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I'm a 26 year old with 30F breasts. I'm...

I'm a 26 year old with 30F breasts. I'm 5' and 117 lbs and finally decided to take the plunge after years of contemplating the surgery. I initially had a consult about 9 months ago by a PS that made me feel uncomfortable (seemed he was more interested in cutting than giving true facts). I was rejected my insurance and had no deire to pay out of pocket since I have significant neck and shoulder pain.

I recently found an understanding PS who gave the good and bad of the surgery and was frankly honest about his experience doing the surgeries. I got approved in the same week and am now faced with waiting on my upcoming surgery. I am surprised at my own apprehension given that this has been all I wanted in the past few years. I realize it is major surgery and am slightly nervous that I won't "recognize" myself since this has been such a big part of my life.

I am excited to be able to wear regular size bathing suits, bras, dresses, and tops and not having to feel like I have to hide my chest. Im glad I can read others stories and share my own during this period


How's everything going Snoofle, I hope all is well!
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I am so looking forward to those parts of my life, Iowa71. But I can't help but to see these terrible stories and experiences and be fearful of what my experience could be like. It is clearly very easy to have everything right on paper (be board certified, plastic surgery certified, etc.) but still be able to botch a surgery with no repercussions.
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There are some scary stories. I wondered about the worst cases too. What I kept holding on to was that for the most part everyone said that they would do it again, even if they had problems. Of course there are those cases that don't fit into that category, but those are the minority, and I just set myself to control the things I could and rely on faith for the rest.

Hello all, I had previously rescheduled my...

Hello all,

I had previously rescheduled my surgery and actually had it done yesterday. I did it outpatient so my surgery started around 2pm and I left the hospital around 7pm. I felt incredibly nauseous but my pain level wasnt terrible. I feel alot better today, but still am in a little bit of pain. My PS initially said he would take between 400-500g per breast but told my significant other that he ended up taking a little less. Hopefully I am still not too big! Also, he didn't put any drains in, b/c he said I didn't need them. Not sure how common this is and why I did not need drains.

Right now, I know there is quite a bit of swelling so I am anxious to see what my new breasts will look like. I will be posting before and after pictures soon. So far, I have been walking around quite and trying to get my energy back up. All in all, the aftermath of the surgery was not as terrible as I thought. I just pray that my breasts are better than anything I could've imagined.


Wow! Congrats! Glad you are doing so well. Try to take it easy and not over do this first week! Will be anxious to see the pictures and to hear what you think of the new you!
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I had my first post op today and love the size and...

I had my first post op today and love the size and perkiness of my new breasts so far. I was not as traumatized by my scars as I initially thought I would be. I have another appointment two weeks from now to check the size since some of the swelling will be down.


Glad everything went well at your follow up...and that you were so happy with your results! What did you think of the size? I know you were a little concerned when you found out not as much was taken as you had anticipated.
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