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Hi...I finally decided to join this wonderful...

Hi...I finally decided to join this wonderful forum after a few weeks of reading it religiously! I live the the Atlanta, GA area and have had years of back pain. My insurance denied me for the 3rd time (over 15 years of trying) because my back pain is "due to an old injury, not my breast size". I had my pain specialist, my orthopedic dr, my primary care physician, my physical and massage therapist all write letters for me to no avail. I am not overly large (haha...) for my body 5'7, 158 lbs and a 32DDDD but everyone agrees that a reduction should help alleviate my pain. So...after a lot of wasted years my husband encouraged me to go for it! I called my surgeon, had my consult, scheduled my surgery for late July. Dr. Woods had an opening come up next week and I grabbed it! I can't believe my procedure is just 8 days away! No time to get too freaked out! Anyway, I just wanted to finally officially join you ladies!

Tomorrow is the day! Pray for a good result for...

tomorrow is the day! Pray for a good result for me and for back pain relief!
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Yes, get rest when you need it, but I totally understand that you can't miss that orientation though! Your sisters sound amazing!
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Lol, that's awesome!  Yes you will probably need some breaks to rest but at least you are so going... what a trooper!  I hope you have fun. :)

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I'm good thanks! I am pretty sore but manageable really. My "issue" now is taking my daughter to her college orientation which is all day mon/tues with a lot of walking involved! I may disapear during parts of it and sneak off to the hotel to rest! Thanks for checking. My sisters are here and when I showed them my new breast one cried, cupped one and said,"they are so pretty!". Pretty is not what i'd call them right now but she looked past the incisions! Ahhhh sisters!
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How are you feeling?  Glad that you are taking it slow and resting! 

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Oh oh! I just had a fab idea. I am going to measure myself from nipple to sternum mark and from nipple to under breast line like dr did. Everyday to measure swelling! Am I the only one who is excited to see what happens as I heal each day? Someone else join me!!!
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Hi everyone. I am doing great. I am also taking it REALLY slow. Took a long shower today. As far as the tatas go... They are so pretty! I have to look past the tape and swelling in different spots but I have a good vision of what they will look like. My doc called today. He is so sweet. I go in next thurs to get belly button stitches out (hernia) and he will do post op check and pics. I already have full nipple sensation back and think arnica is helping with swelling. Y'all know I'm not great at the technology end of this but promise I'll post pics. Friends are taking me out to lunch tomorrow and my daughter has orientation at Georgia next week. I hope I can keep up with the group! Thanks for all of your support!
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How are you doing Ruth?
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Hi Ruth... hope it all went well and you're feeling okay and looking great.
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Good luck, Ruth! Can't wait to hear what you think of your new equipment!
  • Reply's good to know someone else is out there going through this with me! I shopped today for button front pj's that have shorts to them...not many cute choices! We have to look darlin' while we are recovering, huh? I have so many friends who have said they are cooking a meal for me or dropping by to check on me that I haven't even thought about stocking up! My husband and 2 kids left at home might appreciate it though. I have one in college one going to college and one going into 8th grade so it is a crazy time to be doing this. AND...did I mention it is HOT here ? Thus the cute, short pj's! How are you feeling? I am moving my recliner into my bedroom this weekend and plan on sleeping in it for a few days at least!
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Hi Ruthga!
Congratulations on your July 13 date! I'm scheduled for July 12. Isn't this exciting????
Let's stay in touch: we can recover together. I have to work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, so I'm planning to spend this weekend making all the final preparations. Stocking the fridge, pantry, make sure there's a good supply of clean bath towels, bed sheets, comfy clothes and jammies, pillows, books, and movies.
I like what you said: no time to get too freaked out. The end of next week will be here before we know it!
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Welcome Ruth! I believe this surgery could only help your pain level. I have been amazed at how much relief I have had! I am more active than I've been in years! This next week will be a flurry of preparations and emotions, just stay focused and before you know it, you will be on the recovery side of things. Good luck!
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