This is my second time around - Breast Reduction - Atlanta, GA

This is my second time around. I had a breast...

This is my second time around. I had a breast reduction twelve years ago, went down to a D cup, after getting pregnant my breast grew back to a whopping 36h cup. So here I go again with severe back and neck pain and under breast rash. I am paying out of pocket because my insurance company did not approve my procedure. This is so worth it for me to get this done.
This site and people reviewing their experiences has helped tremendously, so thank you.


I not had babies yet and am a 44DDD. I know am gonna have at least a kid after my reduction. I was thinkin of full C small D. Am thinking of full B small C now. I can't imagine having to have another reduction later on
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Yes definitely ask for the smallest size because they do get bigger for most after pregnancy. My doctor did not give me the smallest size because he said he feared loss of nipple sensation. I really don't care about that and I told my p.s. about that.

Counting down

less than 24hrs to the new boobies, getting a bit nervous but more excited. I got my supplies, thanks for the tips. My p.s. prescribed me Ultram for pain and zofran for nausea as I have a problem with most narcotics. I'm making Jamaican style chicken and veggie soup to section out for first few days. My daughter will be my helper, I am very thankful for that.


Best wishes to you! We look forward to hearing from you on the other side. I know it will be wonderful. Thank you for sharing your story.
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Best of luck tomorrow!
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You are going to look great you have a nice figure
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Im on the other side...thank god.

Well today was surgery day, got to the outpatient center at 6:15, nurse was amazing at starting the iv...gave me a bolus of normal saline..p.s. came in and made his drawings, spoke to the anesthesiologist...last thing I remember was lying on the bed in O.R..
Woke up in recovery room..minimal pain...hurts more to move...I got real dizzy when when I sat up because my blood pressure got low..had to stay an additional 2hrs until that was better..the Tramadol and zofran are working good so far..
Overall not bad..did not see the boobies yet, due to bandages. I also have two drains that will be emptied three times a day if full and less time if not. I have my post op visit on 12/26/13..
Thank you ladies for the well to come..


Hope you continue to do well, keep us all updated!
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Glad ur doing well. Happy healing
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thank you for the update. So happy for you. Rest and maybe enjoy some old Christmas shows on TV. this week :)
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Day one post op.

Well last night was not bad..I'm really staying on to of pain pain is minimal...also drinking lots of water cause I'm dizzy when I stand....the ultram really works well..for those of you that gets nauseous with narcotics...I'm also taking zofran with it to prevent nausea..moving around to prevent blood clots and deep breathing and coughing to prevent appetite so far..eating minimal so I don't get too weak..


Yes keeping hydrated and moving every 2 hrs for 20 mins. Your doing so well!
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post op day one


Hi, I am about to have a second reduction 37 years after my first. Has your surgeon moved your nipple intact or have you had a free nipple graft? You look great, hope you are healing well
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He moved the nipple graft. He did the the virtical scar reduction..Lipo the the side boobs..can't wait till the bandages come off..thanks..and good luck with yours.
Even on day 1 you look great! Hope you are feeling ok. I had PJ's that buttoned up in front. I slipped my drain tubes through the openings and into front pockets. It was really a nice way to keep them from getting pulled.
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Day two post op

Well I slept much better last night..I rubbed Arnica cream on the Lipo areas around my armpit and on the breast not the incision, felt so good..pain is minimal about a 2/10. I'm still taking Ultram pain med around the clock..and drinking plenty of fluids...I have noticed a ringing in the ear, which is kind of strange.drains are still in and draining around fifty mod per day, so not time to take them out yet..
I have yet to see the tattas because of the bandages..but drainage at all on the thing thats killing me is not able to shower until drains out..
Overall not bad..


don't worry about the drains coming out, it's not that bad really. I didn't think too much about it and when she did it was so quick, a little uncomfortable but not real painful. And it only took a few seconds for each one. Then you will go around thinking you are missing something LOL. You'll do great, you have already done the hard part. xoxo
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Thank you, I will try not to think about the drains coming out...can't wait to really see my tattas..they look pretty high up in my chest..
Good luck with your healing, i can really imagine how horrible these drains must be!
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Post op dsy day 3

My appetite is not back today I'm feeling weak..another thing is I'm taking stool softener and still have not been able to go bathroom...I'm still drinking lots but that is definitely an issue..
Last night I decided to come off the pain meds and oh boy was I swore this morning...another thing I did was undress by my self and almost fainted..I became dizzy.cold and sweaty...had to lie on bathroom was upset at me for not getting their help....feeling a lot better now, took pain pill...but still bloated.


Congratulations on a successful surgery! Rest as much as you can. Don't be "strong" and stop the pain meds. Take them as you need and always best to stay ahead of the pain (harder to get it under control once it becomes full blown). Best wishes for continued healing!
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Thank you for your support...I am definitely taking it easy and I have switch from Ultram to 800 milligrams of motrin I'm doing so much appetite is still not back, so still pretty weak, can't wait to be back to norm. I am so glad you are doing well.
Omg please be careful and ask for help. I really didn't have much of a appetite either on day 3 it will slowly come back but dnt try and be so independent just yet.. let them pamper you :)
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four days post

Felt pretty weak today...appetite still not back but I forced myself to eat something every 3hours and it seem to be working..also woke up with low grade I walk around more today..took Motrin 800mg instead of the ultram..snuck a peek at the new boobies..from what I can see they seem perky...could not see nipple or scar so I'm going to hold my excitement until Thursday the 26th...look like a large C or small D. I would be happy either long as it's not the old will post a pic of the peek..


Hi there, congratulations! Now be sure to follow advice here about not letting the pain get away from you. And rest rest rest! You mentioned bloating, that's to be expected. Both from anesthsia and pain meds. With motrin only that should subside, but it takes days for it to all flush out of your system. Water helps. My first days I moved very slowly. Try to let your family wait on you. And enjoy your holidays. You look great!
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post op day 5

The drains are out...was not bad at all...I thought it would be so painful but it wasnt..they removed all the surgical I finally saw my boobies for the first time and boy are they perky...the right one looks larger than the left and my left nipple is inverted...they told me not to worry it will eventually come out and the swelling will take care of the incision is T shape...happy about that...
Energy level is significantly higher today...the fresh air does a lot for the psychi..


Hmmm. I pray they even out but honestly I can't see dat happening. They r perky tho
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I pray they even out as well..thanks
Wow they look so different, i find it difficult to stay calm and say it is just swelling.
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Asymetry on day five..

Anyone have this problem with one breast larger than the other..did it self correct or did you need a revision..

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Your asymmetry doesn't look bad. Its early - so for sure give it time and I think it will even out! Looking great for day 5!
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Thank you...I will do just that..I'm gonna concentrate on healing...
Looking really good, early days, they may change a lot of the next couple of months.
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feeling good on day six

had my first shower after surgery...felt wonderful...slept for the first time in my appetite is slowly increasing...went on the scale this morning and I was down 10 lbs...this is mainly from lack of spirits this am is good...I am still happy I had my healing is coming along quite opening...just major swelling and the asymmetry and inverted nipples...going back
to p.s. this will discuss more on that subject...will keep you updated
on that...
For now I'm gratefull for my health and my current progress..oh tried on this medium genie fits and comfy....


You look really good. You are so early in post op, and I've been told that each breast reacts differently to the trama of surgery. And there will be different amounts of swelling in each. You are doing good and having a positive attitude will work wonders in your healing. :)
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That's the same advice my p.s. gave me today...I am feeling great and my healing is going I am going to relax and do just that...thank you so much for your support..
You look great. We are just one day apart on recovery. I'm sure they are still swollen and will go down and be ok, keep us posted and take care. :)
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post op day 8

Visit the p.s. office today and went over my concerns with inverted nipple...which he confirmed that in time it will self correct..this happened because of the amount of trauma from surgery...he used Lipo and tissue removal and a lot of molding to get the upper poll fullness I wanted and now I just need to have patience that my breast will heal and be even and everted in time...I can drive now..pull things over
my head without straining ofcourse and Tylenol as needed for pain...I am going to
be taped with brown tape for the next six weeks or longer to keep my incisions far no reaction to the tape..the swelling is going down on my breast...I
snuck a bra fitting in Wal-Mart and I am fitting in a 36 D...or a 38C...even with all the happy...I feel really more pain in my shoulders, back or breasts feel extremely light. ...can't wait until I can go back to running except this time will be more double bras and sports bra to keep things in place...welcome to lighter and brighter days...


I have used the brown micropore tape for 8 weeks now - my scars are flat and it makes you feel more secure - not sure why more of the surgeons do not suggest it as good practice. Good healing!
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great news and you have achieved the exact size i am aiming for on my second reduction. we must be titty twins
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Titty twins...that's funny...this size is actually quite comfy but since it's still swollen I'm expecting a decrease in bra size as well..I think my final size will be 36 C/D...I hope your surgeon achieve your desired size...

Just to add

I am using Arnica Montana tabs under the tongue and Aribica mek on the actual breast to help decrease the also helps with pain...

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just to add

I meant Arnica Montana gel on the actual breast...


Arnica is a true miracle ! I am sure it will help !
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You look great no worries, I'm pretty sure once swelling goes down and you're completely healed your going to feel and look like a million bucks. i would take your post op breasts at this stage than mine now ;)
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I have been loving on them and I'm so thankful for the way my healing is coming along...I love the size..the lightness...and the way they look in clothes...thank you so much.

Two weeks post

Each day has been different for me with this recovery...sometimes I feel weak...low grade fever and emotional...I realized I was not moving enough...and also obsessing about my boobs...I had to snap out of that...
Now it looks as if the swelling is going down..the shape is getting better...even the
nipple is starting to poke out...I can now
imagine what another two weeks will bring.
I tried on a few dresses bra-less...felt
amazing...for moisture and scar
treatment..I'm using the palmers scar treatment oil...and also still taping with
brown tape...changed the tape today and
everything is looking good with the
healing...just continuing to have positive
thoughts and hope all will work out for the


I think you look good
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Thank you...they are changing everyday...
they really ARE looking awesome! you have such a cute figure and just a teensy bit too blessed in the boob area....i have the opposite issue and will need implants :-/ - seriously looking good!
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three weeks post..

I can't believe it's been three weeks already...the next time I will see my p.s. will be the 21st...I must say I feel really good...I think I am about 80% back to breasts really have not change much between weeks two and three...still pretty swollen...nipple coming out slowly...symmetry not as bad as week one but still there...I know I'm swollen but breast looks still big to me...the smaller breast is more what I want so maybe I will get my wish...the zingers is on a rampage...I massage my breast which helps with those...still sleeping on my back cause side hurts...seems like I'm tearing my stitches when I appetite is back...bowels are finally working normal....I'm driving even though long driving leaves me sore and uncomfortable...
As far as my incisions they seem to be ok...I've decided to not use the tape around the nipples...the black adhesive from surgery is still I'm going to let them air for a while...I go back to work in three weeks...I turn forty this happy I did this for my self...


You look amazing :) happy early birthday!!
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Thank you..
You're looking great! :) Keep positive!!!
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Five weeks post...

What a difference two weeks make...I am healing well...scars are minimal...the inverted nipple has resolved...yaaay...thebreast are evening out but the swelling is still there...he said because of the lipo the swelling will stay much longer...closer to six months before final bra size and shape...after that he will do whatever needs to done to make me happy...I liked hearing that..I like a
doctor that stands behind his work...I finally got some answers re/ to how here goes...right breast 538gm...left 548gm...Lipo 250ml each and he
did a superior pedicule approach lejour technique...he stated to avoid bottoming out....
I started walking the neighborhood and it feels real good...I'm going back to gym tomorrow and I return to work on Monday the 27th...I'm sleeping comfortable on my side...full range of motion with my arms and alternating between bio oil and Vit E oil palmers for scar treatment...
I have a regular fashion show at the house because everything fits so nice...I'm a bit of a shopaholic don't have to buy anything but underwire bras when the time is just great right now...feeling so happy about the surgery...


thanks so much for this, glad you are doing so well. i am having second reduction in 2 days time, also based on superior pedicle.
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That's a good approach results suppose to last will do great.
Very nice!!
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