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Hi ladies, I am 5'1, 112 pounds and I am...

Hi ladies, I am 5'1, 112 pounds and I am finally getting my boobs back!!! My surgery is scheduled for March 8th 2012 and I can't wait. I have two wonderful children (ages 3 and 1) who were both breastfed and a loving husband. Before kids I loved my breast. They were perky, smooth and round...now they are what I call chicken cutlets!

After going to five different doctors for consultations I finally settled on a doctor from a referral! 2 out of the 5 doctors all wanted to give me a lift but I didn't want the scar and I didn't want high porno boobs (no offense). Its just that I wanted them to look natural for me, my age and the fact that I have two kids.

I have settled on Memory Gel Silicone implants by Mentor. I am thinking of going with 320 cc. My right breast is larger than my left so my doctor will make sure to correct them. I work out 5 days a week so I am thinking of going over the muscle but my doctor and I will decide closer to the date. Oh and my doctor is known for no scarring!

Even though I personally don't know any of you, your stories has helped me to feel at ease and know that I am making a great decision! Thanks ladies!!!

Hi ladies, so my surgery was today and it wasn't...

Hi ladies, so my surgery was today and it wasn't that bad. To be honest I want to stop taking the meds already not because I am not in pain but because its not the pain I thought I would be in and the meds are really not making it go away. The pain feels a tight and heavy feeling more than a surgery feeling. Sorry if it sounds like I am rambling about the pain but its hard to explain when I was thinking it would be pain to the tenth power! I know this is only day one but the worst part so far was literally just waiting to get started. I didn't have any nervous jitters suprisingly ( I hope I didn't just make up a word) but I was just laying in the bed talking to my hubby waiting for them to get started! However, when they did boy was everything over so fast. I remember waving to my husband like I was in the pagent to waxing up with the nervous beside me saying hi doll everything went and looks great!
I have only peaked and must say they look good so far! Also, my first thought to be honest was wow they look a little small..LOL!!!! I will get some pics up tonight is I can. Oh one more thing...I am so greatful for this site and all the lovely women that posted their honest reviews...it has really been helpful! I thought I was going crazy because my stomach seems so big right now and I couldn't understand why but after reading another review it was nice to see that she went thru the same thing. Good night ladies, once again thanks and for those of who who have upcoming surgeries believe me its not that bad!!! You can do it!!!

So its day two and I feel wonderful! There still...

So its day two and I feel wonderful! There still is a tight and heavy feeling but nothing I can't handle. I am actually thinking about stopping my pain medication but we will see. I can't wait to really see them but my doctor does not want me to take the bra off until Monday..that's my next appt. I have posted a picture. Its not the best picture and it looks like one breast is bigger than the other but its the bra....and I am scared to adjust it...LOL!

The only bad thing so far is me itching like crazy and sorry maybe tmi but I have a lot of gas!!!!! I know this is from the anesthesia.

Hi ladies!! So today was another good day. I had...

Hi ladies!! So today was another good day. I had my first doc appt and that went well...except I could have done without the pushing and pressing on the boobies!!! Man did that hurt. I am no longer taking the pain meds just the antibiotics. My next appt is on Friday...and my doctor didn't tell me to start massaging so I will probably listen to him. Oh, I was able to take a shower!!!! The simple things in life that make you smile...you will see what I am talking about. I still have the tape on my boobs... that will come off on Friday...until then thanks ladies for all the kind words and I will post some new pictures!!

Hi ladies!!! My boobs are doing wonderful...thank...

Hi ladies!!! My boobs are doing wonderful...thank goodness. I must say they feel like real boobs...very soft and squishy! The only thing that has been bothering me is my stomach. I have had an upset stomach the whole entire recovery process. I think I waited to long to take a laxative and I am now paying for it. Otherwise, I am doing great. I have started doing a light workout at the gym...no lifting or running though. I am going to wait the full six weeks for that.

On another note....not sure if others have experienced this but my cycle has been totally affected by the surgery....just a warning to others. Yes, it had me taking a pregnancy test! My doctors assured me that this was normal and I wasn't freaking out for nothing...also because of my upset stomach. My nipples are still sore....I went home to NY this past weekend and the cold air was not my breast friend! I have a doctors appointment on Friday so hopefully I will get my strips off (haven't seen my incision yet). I will try and post pictures tonight. I will be honest and say I go back n forth between a phase of liking them and not liking them. I think this is due to my left taking its precious time to drop!!! But I do not regret it....it has been a little hard not to pick up my little ones. I have 3 year old and 1 1/2 year old and its a little hard trying to explain to them that mommy can't pick them up right now.

Also, one thing I do notice is a change in my lack of energy...not sure if others have experienced this as well. Before my BA surgery I was VERY active and I now notice that I tire easily ( I am sure running after a 3 and 1 1/2 year old doesn't help...I am also a SAHM) but this is the one thing that I am not use to and can't wait to go away. Ok enough of me rambling, but I hope this information can help someone...will post some new pictures tonight!

Hi Ladies!!! I feel like I haven't been on here in...

Hi Ladies!!! I feel like I haven't been on here in forever....I have to do better...because I know how it is to have your surgery coming up and you just want to read and read everyones stories to make you feel at ease.
Well I have finally reached my 4 week mark....WOOHOO!!!!! I am so excited to finally be there and feel like I can do more. I started working out again!!! Nothing major...my trainers won't let me do anything really involving my upper body and arms. So far I have been maxing it out on cardio (walking on treadmill with incline and stair master) and abs. I think however tomorrow I just may try to run....wish me luck! I was going to wait the full six weeks but my doctor has given me the green light...well to be honest his exact words were...You are cleared for all activities but no rodeo!! LOL gotta love my doctor! I have finally posted new pics up. I still have a little tightness every now and then and I also noticed during week three if I bended down a certain way I could hear a squishing noise sometimes. I haven't heard it too much in week 4.
The last couple of weeks I have slept on my side and stomach (heaven sent)! I was so tired of sleeping on my back. I haven't went to any stores to get sized yet...still holding out for that. During the day I wear a cami under my shirts and nothing at night per my doctor. I also have not started massaging the girls yet. My doctor said if I wanted to start its fine, but he isn't pressed about it. I say this to say...some doctors tells their patients different things and its completely normal. What works for one patient might not work for another. And if anything I see massaging as only helping...so why not....I have just been following my doctors orders.
My incisions are healing quite nicely I think except on my right boob it looks raised a little bit but my husband swears I am being extra picky!! Oh well I am off and good luck to all the new girls getting their surgeries...I am so happy and can't wait for bikini season!!!

Hi Ladies!!!! I finally went into VS and got...

Hi Ladies!!!! I finally went into VS and got sized!!!! I measured a 34C...which is FAB!!! Not too big, not too small!! They are still dropping and feel amazing! I know this sounds crazy but I feel on them and I swear I cannot tell that I have fake boobies which is wonderful!!! That was really important to me. My friends can't even tell!!! My nipples are less sensitive which is a good thing. I still haven't worn any underwire bras yet. My doc wants me to wait 6 months.

Most importantly, I started back running and it felt so good!!! I was so tired of walking on the treadmill. I didn't need two sports bras like I thought I would I just bought a really good one. Make sure if you buy a sports bra to work out in not to buy it to tight thinking they shouldn't move...it leaves indentions and hurts your nipples once off believe me!

Hi Ladies!!! I am so excited...I ran three miles...

Hi Ladies!!! I am so excited...I ran three miles today and did an awesome workout afterwards...and I feel amazing. I must say I like how my new boobs look in my workout clothes!!!!
Ladies...there is light at the end of the tunnel...I promise. My stomach is finally down...yes I was looking like a tellatubby! I was worried that my boobs would be bouncing up and down like Pamela Anderson or something but they stayed in place and looked great!!! Have a good day ladies and I must say I have no regrets!!!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

All I can say is wonderful from beginning to end. Dr. Mullins and his staff always made me feel comfortable. No question was a not smart question and he not once did I feel like I was just another patient. I really think this is what allowed me to not have any sort of nervous jitters or doubts. With that being said I would honestly say make sure you not only research your doctor but go with someone who makes you feel 100% comfortable.

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I was so happy to see someone else who did just implants without a lift! Thanks for posting your story; I felt just like you, I didn't want boobs up to my collarbone, just more filled out. You look fantastic!! :)
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Thanks MKCT110261526!!!!
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Thanks!!! now I want mines done, like tomorrow!!! lol. they look perky and happy!!! congrats on your journey.... well done!
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Thanks MXandM's Mommy!
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OMG!!! your breast looks so natural.Love them.I cant wait till i can start going back to the gym again.I cant believe your PS wants you to wait 6 months for under wire.Hopefully i can find some push up bra that doesn't have underwire.I'm not sure how long i have to wait but i guess i wont mind.Happy healing sister :)
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Thanks Judy26! and yes happy healing to you aswell!
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Hey there. I am considering Dr. Mullins for implant and/or lift. He has no website and he has no pics. This is the only pic that I have seen noting his work. I was referred to him from another plastic surgeon. Did you request referrals or know someone who has used him? I am nervous about getting a lift and having the vertical scar/
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Hi Miss Peach! Yes I was referred to him from a previous patient (my neighbor). I was a little skeptical about his office having no pictures or website but decided to go ahead because I loved what I seen from my neighbor. I also felt really comfortable with him and his office. I was also afraid of the vertical scar but if I had the choice again I would probably go ahead with it. I love my boobs but sometimes I wish they were a little more perkier. Hope this helps!!
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Okay thanks.....
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Woow i am reading this and ironically i weigh the same as you, same height and my boobs almost similar. Am getting silicon implants btwn 300 and 320. My surgery is 12 nov 2012(in 2 days) and am freaking out lol. Just the pre-surgery thing i guess. so exited though..... Thanks a lot for Ur post, has helped in different ways as i wasn't sure on the size as well......wish me luck....
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Glad my story can help! Good luck with your upcoming surgery. You will not regret it. It's normal to freak out before but it will be over before you can even blink your eye! Take care and drink lots of water
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Wow 5 months... You look great!! I'm sure it was worth the pain and money to ya now!
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Thanks so much LuvMyBoyfriend!!! Yes totally worth it...congrats on your upcoming surgery! You will love them.
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Hey rbi! looking good girl. Your boobies look much fuller now. I used to have 'chicken cutlets' too...Lol Glad those days are over!! Best wishes for many years of boobie bliss;-)
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Thanks Kooberry!!!!! I am so happy the chicken cutlets are gone!
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Thank you, thank you, Thank you!! I didn't want the scarring from a lift as well and you have made me feel 100% better about not wanting a lift!!!!
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One question did you get the implant outside the muscle or underneath the muscle??
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Hi Neednewboobies! My implants are under the muscle. Hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks and good luck!!!
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hi,i was looking at your pics and you look good,im scared od a scar on m breast plus i do not scar well,where is yout scar placed,can you update wit clearer pics,and what is ur doctors contact info
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Hi chanel7349....sorry I am just getting back to you. My doctor was Dr. David Mullins at Piedmont Hospital. I will post new pics tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!
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I would love to hear how you guys feel after about 5 years. If you start getting sick, have them out immediately before you suffer permanent damage. these things are NOT SAFE!!!
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Hi ladies! Thank you all for sharing your stories. I am at the beginning of this process; just had my consultation last week with my ps and will be calling monday to schedule my next appt. He is recommending low-profile silicone, under the muscle. One question I'd like to throw out there is, have any of you either had your ps recommend this and if so how do you like the results? Honestly I asked so many questions at my consult and got so many answers, my head is swimming now! I'm about a 36A right now and I'm tired of wearing padded bras. I just want to make sure I end up going big enough; I want to look natural too though! I'm 5'8'. I'm not nervous, just full of excitement and questions!! I'm glad I found this site and if anyone has any info or advice for me, I'd love it. I really like my ps a lot and trust him.....now I just have to wait until Monday to call and get more answers :-)
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Hi Alicia, congrats on your upcoming surgery! My doctor recommended mod profile but I was borderline needing a lift. Hope this helps.
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You look great! Nicely dropped! Glad you back running! I gained 8 lb in 2 weeks, can't wait to go back to the gym! Miss it so much!
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Thanks Zsuzsika26!!!! Yes, it felt soo good to get back in the gym and do a real work out. I gained 8lbs too! And I feel like it all went to my stomach...ugh!
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