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I am having my BA done a week from today. My...

I am having my BA done a week from today. My surgeon has suggested I get 457 cc & silicone implants above the muscle. My husband & I are a little aprehensive about them being too large. I am only 5' & 109 lbs. However, I am a current deflated 36 B so I think I have alot of extra tissue or sag that he may be taking into account that I may not know. I do trust my surgeon so much because he performed my tummy tuck & it turned out great. Just thought I would get others to weigh in with their opinions. Thanks! So excited!

I think they will look great!! Do you have to get a lift? Good luck! :)
Hello bobi~ Thanks for sharing your story. Good luck on the upcoming surgery. Look forward to seeing the post op piks soon:)

I had my pre-op yesterday. It looks like we're...

I had my pre-op yesterday. It looks like we're going through w/ 457cc. Doc says they will be big but nice. OH my goodness! So excited, nervous, anxious!! Lol! I just hope I don't look unproportionate!
What Dr are you going to? I had mine done in Atl also
Dr. David Whiteman in Duluth. You?
I am 5' and at the time of my BA about 125lbs. I went under the muscle and got 400cc high profile silcone. I would go under the muscle if I were you. They look and feel more real. Also they are much better supported. You can go to my profile and look at my before and aftre pic if ya want.

So today is the day after my surgery. From what I...

So today is the day after my surgery. From what I can tell I really love them but hope they don't go down too much with the swelling. The boobs them selves haven't been bad at all but holy cow the lipo of my is what's killing me. But I know it will be worth. Thanks for all the advise & words of wisdom from you all. I will be posting pics along my journey. Thanks everyone!
I started with a deflated B and some extra skin .. not quite as much skin and breast tissue as you and went with 457 ccs, silicone, moderate profiles. They are great .. I actually wish I went bigger. They are TOO easy to cover up LOL! Good luck! :) xoxo
I'm swollen now & love the current size so I'm really hoping I don't wish I had gone bigger by the time the swelling goes down. I can't wait to see them w/ out bandages!!!
Aw! Lol. They say you lose a cup size once the swelling is all done but every one is so different. I think I am still having boob greed. Can't wait to see them without the bandages either lol!! Whoo hoo!

OMG I am absolutely loving my breasts! It's...

OMG I am absolutely loving my breasts! It's driving me crazy that I have to keep this sports bra on all the time because I want to look at them & try things on. Did anyone else have this problem with the waiting for post-op game? I have taken my bra off a couple times to look at them but put it right back on. That's not so bad is it? I found some bras from when I was bigger before breast feeding & want to try them on but am scared. I will say this when I take the sports bra off they are SO HEAVY!

I just can't wait to see them without the bandages. I'm pretty sure the doc gave me a peri-aoral lift too so that's why I want to see so bad. I think I'm going to be obsessed w/ my boobs! LMBO! I've started back light activity today which is 5 days post-op. Like light laundry. Do you think that is ok?

I'm posting another picture and want to see what everyone thinks. If anyone wants to see w/ no bra let me know bc. I would love to hear your opinions & I'll be glad to pm a pic to you. Thanks boobie gals!!!
I am 3 weeks post op from a BA. I went from a sagging 36 b to a 475 cc under the muscle saline. I love them, but I have a numbness around my breasts and nipples. Has anyone experienced this before?

The lipo has been the worst part of all this. I'd...

The lipo has been the worst part of all this. I'd love to hear opinions on how they look so far! Thanks! :)
Wow they look great!!!
I'm sure that is normal. But I am only 1 wk post-op so it's probably too early for me to weigh in. Good luck!
I am 3 weeks post op and have lots of numbness in the same areas as you so I think it is normal, my surgeon said to expect this and it should wear off by 6 to 8 weeks as the nerve endings heal up.

15 day post op...whe will I stop being so sore?...

15 day post op...whe will I stop being so sore? I'm worried one is larger than the other. Any advice on that? When can I run again? Wanting to post new pics and it isn't letting me. I wish this site was as easy as fb!
I heard one being larger than the other is normal and they will soften up and look normal. Your PS did a great job. I'm 7 weeks post op and the soreness did subside but it still comes and goes. Mostly happens in the morning and not so much during the day. I'm new to this too. But it gets better. Good luck
So you had a BA too? you look great! When did your soreness subside?
YES :) i did!!! tummy tuck and implants were christmas present from my husband. My implants are sub muscular so it took the soreness a while, atleast a month. I was also a little apprehensive with my cc size too. I was not symmetrical so I had 430 in one and 490 in the other. Now they match... Hehe. I'm 5'4. 128lbs. I'm 35 mother of 2 boys. I live my size now. FYI don't go out shopping for real bras any time soon. Have been twice no luck yet and not comfortable.

19 days post op. Loving my new girls but I can't...

19 days post op. Loving my new girls but I can't believe I'm still so sore. Is it Bc sub-muscular? I'm posting new pica. Still want to know when I can run?
WOW you look so so great!!!! I'm getting 457 mod + Friday! Love you boobs oh my god i would want to look at them all the time and try different things on too!!!
U look great and gave me a gd idea of cc I'm 5 ft n 104 so I'm thinkin 450...hope ya soreness gets better u really look amazing
Thanks! When is your surgery?
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