Get off my Lap...- Atlanta, GA is finally here. I have had large breast... is finally here. I have had large breast since the age of 12. I have wanted a breast reduction for as long as I can remember but never followed through with it. My main concern was scarring. I would say I'll get a BR at 18, then it was 21, then it was when I lost 50 lbs (that one never happened) but everything else has come and gone. I recently turned 36 y/o, I weigh 175 and wear a 36 J. I get my bras from a specialty shop and they range from $50-$75. They can also be ordered online @ (just in case you are not having the BR at this time). Anywho, in March (I don't do New Year’s Resolutions) I half way got serious about trying to lose those same 50lbs. I was doing the Insanity Work (and it is insane) and gave it all that I had. While in the shower, I noticed that my shoulders were burning. I was thinking, they say feel the burn, but damn...I looked in the mirror and realized that the plastic hook thingy on the strap cut into my shoulders and they were raw and bleeding. I then knew it was time to get a BR, no more excuses. I phoned a friend to ask about her experience. She gave me some pointers and then I immediately called my doctor.

I had my first appointment on April 9. I had never really complained to my doctor about the neck and back pain because was I never 100% sure that I wanted a BR. I told my doctor about the Insanity fiasco and she immediately referred me to a PS. FYI...the doctor said I had lost 15lbs since my last visit in 2011.

I was at the PS the following week on April 16. The doctor gave me a brochure of the procedure, asked a bunch of questions and took pictures from every angle (watch out Next Top Model). He explained that since I never had physical therapy or seen a chiropractor, it was a possibility that the insurance may not approve it. He suggested that I get a mammogram and a letter from my primary doctor and he would submit it to my insurance company.

The mammogram was done the following week on April 23. Things were moving along quickly or so I thought. I called the PS and they had not received my mammogram results or the letter from my doctor. I called the following week. Still nothing. I went back to the PS and had them to call. The doctor said that they would fax the results and letter over immediately. I called the following week. Mammogram results are in but no letter. I had made up my mind that I was going to the doctors office the following day, without a bra and ask, is there a reason I can't get the letter. Luckily (for all parties involved) the PS called and said, they received everything and was submitting it to the insurance company on May 9.

The PS called me at work on May 10 (yes, the very next day) and said that I was approved. I was so excited. I told everyone in the office (after I prefaced it with the non-sexual harassment policy) that I was about to be a part of the itty bitty tittie committee. The surgery is scheduled for June 14.

I had my first pre-op appt on June 4. The PS answered all of my questions as to what to expect, healing time, when to return to work and when I can have sex (the ONLY question my husband wanted answered). I asked if I could be a full C cup. The PS explained that I have too much breast tissue to go that small so I would be a D cup. I was slightly bummed because, a D cup still sounds so big. He told me not to worry and that I would be pleased with the results. I then went to the hospital to pre-register and received all of that information.

So here I am, less than 48 hours away. I have been prepping and preparing. I filled my prescriptions (pain pills, antibiotics and monistat), went grocery shopping (lots of broth, jello and pudding) and cleaned house. I was talking to my girlfriend and she suggested this site. I am so thankful for it and her. It was great reading your stories and seeing the before and after pictures. As I told her, I am nervous about the unknown. I have never had major surgery and only been in the hospital once over night (after giving birth). Nonetheless, I am excited about being able to buy my actual size (I’m a 14 on bottom and 18 on top). I am excited not to have to spend a small fortune on bras. I am excited not to have my boobs "clap" when not wearing a bra. But most of all I am excited to get them off of my lap...

I will keep ya posted....


Hope you are doing well! Get plenty of rest, but let us know how you are doing when you feel up to it.
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Good luck and relax...happy healing!
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So glad you joined us, Oneday! You are going to feel like a whole new person tomorrow! may still be too doped up to realize it tomorrow, but by this time next really will feel tons better!

I can't wait to hear how everything went for you. You are going to love the freedom having smaller breasts provides. If you were able to do Insanity with your over-sized load, just wait when you get to start it again. You will be amazed at how much easier it is to move!
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Quick follow up from surgery. Thank you Jesus, all...

Quick follow up from surgery. Thank you Jesus, all went well. I stayed in the hospital the first night. I was sick from all the medicine but not in a lot of pain. I was given Morphine about 11:00pm and then again about 6:30am. I slept off and on because the nurse would check on my every 2 hours. I was a little restless so they let me walk around. The following morning the doctor removed the drains and he was pleased that the drainage was minimal. He taught me how to change the dressings. I ate breakfast and was discharged about 10:00am.

Day 1 Post Opt was fine. Thankfully the pain is minimal. I only had to take two Vicodens and the antibiotics. I have been eating soup and drinking a lot of fluids.

Day 2 Post Opt. I woke up very stiff. Although I propped up several pillows, I slid down throughout the night. My husband changed my dressings. I was not ready to look at my new boobs (scars) but he said, they look small. But not in a bad way. Some of the guaze stuck to the stitches so it was a little painful. I have sensation in my nipples.

I will post pictures as soon as I am able to look...


Thanks for the update, Onedey! Hope you continue to feel well. Will be anxious to see those pictures. Do you feel a lot smaller?
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Added a post op pic. It was taken laying down...

Added a post op pic. It was taken laying down because it was a little painful standing up. I doesn't feel as bad as it looks.


Looking good! Get some rest and happy healing to you :)
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You look great. The first view can be a little scarey, but I think they look really good! And those teeny nipples are great! Congratulations. Lots of sleep and lots of water are your priorities right now. Keep me updated. I enjoy hearing of your progress!
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Hi Iowa. I am feeling better each day. I don't feel smaller because with all the padding and compression bra, they still look the same. I feel tighter and lighter though. The picture was a little scary but they are very perky.

1 Week Post Opt Appt. The doctor said that...

1 Week Post Opt Appt. The doctor said that everything looks great. I am healing well. I have only been washing off because I was scared to take a shower. He told me that showering helps the incisions heal. He also said that I can wear a sports bra as long as it has great support and no under wire.I feel well. No pain and no regrets.

1 Comments are right, you can really see the difference in your picture!
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2 Week Post Opt Appt. All is well. I complained...

2 Week Post Opt Appt. All is well. I complained about itching, but the doctor said that was a normal part of the healing process. He said to expect swelling for the next few months as well as nipple sensitivity. He said that I can start using scar cream. Any suggestions?


Congrats! you look great and healing nicely....
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OMG! Your breasts look great! I can't believe you are only 2 weeks post-op. I use Kelo-Cote for my scars. It's silicone based as well but it's a bit expensive.
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I used ScarZone. Sold at Wal-Mart for about $10 It is silicone based and seemed to work well for me. I know other girls on here use Bio-Oil, Palmer's Oil, Silicone sheets.
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