel like enough! So that's the big joke in my house right now...I paid for breast surgery and now have to wear 2 bras...go figure! Last but not least, I got sick last night. I think it was something I ate. Anyway, I was nauseated and ran a fever. Now here is the bad part....for the last 25+ years, the day after I run a fever, I have a rash on my torso. Praying that the fever rash will be kind to my new breasts!!!

Today I turned 50. My BR was on June 11th and I...

Today I turned 50. My BR was on June 11th and I am 2 days away from 5 weeks. Just returned from a trip to Nova Scotia. The day we left, I had a small place which had been scabbed over that began to bleed. Of course, I stressed out, since we were about to leave the country for 8 days. I put gauze in my bra and kept a close eye on things. It has since bled again several times, but doesn't seem to be infected. I go back to the PS on Wednesday, so hopefully he will tell me all is well. I think my right breast is quite swollen, probably due to using that arm more, but otherwise, the right side seems to be healing a little better than the left, which is where the scary spot is. Still haven't found a bra I like. My husband still refuses to look....but otherwise, all is well. I am glad I did this. It was a bigger surgery than I planned for....I had a hysterectomy last year and bounced back much, much quicker. But, if I had to do it all again, I would. I would definitely do it again!!

Today is my 6th week post op. This is the magic...

Today is my 6th week post op. This is the magic number that I have been shooting for! I would like to start wearing a different, more flattering bra, up my activity, and start feeling more normal. I am still using the neosporin on both sides on places where a few stitches popped and opened up the incisions, My left side, which was the one I was most concerned about is looking really good and the incision that looked horrible just a few weeks ago looks so much better. I am a little concerned that my previously perky self is a lot less perky now that the swelling has gone down considerably. I know I look more normal this way, but it was fun to have the super perky breasts for awhile. All in all, I am still glad i did this.
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I know what you mean about the perkiness! Some of the girls don't like it when they are sitting so high immediately post-op, but I loved it!
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Happy Birthday!
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Thanks, Iowa. Just saw this. Thanks, too, for being so supportive on this site. Your comments are so encouraging.....although I don't post often, I visit the site every day and check up on all the active posters. It is so helpful! :)
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This is the perfect place to get it all out...that is what we are here for. Have you tried talking to your husband? Have you shown your breasts to anyone at all? Some of my girlfriends saw my new breasts long before my husband had, and they were very encouraging to me. Did your surgeon tell you how much tissue was removed from each breast during surgery? I'm not as small as I wanted to be, but after I got over that block in my mind I was really able to appreciate the lift that I was given, as well as the smaller size. I hope that as a couple of more weeks go by you can start to see a difference.
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I agree with Self! Don't push yourself too hard. Do what you feel capable, but rest when needed. No lifting over 5# per arm until about 6 weeks. No vigorous exercise until then either. The drop that happens isn't an extreme one, rather instead of standing straight out like they did right after surgery, the just soften and settle a bit. Your husband will come around. I let that just occur naturally. I kept a bra on around my husband until he finally took it off of me. Now it doesn't bother him.
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Wilson, I'm about a week ahead of you, and I can see that my breasts are just starting to shift shape now and I'm still pretty swollen, I think, based on the indentations my bra leaves in my breasts. I would try not to worry about what your breasts are going to look like. I know that sounds silly - of course you're worried about it! But healing from this surgery takes a long time, and it goes better when your attitude is positive and relaxed. You won't know about the final shape of your breasts for another few months, maybe close to a year. so why not relax, enjoy that your load is lighter and your shoulders and back will feel better, you'll be able to do lots of things you couldn't do before, and wear lots of clothes that used to be off limits? Give yourself until the end of the summer and then assess how you look. If you're not happy, you can talk to your PS.

Lots of us found we needed a little more rest and medication the third week, so just keep feeling it out and paying attention to how different activities make you feel. Don't be afraid to take a little more tylenol or advil than you needed this week. Keep drinking a lot and eating really well, and don't worry if the progress doesn't seem linear. I think my nerves did a lot of regenerating this last week and that didn't always feel very good! But I woke up yesterday morning (day 22 post op) and felt WORLDS better. So hang in there! You're on your way.
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I liked using the ACE bandage for awhile, but after that I just used a WalMart sports bra. I have a picture of it on my review(it is the white one) I wore it to my 4 week appointment and they said it was fine for support. But at first the ACE wrap was so easy to control the compression and support and if I was sore I could loosen it, or swollen I could add some extra compression. A lot of the women like the Bali or the Ah Bra.
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Thanks again. And by the way, your pictures look amazing. Hopefully, I will get the nerve to post some soon. Have a great weekend.
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Don't feel you have to post pictures if you aren't comfortable with it, but I would take some for your own purpose. It really is amazing to see what you look like from someone else's perspective. I couldn't believe that THOSE were my boobs! But now I am thrilled that THESE are my boobs!
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Yes to both of your issues. My husband was not curious at all about what my just reduced breasts looked like, and I didn't push it. He was supportive of me having the procedure done, but didn't really see that it was necessary, so I figured anything that made him less troubled by it all the better. And I'm totally worried about sagging. I love these perky little things, and I certainly don't want them to go back to the way they were. So I wear a very supportive sports bra when there will be any jostling of the merchandise, but other than that I don't know how to avoid gravity taking its effect.
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Thank you so much! As I continue to veg out on my couch, iPad in my lap, and obsess about these breasts, this site has been a God send. What kind of sports bra did you wear early on? I have a Bali 3484 that I saw some of the other ladies on the site talk about, and I can't decide if it has enough support or not. I go back and forth with putting it on and then taking it off and putting back on the one the PS put me in right after surgery. (more obsessing, I know!)
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Welcome Wilson! It is kind of normal for the breasts to be asymetrical for awhile. Tomrrow you may notice that the opposite breast looks bigger. They will swell and settle at different rates. Please try to be patient and just give your body time to heal.

The great thing about this site is that you can let  your husband think you have moved pass your obsessing, but you can keep yourself occupied with it with us...we are all a little boob crazy here! Good luck!!
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I am over 2 weeks post op and I am still very swollen and, I'm sure, so are you. You have barely started to recover and it's going to take a while! 6 weeks until you are able to be fully active and as much as 6 months before your swelling is gone. Don't worry too much about your size yet, just focus on resting, eating well, drinking a LOT, and entertaining yourself.
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Hi Unsure,

I was a 38J and really not sure what I am at this point either. I am one week post-op and still very swollen. I swear I look like a body builder...................all puffed up. I think we are just getting anxious......I myself want instant results. However, we both just had major surgeries and it will take time for us to heal. From what I have read the swelling does last a while. Make sure you communicate with your doctor and let him know how you feel........he can let you know what to expect as the next few months pass by. Trust me, I am very anxious to know my true "new" size.......I just have to wait a while. Rest up!
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Thanks so much for the encouragement! From your profile, I see we had our surgeries on the same day. I just got home from my second post op appointment. The PS removed the steri strips. One scar looks pretty good, but the one on the left breast looks awful. I stopped by Kohls on my way home to buy another sports bra. I had been wearing the same one since surgery....yuck! I hope I've picked a good one. I still can't tell if I am happy or not. I do LOVE the lift, but I want to love the size too. Thanks again for your reply. Reading other's stories has been so helpful. I look forward to hearing more about your journey.
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Hi again, Glad your appt. went well today. I notice suttle changes every day too. If I sleep the wrong way (there is NO COMFORTABLE) way to sleep one side will be more swollen than the other. Ice packs help a lot. I bought a few bras too, just like yours, made by Playtex. No cups and the clip in back, but stretchy enough not to rub against scarring. I also bought a sports bra from JC Penny that zips in front....love that one too. I have had good days and bad days when I look in the mirror. Major bruising and still some oozing (gross I know). Still very swollen today. My next appt. is this Friday.....hope they will remove all tape and let the "girls" air out a while. Wearing this bra constantly is very irritating. Hang in there. I think we are just expecting too much, too soon.
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