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I am 5'3, 24 years old, and weigh 125 pounds. I...

I am 5'3, 24 years old, and weigh 125 pounds. I currently have size 32F breasts, and they cause me a lot of discomfort. I got my letter of approval from Kaiser yesterday, so I'll call and schedule my surgery tomorrow! I can't sleep, and I'm so nervous that I won't get my appointment. I have a 3 week break between fall and spring semester to have my surgery. When I called 3 days ago, they had just ONE appointment available during that time frame, and I couldn't reserve it without my insurance approval! I am so scared that when I call tomorrow, the appointment won't be available and ill have to wait 5 more months to have the procedure. I am tired of the discomfort and neck/back/shoulder pain, so I want to have it ASAP. I am eager to have small breasts! I want to walk into Victoria Secret and pick out the sexiest little 32B that I can find :)
I have a few questions that I really hope someone can answer:
-How can I go about washing my hair after surgery?
-Will I need to buy my own special bra?
-Will Christmas (4 days after surgery) be spent in bed?

Ill update again tomorrow after schedule my appointment! Lets all pray that I get my December 21st surgery!!! PLEASE!!

Okay! I got the news today that my surgery will be...

Okay! I got the news today that my surgery will be scheduled for December 20th, so a day sooner than I had hoped! I am so excited, but I feel terrible that my Christmas will be spent in bed with gross drain tubes and sacks. I know it will pay off in the long run, but my husband and I won't get to see our families until after the new year. I have my pre-op appointment on December 14th, and I have to go to my primary care doctor before then to get blood work and a medical clearance to have the surgery. I forgot to ask the nurse if I will have to purchase my own compression bra, so ill have to call back. Did anyone have a bra provided to them by their doctor? Either way, I'm ready to do this! Now I just have to keep my min focused on final exams instead of the surgery!

Okay, so the nurse called me again to tell me that...

Okay, so the nurse called me again to tell me that my surgery will be on the following day instead. I have to be there at 5:30 am!! This means that ill have to leave my house by 4:30 to get there on time. I'm so nervous! I know that I won't get any sleep the night before, but I'm sure ill make up for it after the surgery. I don't have to buy my own post op bra, so that's good news. Ill update again after my pre op!

So just to update, I've made my appointment with...

So just to update, I've made my appointment with my primary care on November 29th to have bloodwork and to get a medical clearance! I'm out of school for thanksgiving break this week, so I'm going to try and catch up on all of the house work and Christmas decorating before the surgery. Is it just me, or are my boobs hurting my back and neck more than ever?!? It seems like they've been extra uncomfortable lately. It's probably because I'm really thinking about it now. Hurry up December 21st!!!

I have my appointment with my primary care...

I have my appointment with my primary care tomorrow to get my bloodwork done. Ill also have to get my medical clearance, so hopefully no unwanted surprises! I'm so excited, because this will be the first appointment that kicks of the series of appointments until my surgery! I have less than a month until my operation, and I couldn't be more excited! It's odd, because I'm not nervous at all! I'm more eager and impatient than anything (hopefully thy won't change as time gets closer). I haven't ordered my post op bra yet, and I need to get on that! Can't wait for tomorrow! Ill update then :)

Only one more day left! I'll have my surgery...

Only one more day left! I'll have my surgery Friday morning at 7 a.m. but we have to get to the hospital by 5 a.m. for prep. I am so excited and nervous! I hit a MAJOR speed bump a few days ago. I was feeling a little bit under the weather so I went to the doctor, and after a bunch of tests....I found out that I had MONO! My primary care wanted to postpone my surgery, which would've made me have to wait until next summer! I was so devastated, but lucky for me I recovered really quickly and showed little symptoms. SO it's a go on the surgery! I've got my whole house cleaned and prepped since ill be in bed for a little while, and my parents are bringing Christmas dinner to my house :) WHOO!! I can't wait to be in bed recovering with my cute little ta-tas! Ill update after surgery! Wish me luck!

At home in bed, and my ta tas are so small!!! I...

At home in bed, and my ta tas are so small!!! I just love them so much :) I can't wait to see them in all of my old shorts that were busting at the breast! Yippee! Ill post more details later when I'm not so dopey.

I'm 2 weeks post op with no complications! I had...

I'm 2 weeks post op with no complications! I had my drains removed after a week, and I've resumed driving, cooking, cleaning, shopping just after my one week visit. I'm wearing a sports bra now, and its much more comfy. I went from a 32F to what looks like a 32C or B...only time will tell! I am so pleased with the way they look. They are perfectly symmetrical and perky as ever! I can't wait to
Go bra and bikini shopping :)
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I'd love to see your results if you don't mind. How are you doing??
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How's everything going now? It sounds like you're a very happy and much smaller puppy now. I couldn't believe someone as small as you are could actually have such large breast naturally. Did people ask you if they were real? Mine were always big but I've always been a big woman so I expected big breasts.
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Awesome! Sounds like you had a great holiday after all! :)
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Wow congratulations!!!
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Hey you, I know you arent dopey anymore so we need an update! :) Hope your recovery is going nice & easy for you!
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Merry Christmas and congrats to your new girls. Take care and rest! Speedy recovery coming your way!!!
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oh and yes, sitting in the tub washing is a life saver--felt great and boobies didn't get in the way :)
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Yey for you! i just saw your pics and had to laugh b/c i have the same ones somewhere on my mac. i am somewhat small also and my boobs were huge (32G). this is the best thing i have ever done... no regrets, no pain either - which is weird b/c i am a chicken when it comes to that. i have been out and about (don't recommend you do too much but rest) and I have been eating very very healthy pre-post surgery. wishing you a great healing time and rest time and you will be for sure up for x-mas (mine was the 19th and i am already having cabin fever) :)
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Don't fret about the holidays this year. The best present of all is for YOU! Your family and friends will understand, trust me. I had my BR on 11/26 and just wasn't up to the shopping, decorating, company, etc. I opted to skip the tree and all this year and my family is behind me 100%! Take this time off to focus on your rest and healing, and enjoy all of the wonderful things that come with having appropriately sized 'ornaments.' :) Wishing you a speedy recovery!
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Hope you are feeling great, and healing well. I'm looking forward to your updates (and pics!) when you feel up to it!
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Thinking about you and sending good thoughts your way for tomorrow.

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I found I could wash my hair with a hand shower after a few days - I didn't seem to struggle lifting my arms Also a shallow bath was a lifesaver - at least you can sit in the water, wash your legs, tummy and the parts inbetween :)
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Thanks! I am definitely going to buy a hand shower tomorrow. I have a feeling it will be a life saver. Less then 36 hours to go! WHOO!
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good luck with ur preop stuff. hope u have not glitches!!!
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Thank you! Pre-op was smooth, just 36 more hours and I'll be at the hospital prepping for surgery!! WHOO!!
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I see you've had some advice on the hair wash already, but I thought I'd share what I did when I broke my humerus in August. I got a special deal with my hairdresser to have my hair washed there 3 days a week until I was allowed to take a proper shower. It was way better than trying to wash it over the sink using one hand. I sympathise with the increase in boob discomfort. I've noticed the same thing since I made my mind up to have the surgery. With me it's the neck and the left trapezoid that's worst. Can't wait to have it done. My consultation is this coming Monday, and in Norway it's the surgeon who decides whether I qualify to have the surgery covered by the national health, so fingers crossed :)
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I think I'm going to have my hubby wash my hair with a hand shower until I can do it for myself. Less than 48 hours to go! WHOO!
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That might work too :) Best of luck with the surgery! Can't wait to hear how it turned out.
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My surgery is scheduled for Dec 19th, so I will be right there with you! My PS is going to keep me overnight in the hospital, and remove my drains the next day before I head home. I will definitely update!
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You had your surgery today! hope everything went well, and you aren't in too much pain! Good luck with recovery!
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I was lucky to not have issues using my arms. But each day that gets easier. Just this past week I was finally able to tie shoe laces lol . Was so much worse bending over for me!
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Oh, I'm already so paranoid about arm lifting and bending over from all of the articles that I've read. I keep telling myself that ill keep as still as possible the first week. I am just so happy and excited about the surgery, that nothing can scare me away! It will all be worth it :)
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you bet it will all be worth it :) just relax and rest as much as you can and lots of liquids thats what my doc told me that would help healing go much faster and swellin go down also.
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The hair thing gets easier with each shower. I could shower 24 hours post op. you'll need some help with the shampoo and drying off the first couple of times. Lots of books and movies will help. The best advice I read was to sleep with a pillow under my knees. It's been so much more comfortable sleeping on my back that way.
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Thanks for the pillow advice! I'm not a back sleeper, so I was worried that I would be restless. Thank goodness I'll have 17 days after surgery to rest until spring semester starts. I am concerned with having my heavy back pack on while I walk around campus. Maybe ill have to ask my professors for some leeway the first few weeks.
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