49 Yrs Old 34ddd(e) to 34b or C - Atlanta, GA

I had my breast reduction outpatient on April 22....

I had my breast reduction outpatient on April 22. I was a 36G the dropped 40 lbs and reduced to a 34 DDD but still experienced a dull constant ache in my upper back- between the shoulder blades and yeast infections under my left breast. Kaiser Permanente approved the breast reduction. I also had back lipo and lipo for the "wings" under the arm pits. I'm 49 yrs old 5'4" 145 lbs and healthy. I'm on no medications or have any medical issues.
Its been 48 hours post op and took my first shower which the PS recommended. He did anchor cut and my sutures are under the skin and I have no drains.
My surgery went well and I only had nausea while in recovery and threw up twice. Surgery at 7:30AM and finished around 10AM and left recovery room around 1. I had a pillow for the ride home that was placed between my breasts and the seatbelt.
On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 is worst pain) I have only hit a level 6 but reduces to 2 or 3 after taking oxycodone 1tablet very 4-6 hours. I'm not taking antibiotics. The PS gave them to me before surgery.
I sleep under 3 stacked pillows under my head and back and then 1 under my legs and 1 roll pillow under each arm-at my sides. I'm comfy and sleep well
I did have a 101.1 fever the evening of my day1 post op. Kaiser nurse called my PS who suggested that I cough frequently, take deep breaths and take Tylenol. My fever reduced to 99 degrees in an hour and I coughed up huge phlegm. Doc said it sounded like congestion from the anesthesia. Strongly suggest that you do frequent deep breathing and coughing after general anesthesia. .
My 1st shower made me anxious...but after taking off the compression bra and the the padding I was pleasantly surprised how well my breasts look. Hardly any bruising. No excessive bleeding or blood. They don't even look swollen They do look smaller than I expected. They look like B cup instead of my requested C cup. My partner said they look really good this size.
I was anxious to shower since I wasn't sure what to do. This is what I did: my partner placed a hard Home Depot plastic bucket I the tub/shower and took the hand held shower head down and had the water tepid temp. He even placed a towel over the bucket. He gathered my razor, washcloth and sulpher soap. He washed my back with the washcloth a I took the soap by hand and gently rubbed my breasts and underarms and other parts. I rinsed and shaved my legs only while sitting on the bucket. I took a microfiber towel to dab dry. I took my hair dryer at cool temp to dry my steri strips dry. Put my compression bra back on with out any gauze or padding. As a woman of color I only wash my hair once a week..so I can't wait until next week to attempt hair washing.
Best of all...that dull upper back ache is gone. I've read others that commented on no more back pain. I didn't understand how anyone could notice on day 1 but it's true. I have no more dull achy back pain. That is worth of me being a smaller cup size than I expected. My follow up appt with PS will be on day 6 post op...
Welcome to the community, thank you so much for taking the time to share you journey with us! Do you have any photos you are willing to share?

5 day Post Op

Had my first post op visit with PS. I'm healing excellently. I can now take Advil ( no longer on oxycodine since PO day 2) PS removed the surgical tape and no bruising and hardly any seeping. He said swelling should reduce in a few weeks. I can now wear other sports bras but my marena is quite comfy
I had my reduction on the same day! Congrats and you look great! it's amazing how quick the healing happens! I had my first PO followup on 4/28. He removed the steri strips and put fresh ones on. I have basically had a pain free recovery so far. I had some soreness, but it was on the sides, where massive side boobs had to be cut out. Lipo was not an option for me. The girls themselves were never sore. My only complaint is my energy level. WOW I'm just lethargic as hell. How's your energy? I have full range of motion, I came home with no drains, they were able to remove them the same day. I do not really have any physical discomfort. I simply have no energy! I miss it! :)
Congrats with healing..my energy is low too. I sleep all night soundly but by 2pm I want to lay down and most days I take a nap. I go back to work on May 5 but since I work from home I can easily take a nap if I have no conference calls. I had hope for increased energy by Friday to enjoy my last LOA day off with my new little breasts. I'm much smaller than I expected but I love how I look in clothes. Don't you?
I have not been trying on clothes yet. I have worn a tank top around the house which really does look nice, otherwise I' have my robe on or a sweatshirt because it's chilly! I go back to work on Sat 5/3 for the weekend, then I have 2 days off before resuming the 5 day work week. Nice that you can work from home. Happy healing….

Post Op Day 11 Update

Today is Day 11PO. As of PO day 9 my energy level is back to normal. And only taking ibuprofen at bedtime. I'm still belly bloated but not swollen in hands feet- (it looks like I've gained weight but I've lost 3 lbs since surgery). I've read that it take 1-3 weeks for post op surgery bloat to go away. I'm wearing something like a genie bra 1/2 day and compression bra the other half. I'm moisturizing breasts and incision with coconut oil since Day 6. Coconut oil has healing properties and I think it's speeding my incision healing.
I drink at least 6 bottles of water daily 16.9 oz bottles) and eating Greek yogurt with lemon juice for probiotics reasons and suppose to reduce swelling. I love my new breasts- even though they seem much smaller than I expected. I tried on clothes yesterday. I'm thrilled that I can actually put on any shirt without blossoming over with mammoth cleavage. Also nice that my wrinkle cleavage is gone. Very very happy
Looking great, a natural drug free recovery is best. Bromelain is much better than ibuprofen for swelling

Post op day 18

The zingers are lessening. The nipple hypersensitivity is also lessening. Looks like my incisions are closed or 90% closed, which I'm attributing to my daily use of extra virgin coconut oil.
I have my 3 week PO with PS this Monday. I hope to have clearance to start exercising- non impact. I've bought the cutest lacy bralettes in size M which are just a bit snug. I also bought a bikini. I love that I can wear off the rack tops/bras in size M.
Are you happy with B? I don't know what size to be - and am worried B may be too small. I'm 5'3" 32DDD 140#. Would C be better???
Hi wtt1. I'm actually a C cup and love it. A b cup would look too small on my frame 5'4" 158lb. My doc took the minimum requirement for insurance to cover my surgery. Good luck. I'm happy I did it. I wish I had started using the scar sheet at my 6 weeks. My scars under the breast look keloid ( I'm medium skinned). I started using the target brand scar sheets for 2 weeks and they are look flatter
Hi thank you so kindly for the reply. I'm also 5 foot 4 and 140 pounds. I'm nervous about it being too small and about it being too big. Had never heard of scar sheets before so I will look out for them. Thank you very much for the reply and the postings. These things really help.
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