13 weeks post op - Atlanta, GA

My name is Anna and I am 40 yrs old. I am the...

My name is Anna and I am 40 yrs old. I am the mother of 4 year old twins who i adore. The years have not been kind to the boobies and lets just say they are south of the border and extremely large. I am large too though at 230lbs. I need to lose weight also which for some reason i just cannot motivate myself to do. My back and neck hurt constantly and I actually think I am leaning forward all the time. I can't wait to take my bra off at night, but then when i do i find myself holding them up with my hands as they are just too heavy to be hanging there on their own. They are very sad excuses for boobs and they make me sad. I can't stand to look at them and even though i know my husband loves me and doesn't care i feel i need to hold them up even in front of him. I have recently lost 15lbs and know from past experience it does not matter how much i lose they are always going to be huge and saggy.

I have been contemplating having it done for years and just never really felt as if i deserved it due to the fact that I am fat. But you know what.. I do deserve it as does everyone else. We do not deserve to not be able to walk into a store and buy a bra that is under $80 that actually fits. The last 2 bras i brought had 4 hooks and eyes and were over $100 each and although they are pretty lace they are basically just scaffolding.

So... I did some research and found a Dr that has really good reviews, great before and after pics and is Board certified. Better yet he accepts my Insurance. I had my initial consultation yesterday. He said that he will take about 500-600 from each one. I am hopeful that the insurance company will allow me to have it done. I do have a $1500 deductible but it will be so worth it.

Fingers crossed that I can have it done around the start of November. They said that they usually hear back from the insurance company within a few weeks and then i can schedule it for a couple of weeks out. I am so excited and cannot wait. I see where lots of women on here are apprehensive that they are doing the right thing. I am not. I know I am doing the right thing. I can't wait to be able to sit and stand up straight. And to be able to wear halter necks. I feel like I am carrying a bag of groceries around my neck every-time I have tried to wear one.

Once I have had the reduction I plan on losing about 50lbs. I have always been large and cannot imagine being 120lbs.. Although I am large I have always stayed very active and used to do a lot of mountain biking before the kids came a long. Not so much since as its hard with them. But we also snowboard (in season) hike and play disc golf. I would love it if after I have lost my weight I go down to a B or so... I am so over the boobs I can't begin to tell you. In fact I just went for my first Mammogram today also. Thats not a nice experience for those under 40s women that have not had one yet. It just made me hate my boobs even more having them pancaked between too slabs. In fact I am just totally ashamed of them. I think I already said that.. But I am.

Well that's my story and I will let you know what happens and when and when I know that I am able to have it done I will post pics. For now.. The less people see them the better :)

I have been sitting here reading Aetnas...

I have been sitting here reading Aetnas requirements for an approval They require evidence of at least a year of trying other methods of relief.. (Like there are any??) So now I am off to my Primary Care Dr today to see if I can get a letter from him. It sucks as I have never mentioned my back and shoulder problems to him due to the fact that its really only a concern of the chiropractor. So I guess we will see how that goes. But the more ammo I can get to submit the better. I really hope that i don't have to fight for this. There is no way we can pay out of pocket.

Just got back from my Primary care Dr and he is...

Just got back from my Primary care Dr and he is more than happy to oblige. He said to give him till next Wednesday to do the letter, but I would rather wait for that and have a better chance of getting approved than submitting without it and risk having to appeal a denial. I am not the most patient person and want everything immediately, so i will try and cool my jets for a week or so.

Well my primary care Dr finally faxed over the...

Well my primary care Dr finally faxed over the recommendation letter today so of course I got straight on the phone to make sure the PS had received it. It is all being submitted to the insurance company today. Lets hope i can get decision fast. I am not very good at waiting.

Still waiting.... Just called the insurance and...

Still waiting.... Just called the insurance and they said that the decision is still pending. So I guess I will just keep waiting.... Hope its worth it :)

On Monday Aetna requested a copy of my Mammogram...

On Monday Aetna requested a copy of my Mammogram results which thankfully I had done the day after my initial consult with the PS. I just called them today to see if they had made a decision and they said that they are awaiting photos via email from my PS. So i called the PS and she said that she had faxed them over with my Mammo results.. So.. She is now going to email it too... Lets hope its a good sign that they are asking for all this and didn't just say no when they saw my weight.

Well my precert was DENIED!!! AGGGHHH No surprise...

Well my precert was DENIED!!! AGGGHHH No surprise there. I had a feeling due to my weight. They did not deem it medically necessary. So now I get to appeal and wait again! :( Great start to the weekend!

I finally got round to uploading some photos of my...

I finally got round to uploading some photos of my problem boobies. These are what I will be submitting to the insurance company as proof that it is in fact a medical necessity!

Really Really Really want to find out this week...

Really Really Really want to find out this week that my appeal was approved.... fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes crossed!!!

So i just called Aetna AGAIN! Today they told me...

So i just called Aetna AGAIN! Today they told me that my PS should have called their medical director for a peer to peer talk and that is pretty much a short cut to getting the appeal approved. Apparently this should have been done before i even appealed. So now I am pissed that my PS office did not know to do this. So i emailed them and told them as such. LOL So for those of you that have been denied.. Make sure your PS knows to do this. The PS needs to say that he deems it medically necessary and its not for cosmetic reasons.

I am wondering if i should be looking for another...

I am wondering if i should be looking for another PS since mine seems to be dragging their feet. Does anyone know how this might affect my insurance being approved? Do I have to wait for a denial / acceptance first or can i go ahead and change and resubmit while all this is up in the air?

OK.. So rocket up bum worked with my PS.. They are...

OK.. So rocket up bum worked with my PS.. They are now going to schedule peer to peer and are trying to get me a date of 12/20 for surgery if they can get the insurance denial overturned.
However now i am worried that will be too close to Christmas with 4 year old twins.. The good part is though that my husband is off work from the 21st until the new year so that would work really well from that stand point. I just don't know.. What are all your thoughts from those that are post op?

I just went to see Dr Elizabeth Morgan in Atlanta...

I just went to see Dr Elizabeth Morgan in Atlanta and I am SO pleased I did. It was like a completely different experience. She is SO nice and really spent a great deal of time going over everything with me. She is also convinced that she can get an approval. I have decided to wait until the new year for the operation as don't really feel its fair to my kids and family to do it before, so fingers crossed again that we get an approval this time. :)

So.. I called Aetna again today as its been a...

So.. I called Aetna again today as its been a couple of weeks since my New PS submitted my pre-cert. Aetna tell me that they do not have anything other than for the original appeal etc. I said.. That can't be the case as my PS emailed to tell me on the 30th that they have faxed it. On checking again they said, Oh.. It got put with your other appeal and nothing has been done with it so she is submitting a new request today. So now I get to wait AGAIN! So pleased I called or it probably would have just sat there until after Christmas and nothing would ever have been accomplished. Thankfully i have decided to wait until the end of January to have the surgery since we are dog sitting for 2 weeks at the start of January. I would have been seriously pissed if i wanted it doing ASAP!

OMG... I can hardly believe it. Merry Christmas...

OMG... I can hardly believe it. Merry Christmas to me... I got approved.... Yay yay yay.... Yipppeeeee and woooohooooo... For all of you that are denied... Just keep trying. Change Dr's if you have to. Find one that will work with you on playing the insurance game.. So so happy right now. I won't be able to schedule it until the end of Jan as dog sitting for 2 weeks from the 2nd.. But after that we are good to go!

Oh Lord.... So just found out from work that we...

Oh Lord.... So just found out from work that we are switching carriers on Feb 1st from Aetna to Humana due to rates being raised. My Op was supposed to be Feb 1st, so i am now going to have to bring it forward a couple of weeks so i don't have to start this whole process again.. That would really suck. So it might now be the 22nd Jan. AGGGHHH

OK.. So I have less than 3 weeks today. My Op is...

OK.. So I have less than 3 weeks today. My Op is the 22nd. I feel like its going to be here so fast. I had to fill out my waiver etc yesterday to say that I understand all the risks etc of the things that can go wrong. So then of course I start feeling guilty that i might be putting myself at risk for some horrible issue / death. And I have 4 year old twins.. So now I am feeling somewhat selfish. However I need / deserve to feel comfortable and I will probably be a much nicer person when i am not in pain constantly. At least I hope so.. I sure am grumpy most of the time.
Apparently they will have a bra for me when I get out of surgery and I need to get another comfy front fastener for a spare. I guess I will head up to the wally world for that one. As far as bras go.. I got all my big ones out and I must have over $1000 of bras. None of which i can really wear for one reason or another. I either bulge out, even though they are G cups, They are too scratchy, not enough support, wire digs in... Or just downright evil on the shoulders.... So with all these garments I am pretty much left with 2 that I wear constantly. The main one that I am wearing went and got a busted wire this weekend. I bent down to tie my boot up and pop! Great. It couldn't have waited another couple of weeks.. So I will be lop sided for a couple of weeks.. LOL.
I also need to get some PJ's that open at the front as all mine are over the head. What happens in surgery? Do we keep panties on? Or do we have to wear those crazy paper things? I hope we get to keep ours on. LOL I know its silly and I have had kids so its not like I have any dignity left. That stuff just bothers me. haha OK.. I am supposed to be working so better get back to it.

PJ's.... check Wedge pillow ordered.......

PJ's.... check
Wedge pillow ordered.... check
Paid deposit to PS.... check
Waiting waiting waiting... check

Have managed to lose 8 lbs so far from last week.....

Have managed to lose 8 lbs so far from last week.. Its amazing what i can do when i set my mind to it. Though i have to say that anti-biotics for my sinus infection are helping as have not had my normal appetite. So can't take full credit. LOL I had got down to 228lbs last September and when I weighed myself on New Years day I was 245lb. So mad with myself.. Anyhoo.. At least I am going in the right direction again. Just wish i did not always leave EVERYTHING to the last minute. I seem to work better under pressure.
Now I only have 17 sleeps left. EEK My wedge pillow arrived yesterday and it seems big. I went with a 12" so I hope thats not too high. I also got my PJ's in the after Christmas sale.. I do love a bargain! Just need to get another sports bra and I should be set.
We are dog sitting for 2 weeks and they leave on Friday 18th. So once they are gone I will have to do a mammoth clean up to get rid of all the doggy hair! I am also going to try and makes some meals ahead of time. OK.. Guess I waffled on aimlessly enough.. :)

Got my sports bra from walmart. I got the danskin...

Got my sports bra from walmart. I got the danskin with the zipper at the front. I hope it fits. I got a 40D as that was the biggest they had. I usually wear a 38G, so I am hoping that the extra 2 inches round the band will feel more comfy. She is supposed to be making me a C / D, but hearing all you ladies and how swollen you are I am kind of worried that it might be uncomfortable.

Have lost 10lbs now since New Years Day. I think...

Have lost 10lbs now since New Years Day. I think bouncing on our new trampoline yesterday helped. I will certainly look forward to smaller boobs for that one. I am sure it will be a while though before I can manage to bounce after surgery. It will be really strange to get that difference in sensation from the big bounce to hardly any. Although I am sure that my belly will still bounce. LOL

Just bought milk that expires on the day of my...

Just bought milk that expires on the day of my surgery.. Eek!

Just reading through my post op care notes and it...

Just reading through my post op care notes and it says after surgery you can eat one of the following options.
A Ginger ale, crackers, tea, toast, applesauce, soup to start
B A large hamburger and a coke.
Umm.... Really? What a difference. LOL Who comes up with this stuff... haha
I tried explaining to my 4 year old daughter last night that I am having surgery to make my boobies smaller. She was in the bath with me and I molded one into the shape and size that i think they might be. She laughed and then said why? I said cos thats what they are supposed to look like, so she said why? At that point i said, never mind.. and we carried on playing. haha

Did I mention that I am excited??? LOL

Did I mention that I am excited??? LOL

So this weekend we moved the recliner up to the...

So this weekend we moved the recliner up to the bedroom, much to my discruntled husband. We got it stuck on the stairs.. hahah So had to take it back down again and turn it on its side and try again. It would not go through the door at the top first time round. So that was fun. Then we went to Ikea and got curtains for our bedroom as for the last 2 years we had some crappy white blackout blinds that were pretty much trashed for one reason or another and we just put up with them. I knew that they would drive me nuts when i am healing if I didn't do something about them. So we now have some awesome curtains that I am SO happy with. I had to hem them though as they were too long. That was interesting in itself as I have never done that before. I had acquired a new sewing machine and it was still in the box. So my hubby and i had to work out how to use it. Once I got the hang of it we were good. It was worth all the effort though.
So now i really need top work and can't as too excited and still have a whole week. I also need to muster up some enthusiasm to cook some stuff for next week for dinners.. I guess I should just double up on my cooking this week.
My Mum is taking the Wed and Thursday off in case I need her full time and my hubby is going to get the kids up and drop them off at school in the mornings and my Mum will pick them up at night so thats sorted. Still not sure how I am NOT going to do stuff as I am such a control freak and so used to doing everything. My husband was supposed to be grilling the chicken for dinner last night while i did the sides and i ended up just taking over as didn't think he was "on it" enough. LOL I guess when i feel crap i will soon learn.

Just found the funniest boob pic online... hahah I...

Just found the funniest boob pic online... hahah I am so obsessed with boobs.. I put it as my profile pic.. 2 guys that dressed up for halloween and had their beer bellies as boobs.. LOL

Just had to have an EKG as I am over 40 and...

Just had to have an EKG as I am over 40 and overweight. LOL.. Thankfully all is well there so just have to wait a few more day now and its my time.. Small boobies here we come.. Really looking forward to looking down and seeing feet.. And nipples.. LOL The only time i have seen those in the last 20 years is in the mirror or by lifting them way up.

Well my day has come and boy did it come fast. It...

Well my day has come and boy did it come fast. It was so far away and now its here.. I just did a mammoth cleaning of my bedroom and bathroom and washed all the bedding and towels etc so it can be as fresh and germ free as possible. I even used Lysol wipes on the recliner as its leather.. I am sure it wasn't good for it. But you can't be too careful right?
I actually have yet another cold that just started yesterday. I think i got it from the bloody movie theatre. My hubby and i went for our annual trip to see a film. We only ever seem to get about once a year and now i am snotty again. Bloody typical.. I hope they won't turn round and not do it tomorrow.
So then yesterday we went and took the kids snowboarding up in NC. Its only about a 3 and half hour drive and it was a perfect day. My husband used to be an avid snowboarder and has not been much in the last few years due to the kids so i agreed we could go since it would probably be the only time we could go this year due to my op. So the weekend just flew by. I am hoping that i did not impede myself by being too busy. I figure that all i am going to be able to do in the next couple of weeks is sit. So I at least wanted to get out and about a bit.
I am starting to feel a pang or 2 of guilt and that maybe i should not be doing this. I hate putting on other people and this is just going to throw everything into turmoil. But then I remember that it will be a benefit to me as a mother not to be in constant pain with my neck and shoulders.
Well I have much to accomplish before I am out of action so I will see you all on the other side... Yikes!

I wouldn't mind so much, but my surgery is not...

I wouldn't mind so much, but my surgery is not until 12pm. So its going to be a long morning with no food or drink. I took a valium last night and went to sleep fairly well. But kept waking up a lot and finally got up at 3am and had a bath. Figured it would be my last soak for a while. Now I am going to try and find something on netflix to drift off to again.. Oh yeah and I just took another valium to see if that will help.

Home again and had just wrote a long update which...

Home again and had just wrote a long update which got lost. So i will write another one tomorrow when i feel a bit more with it.

Feel OK right now so thought I would try and write...

Feel OK right now so thought I would try and write my experience down again. Hope i don't lose it again this time.
Arrived at the hospital extremely nervous. Everyone was super nice and they checked me in and sent me to get ready fr surgery. I put the gown on the wrong way as i thought it needed to be open at the front. That makes sense right? Why would they need to get at my butt when i am having my boobs. So once we got that sorted they put my IV in. It was surprisingly unpainful. Then they bought my hubby through. We laughed a little about stupid stuff which helped alleviate some of the nerves then the Dr came in and marked me up. They took me into surgery at 12pm and i remember seeing loads of people in there. I said "are they all here for me?" then the next thing i knew they were trying to wake me up in recovery. After an hour and a half they finally managed to wake me up and get me to my room. I then threw up 3 times when i got to my room and tried to have some ice chips and water, So then they gave me another anti-nausea medicine in my IV and that seemed to do the trick. I was pretty sleepy still so i sent my hubby home and i basically laid there and dozed in and out all night. I did not manage to eat anything, even crackers were too hard as my mouth was so dry from the nausea patch.
I to had a really hard time going pee. I knew i needed to go, but it just didn't want to come out., I sat there like what seemed forever and then really had to push.. Sorry TMI, Then about an hour later i pee'd about a whole days worth at once.. haha
The nurses came in about every 30 mins to an hour so I did not get much sleep there.. I have slept a little this afternoon, but not much. So I am hoping that i get a fairly decent nights sleep tonight.
My boobs look really high. Its hard to see the size yet though as there is too much padding and gauze etc in there. Well i think that about covers the whole event. She said not to change any dressings or touch anything unless i start leaking etc. She said that there is less risk of infection if they are left alone. I can't imagine how it wll be peeling the gauze off after 5 days.. They will probably be peeling me off the ceiling.. LOL

Actually had a pretty decent nights sleep. I did...

Actually had a pretty decent nights sleep. I did not sleep much during the day yesterday which i think helped. I slept in the recliner last night. Its so sad that I can't hug and cuddle my kids. My little boy is having a hard time with that. He tried last night and got all sad when i said i couldn't. I was able to give them a half hug this morning before they went off to school. I also managed to do my little girls hair. I am able to move my arms around really well without any pulling or anything. I think this is due to the fact that i was not cut all the way underneath, She did the lollipop style i believe.
My Mum is astounded how high they are.. hahaha. She keeps staring at them and saying "Bloody hell" hahaha. I am sure that they will drop after a while., Plus I am all trussed up like a chicken. So I can't wait until Monday to see them. My hubby said that i looked slimmer so thats nice.

OK.. So still haven't seen them, but all seems to...

OK.. So still haven't seen them, but all seems to be doing well.. I have been a little itchy underneath lefty. And my bra thingy is becoming mildly annoying, but other than that the pain has been pretty minimal.
I did take the advise of others and took a laxative / stool softener on Wednesday when i got home. I normally have no issues in that department, but am pleased i went ahead and took it when i did as it was still another full day before I went. So I suggest for all you pre-ops that you do not wait on that and take it as soon as you get back from the hospital even if you are not feeling uncomfortable yet. Get ahead of the game.
They still seem really big to me right now i think because there is so much padding in there and i think they are somewhat swollen. She said that she only took about 350 out of lefty that was slightly smaller and only about 280 out of righty. I was expecting more.. Maybe they were not as dense and thats why they were so saggy. I better be a C / D when i end up or I will be pissed.. I made it clear that I wanted to be a C. So as long as she took what she needed to get there I am ok with that. Guess I won't know for a while.. I am going to try and do a bit of work now .

Wow am I bitchy today. My poor husband can't do a...

Wow am I bitchy today. My poor husband can't do a thing right. I sent him to the store and some of what he got was wrong... But he made great alternate choices.. But was I happy? No No No.. I;m pissed and can't help it. Had to walk away as know I am being completely bitchy and irrational. Going to go apologize in a minute... Bless him. He will deserve a medal after this next week. I am not a very good patient.

Well i get to see the new girls today for the fist...

Well i get to see the new girls today for the fist time. I started having all sorts of weird thoughts yesterday that they would be all deformed etc.. I guess they will be what they will be and to be honest. They were not attractive before.. So as long as there is a nipple and they are smaller and higher that before I think i will be happy.. Any over that will be great. I will try and get the PS to take pics. My Mum is taking me to my appt and she is super squeamish, so she will definitely not take photos.. I am hoping though that i will be able to take my bra off once in a while now as its starting to kind of annoy me having it on 24 /7. Will let you know how it goes later. I am trying to do some work now and thats proving harder than i thought. I have only been sitting here 40 mins and already want to go and lay down for a nap. Urgh! Just pleased I can work from home in my PJ's...

Had post op today. 6 days post op and have not so...

Had post op today. 6 days post op and have not so much as even peeked down my bra. She told me to just leave them alone and not change dressings etc. So today I went in expecting to see them. She is such a nice lady. She looked at them and sad that they were doing super well and that she couldn't be happier with the healing process. So she put more gauze back on and did the bra up. Bugger.. I still didn't see them. Anyhoo.. She said that I can shower now etc and change gauzes / breast pads and to go back and see her in a week. So I waited till my hubby got home then i snook off in the bathroom with the camera for an oggle! I am so excited.. I think they turned out fab. I am hoping that they will go down a size though. But i have to say its the prettiest my boobs have EVER looked.. I called my hubby through and he was happy with the result to, Yay

A week has passed since my op and feeling actually...

A week has passed since my op and feeling actually pretty good. Better than I thought I would. I have very minimal pain. In fact i can't really call it pain, more like an annoyance or some discomfort. Mostly from where the bra kind of rubs on the incisions. I did take the advice of others and get breast pads ( used for breast feeding) and thats the best thing. Since they are slightly contoured they seem to stay in place a bit better. Last night I started itching i think because the air was finally allowed to get to them. So I basically put a bunch of breast pads in all my itchy spots since i think they are less course than the gauze and that seemed to help. The PS said as long as its clean and cotton and will draw moisture away from the incision its a good thing. Keeping them dry is the main issue. So will see how that goes. Have not yet braved a full shower. Will do that today. Have been bathing in a bath up to my waist so far.
The biggest thing other than the fact that i love the shape is that when i took the bra off last night was that they just stayed there. There was no thud as they dropped down and hit my belly. Its such a weird concept for me. For all those that are nervous and feel that you shouldn't, or it will be too much for you, or it will be painful etc.. I would say.. Don't hesitate. I am only taking 1 pain pill to sleep and actually really don't need it. I guess its kind of like my blankie.. LOL But I am not on any Tylenol or anything at all.. I took my meds for the first few days but then after that just at night. I believe that the lipo is what causes most discomfort and i did not have that due to the cost. Plus the fact i am just fat in general and whats the point in paying to have slim sides when i have a big belly...
So I am back at work.. Well, in my basement. And clearly, still not focused as i am on here instead of working. Its just so hard not to be excited about the boobies.. I know I have a long way to go with healing. I just need to be rally careful, and clean! I am making my own juices and eating almonds.. I also started taking arnica montana. Vit C and B complex which I have taken all along. Oh and icecream.. I believe that is helping tremendously with the healing process.. hahaha

So nothing much to report. Had another shower...

So nothing much to report. Had another shower today and boobs still didn't move.. So weird. I tried to get my genie bra on today, but when i put it over my head and arms it kind of got rolled up as I was warm from the shower and then i got kind of freaked that if i pulled at it too much to get it over the girls then they would some how suffer for it, So went back to my surgical bra again. Its ok.. Its just mildly annoying and not a nice cotton like the genies.. Another week i think and I will be a bit more confident that i won't hurt them. I keep expecting that something will leak or ooze or get really swollen or something open up somewhere.. Thats what I keep reading about and not sure if I am just being super lucky, or if I am just not at that stage yet when things start to go pear shape.. It just all seems to easy and i am kind of waiting for my bubble to burst.. Certainly not hoping for it though and am definitely staying positive. Its just so unexpected..
I have not driven yet, though am sure I would be fine.. Reaching up is no problem as I was not cut all the way under. My Mum took me to Aldi's yesterday and to pick the kids up from school.. And then I made dinner and cleared up tonight.. I might end up regretting that later.. But I feel good! Hope you all do to :)

Just tried on a tank top without a bra to see what...

Just tried on a tank top without a bra to see what it looked like and its awesome... So had to post.:)

So has finally worked out that wearing a cotton...

So has finally worked out that wearing a cotton tank top underneath my bra is WAY comfier. I had been wearing nursing breast pads but they kept shift and i would leave them littered around. My husband kept saying "Oh you dropped one" haha... The PS said i just needed whatever was to be touching them to be cotton and due... comfy and cotton... T-shirt!
So now I have the tank top that i have on in my photo underneath my bra. I will change that daily for another and thats all i needed. So if any if you are having issues with your bra being scratchy or pinchy on your incisions give it a go.
Darn it.. My coffee ran out. Must go and interact with my children.. :)

Its almost 2 weeks and feeling better every day. ...

Its almost 2 weeks and feeling better every day. I am going to my 2nd post op appointment today and am wondering what she is going to say or have me do as mine seems to have been different so far to others. I have not had any dressings to change or anything to apply. I am getting kind of irritated having to wear a bar all the time. But having a t-shirt under it has really helped alleviate most of that issue. I did a bit too much yesterday and noticed that my boobs were sore.. Its like they tell you off when you have been bad. They remind you that you only had surgery 2 weeks ago and why are you loading and unloading the washing machine and folding laundry? I am all too capable and forget that I am still supposed to be taking it easy. Well sore boobies made me remember so will try and be a bit better tomorrow.. I just hate being lazy, or the feeling that I am being lazy and not doing what I am supposed to as a wife and Mother. I did resume the school run today though as seem to be ok with reaching over for seat belts etc.

Had 2nd post op appt today and all is healing...

Had 2nd post op appt today and all is healing excellently. She changed m steristrips and cleaned me and said thats all i need to do with that now for a month when i go back and see her again. I am amazed at how easy this has all been with the dressings etc. I was expecting all sorts of mess and grossness. But there has been nothing. I have not once leaked, oozed, or had to be drained. I am not sure if I am super lucky, or if my surgeon is amazing, or a bit of both. I know i am not the healthiest of people and i could certainly be lighter.. Maybe it could be the type of procedure she did. It was just the lollipop style so i have no incisions underneath at all.. Just the vertical incision and round the nipple.. I think that has really been where my benefit has been. Totally recommend that way of doing it.
I do have a crease though that was taped up until today. The PS said that it will flatten out and look normal when everything settles down. So hopefully that will be the case. She also said I will still get smaller too as they are still a little swollen. I think they look like a good size D right now. And what I wanted was a C / D. So all in all i will be very happy at the end of this.
I feel like i kind of pulled a muscle up behind my collar bone though tonight. I went to pick up my kids and i bent down to hug my daughter. While i was down there i kind of felt like i had a bit of a muscle spasm.. Has anyone else had that yet?

Pinched nerve in neck makes Mommy a very grumpy...

Pinched nerve in neck makes Mommy a very grumpy one indeed. Not sure what i did yesterday. But woke this morning with an annoying knot that I cannot get rid of and can't go to the chiropractor as he can't lay me on my front. So had to apologize to everyone so far today for being grumpy.. haha. Especially my kids who apparently just really should know better at 4 than to tell me they want an apple when they really mean an apple filled cereal bar. I went to all the trouble to wash it, cut it and put it in a little baggy for her to eat on the way to school. The whole time she is watching me do this.. Then proclaims.. Not an apple... And apple cereal bar.. Grrrr WTH!!! So she got some not so nice words. Bless he heart. My little boy then excitedly said that he would like some apple.. So I gave him half and said I would have the other half. At which point my daughter then pipes up that if he was having some then so would she... "Hmmmmm" (Zen pose) hahaha... So on the way to school... I told them that i was clearly grumpy this morning and should not have taken it out on them. They both said.. Thats ok mommy.. Its ok to be grumpy sometimes... AWWWW

I just posted a pic of the underneath of my boob!

I just posted a pic of the underneath of my boob!

Still nothing really to report. All very...

Still nothing really to report. All very uneventful my end thankfully. No infections, no oozing, leaking, swelling, draining. I do notice that they kind of throb some after doing too much. And I do get the odd zinger which kind of stop me in my tracks. But all in all pretty uneventful.
I do have yet another cold though. Only just getting rid of the cough that was the tail end of the sinus infection i had before Christmas. I do love school germs..And the kids just started a new school today so now we are going to be exposed to some even newer germs.. I am sleeping back in my bed again everynight. I did try the recliner the other night and ended up with backache in the morning, so I guess I am done with that now. I seem to be able to get fairly comfy on my side also now as long as I am propped up on some pillows. So happy about that.

Finally showed my kids yesterday as they kept...

Finally showed my kids yesterday as they kept asking if they hurt and if i still had bandages I told them I had bandages so they didn't keep asking to look. They thought they looked funny. I said.. Well this is what they were supposed to look like to begin with, Just without the tape.. hahah
I am back to full Mother / wifey duties. Vacuuming, cleaning, washing, making beds, carrying shopping, school run its like it never happened.. Not much of a vacation, but at least i got a good 2 weeks off. I am also able to sleep on my side again now. I still have a nest of pillows in the bed. Just aswell its a king size. For the last 2 weeks we have not had the bed to ourselves though. One of the twins has been in it every night. They switch it up thankfully, though last night they both wanted in and i said No. They changed schools and i think they have been a little more needy due to that. Hoping to get the bed back soon. Although i do love rolling over and seeing one of their little sleeping faces.. :)

So its been over 5 weeks and i feel great. Some...

So its been over 5 weeks and i feel great. Some of my tape started lifting off this week and I am not due to go back in until Monday. So the PS said to just either keep clean and put aquaphor on or put more tape on if i preferred. I went with the aquaphor. Since I am fed up of looking at the crappy tape. I posted a few pics. Mine have dropped a lot and hopefully they will now stayput and not go any further. But even so my nipples are now where they should be and I am not worried about them slipping back into the Abyss. I did try joging fr a short spurt today and i have to say that the Boobs are no longer a problem as far as thats concerned.. Minimal bounceage! My problem now is that I am bloody unfit and need to get off my arse now and stop makingcexcuses.. So watch this space to see if i can get myself together.

I just went for my post OP appointment with Dr...

I just went for my post OP appointment with Dr Morgan and she said that everything looks great and that i should still shrink a little more. But she said that I can resume full activities. She did say at this point that i need not put any cream or lotion on the scars at all.. She told me that research has show that the 3M strips she put and left on for the entire 5 weeks post surgery are the best thing that you can do for the scars and that nothing else is needed. I half expected her to try and sell me an expensive cream for scars. But she said that if i feel like I want to put some on I can, but it won't make any difference. So I am pleased as I am not the best at remembering stuff like that. With my kids I am all over it. But when it comes to me I forget to do that stuff.. I often realize that I have not moisturized in several days. So anyway. I am free to run and bounce as much as i like. As long as I have a good sports bra on. Yay!

Its 8 weeks tomorrow for me and all is well. I...

Its 8 weeks tomorrow for me and all is well. I have resumed all my normal lifestyles.. Even the ones I shouldn't have.. LOL
The boobies are doing great and I love them so much. Its so nice to be able to walk around the house without a bra or the need to hold them up with my hands or arms. I would often find myself resting a cup of tea on them like a shelf. Even though i am still way overweight I have a much better body image now and actually enjoy looking in the mirror. I keep recommending it to all my big boobied friends.. And when i see women in the stores I want to go up to them and say.. Have a breast reduction.. Its life changing. I am still obsessed with boobs.. The shape of them, the size of them. Anything to do with them. Not sure if that will ever go away. I seem to have settled on a 40D for now.. And I am happy with that. I am hoping that when i can finally get rid of this ongoing cold and chest cold cycle that i have been on since before Christmas that I can start enjoying exercise. Just when i think i am going to start a regime i get sick again. Now I just can't stop coughing. Anyhoo.. when i can lose some weight i will hopefully end up with a C. Yay. Either way. I am happy as a pig in poop to look down at my upwardly pointing nipples.. :)

So I know all you ladies will know my excitement...

So I know all you ladies will know my excitement today when i went for a chest xray. I was asked to remove my top and bra and put the gown on. Well I tell you what. In the past i would have been so uncomfortable to do that knowing that my big old knockers were laying on my tummy. So i proudly strutted out the changing room in my gown with my new perky boobs held high feeling all confident and surprisingly attractive. I think the xray technician was modestly surprised.. haha. Just wanted to share my happy titty moment with all you lovely ladies. Its funny the things you can get enjoyment from post op!

It almost seems like a lifetime ago already since...

It almost seems like a lifetime ago already since i had the op. Its hard to remember what it was like to have big saggy boobs that i had to lift up to put in my bra.. Then they just hung there on my shoulders.. I would do this again in a heart beat and truly wished i had done it many years ago. I know that my procedure was hugely less invasive that a lot of ladies had to deal with and for that i am very fortunate. I think if you have small children you should try and find a surgeon that will do the lollipop procedure as my down time was only about 2 weeks.. Then i was back up and running at pretty much full capacity. I could not have done that with the full surgery. Having said that i have not been dissapointed at all with my results.. They have dropped considerably.. But are still perky (40 year old perky.. Not 18 year old perky) But since I am 40 thats ok. My husband loves them and every day i look down and am just so happy. I will post a picture of my 12 week old boobies in the next day or so.. My daughter keeps asking me if i still have my short boobies instead of my long ones... hahah that right there is worth it!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Google search and Aetna Navigator. I also made sure i chose a board certified surgeon. She is a wonderful surgeon. She gave me her home number and cell etc and told me to call anytime with any concerns that i have so really really happy with her!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I enjoyed reading your profile! We have similar issues with insurance.... I'm so glad it all worked out for you in the end! I'm hoping to hear something by the end of the week. Loved the comment about the short v/s long boobies! I had a similar question from my son when he was small! At that moment I didn't know if I should laugh or cry! I think I did both! Haha! Good luck!
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I just read through your entire review. Your newbies look great! Congrats!! I'm just reading, reading, reading as I await insurance approval. Thanks for sharing your story! :)
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I have a young child, too. It will be difficult not being able to pick him up. He's only 16 months, so he won't understand, but I have three other older kids who will be my slaves :)
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I think you look great . I did want to say the lollipop is great if your only having small amount removed like you but most women having BR need and want a lot more removed then the lollipop is no good , the anchor incision also gives more Lift . I personally asked my PS about the lollipop before my surgery and he said no way was it suitable for the results that I wanted . He explained that he uses that for much smaller reductions . I'm so glad your happy and as I said you look great :-)
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Lol. Loved your updates. So happy for you :). I too am having the lollipop procedure, so I am grateful to know its great as far as down time. After reading some of these experiences, was getting concerned that the time I booked off wasn't going to be enough. Thanks for sharing and your boobies look awesome :)
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Ah, now that's wonderful news! I fully appreciate the joy that would have given you :)
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That's Awesome. What a great feeling that must have been Chalupatamale!!! I can't wait to have my BR on April 11th. Your new boobies look so Fabulous!! I did take your advice you had written below, and I scheduled an extra appt with my PS to discuss my desired size. That turned out to be SUCH a good appointment. We talked at great length, and I am SO glad I took the time to communicate what I am hoping for if possible. My PS's nurse took detailed notes documenting the conversation, and my PS told both me and his nurse to remind him when he goes to mark me of exactly what I am hoping for. My nurse later showed me her notes, and explained that before he comes into the room to mark me, she will go over those notes with him. This has made my wait SO much less stressful. I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your beautiful new perky boobies!!!!
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Congrats & scary to know 2 months from now I will still be boobie obsessed! Haha
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Congrats. I hear ya on getting sick! I thought I had avoided all the with the winter colds and then got 2 different ones. And before that I had my peroid for 3 1/2 weeks. So talk about a delay. I am traveling this week and then back to the gym. I am no longer tired of looking at my boobs ( good thing) now it's the tummy flabs! Phase 3 has to start! Good luck to you
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You look great and sound so happy. Bounce your heart away, no pain for you. :) I need to write a review myself. I have not done one in weeks.
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Congratulations Chalupatamale, your boobies look Beautiful!! Your PS did a fabulous job on you. I really enjoyed your review, you had me laughing! Ah, it's getting so, so hard to wait, wait, and wait for my surgery date (April 11th). It helps with the wait to read reviews like this... makes the wait seem worth it. So happy for you, you look fantastic!!
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THanks Birch. The 11th April will be here before you know it. I scheduled mine about 6 weeks a head of time and it was here in a flash. Its better that way though so you have lots of time to get everything ready. I just read your profile and I would take a photo or something and be clear about what size you want. You might get a good idea of what he normally does from his before and after photos. I kind of wish mine were smaller but in the scheme of things they are now perfect for the size I am.
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Hello, what about the crease you had few weeks ago? Did it go away?
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Yes.. As they dropped into place the crease has dissapeared.. Yay!
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Thanks everyone. It feels so nice to have ones that look normal and that aren't hanging from my shoulders. Really looking forward to building some stamina too and jogging. For Just Me N Cali, I actually only started taking the arnica and bromelain the day after surgery as my PS said NO to all anti-inflammatories before surgery. I also drank a lot of fresh fruit and veggie smoothies the first few weeks.
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You look amazing!
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Well done, you're looking great. My PS is also anti creams and pro tape (though I have to wear mine for 3 months!) and I think it makes a big difference to the scars. Yours are looking fantastic. Happy running and bouncing!
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Hello Congrats you are look awesome !!! Did you by chance have the short vertical incision for your BR?
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Wow just read what I sent... I will try this again Congrats to you , you look awesome !!Did you by chance have the short vertical incision for your BR?
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Congrats, you look great! Did you use Arnica? You had very little bruising in pics, they looked great! What size are you now?
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I did use Arnica. I started off as a 38G and am currently about a 40D i think. I was also taking Bromelain. I think it helped that I did not have such an invasive procedure as only had the lollipop incision. I really did not have any bruising at all.
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Did you take the Arnica pre PS? If so how many days in advance? Bromelain you started when?
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I agree that jogging seems so much easier with the small boobies!! I too agree that its hard not to make excuses to exercise! ;0)
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I just read all your posts and am sorry your neck is bothering you now, but you cracked me up! Alot of your comments remind me of myself! I get bitching at the hubby because mine couldn't do anything right either last week and I'm just 6 days post op. He took two days off last week to be with me, but seriously I should have let him work and had my girlfriends be here with me. Bless his heart, he tried, but nobody goes 24/7 like me! I'm stupid and can't accept help from others? HELLO....SUPERMOM here!!! Anyway, you look fabulous and I'm hoping you're successful at losing the weight you want to drop. I have a super good tip if you like to walk. I do these workout videos that are low impact (because I never could do anything when I had large boobs) and they really work. Let me know if you're interested and I'll give you the names of some I love. If you do them regularly, you can lose up to 100 lbs. plus and have fun doing it. TTYL and keep getting better. I love the picture for your profile, so funny!! Perkysets!!
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Haha... All is great here.. I must put another update on as its been over 5 weeks now. My neck is much better again now thanks.. I don't know why i get pinched nerves sometimes. But the last one i had lasted 5 days.. It sucked.. My husband and i tried everything to get it gone and it was just stubborn. Anyhoo.. At least I should get less and less of those now that my neck and shoulder muscles are not like guitar strings anymore. I swear they would snap at some point they were so tight before i had the BR. Yeah its really hard to step back and let others do stuff for you. My Mum is excellent as her high standards are what i learned from, so I was definitely happy with her cleaning etc. But my husband tries bless him.. Its just not the same. Then i get pissed which i shouldn't as he has the best intentions. I would like the name of some of those DVD's I have Gillian Michaels Ripped in 30 and it kicks my ass.. So ofcourse I don't do it. I really want to start jogging. I have another post op appt on Monday and am hoping that she will say that i can start that. Mine have dropped a lot now so i think i am pretty much where they will be. They are still a bit big for my liking, but so much better than they were so i will take it! I am going to take a look at your profile now :)
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