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In September 2010, I underwent breast augmentation...

In September 2010, I underwent breast augmentation surgery and went from a 34 a to a 34 dd. In hindsight I guess that was too big, but that was what my PS suggested. I think I have 350cc in one and 375cc in the other. I have decided to remove my breast implants after a little over three years. I developed capsular contracture in my left breast about a month an a half after my original surgery. Six months later I went in for revision surgery only to have it happen again.

It has gotten worse where it feels tight all the time. I am beyond self conscious about it and often feel like I can't go out in public because I feel like people can tell. I read this in another post, I feel more self conscious now than when I didn't have any breasts.

My big fear is how disfigured I'm going to look. I'm about to go through a divorce and am going to start dating again, I hope. My hope is that they won't look THAT bad. My original incisions were made around the nipple. I don't want to add MORE scars to the breast since I feel like they are already going to look messed up. Is it possible to go through the same scar?

I'm so scared to do this! But at the same time, having my breast with CC is not comfortable and has taken a toll on my self esteem. I'm scared to go back to flat as a pancake and have everyone comment on that.

Just looking for a little moral support to let me know everything is going to be ok.


I don't know you ladies but I feel like I love you all! Thank you so much for the support and encouragement. I will most definitely keep you all updated. One PS tomorrow, one Wednesday and the original on Tuesday. I'm also hoping for surgery the first week of February. The more stories I read about removal, the more secure in my decision I feel. I know I cannot keep them the way they are and I have to take them out, but knowing other ladies have gone through the same thing and have made it through to the other side is so encouraging. I know it's going to be hard. I know I will have a period of adjustment and acceptance. Especially with and impending divorce. Thankfully, we are on good terms and he is supportive and will help me through the process. Every day I'm thankful for my blessings. Hugs to you all!
I hear you (hugs). Who knows? I am in a good relationship with a guy who met me with my boobs. He says he is supportive of me removing them however....he says he likes small breasts and I beleive him but, does he truly understand NO breasts or disfigured breasts or just hanging skin? What I keep focusing on is what I want. I want a man wo accpets me for who I am. I mean men have their issues too. We all are in this messy life together and we all need each other! You are more than your boobs. We are more! Sending you relaing peaceful vibes....have you ever seen Brene Brown's TED talks? Google Brene Brown TEDtalks.....they are 18 minutes long and on women and shame.
Ouch! That looks really painful. I'm sorry you're having to go through so much both with your divorce and your implants. I think some women's bodies just don't handle them as well as others. If you want it in the future, fat transfer is an option. And here's a post about some great bras that can give you some oomph. Please keep us updated. We are here for you!

Left breast obviously encapsulated

I've had two rounds of implants... Both silicone.... 350cc.. After 17 years I had "caps"... I had them removed. After a year, I couldn't stand the concave holes in my chest so I opted to have them redone... From the very beginning, I was not happy with my left breast. My PS said it was "normal" because I have such pendulous breasts... Now, 8 years later, the right breast ruptured while we were on a 3 month trip. Found a good surgeon ... They had to be removed. I chose not to replace them. That was in August... I'm having a very had time with my saggy little barely b cup size! I just turned 60 last fall and I feel like the character "Maxine" of Hallmark card fame! I'm so blessed to be healthy, so why do I feel so ugly? Sexy is out of the question... Maybe I need prayers.... No, I DO need prayers!
((Hugs)) Bikeforboobs! I can only imagine how you feel. I'm going to go back to an A and am devastated. I'm about to update my review to tell why.
I'm there with you. I'm 56 and have 32 year old silicone - one ruptured. Still trying to figure this thing out. I don't really want a lift but maybe I need one. Hate going through this. Would much rather spent the money on a kitchen remodel than a boob remodel!

After the visits.

I went to two PS this week to talk about my explantation. The first doctor made me feel very comfortable with my removal. She talked to me about having a lift because of the deflation after having implants. I'm starting to think that that is going to be the option I end up with. At first I thought just the removal would be ok because my implants haven't been in that long, I'm relatively young, etc.

Today I found out that my implants were not 350cc as I remembered them to be, but rather 450cc. The doctor I went to today I saw about a year and a half ago about revision surgery. Today I told him I just wanted them out. I walked out of his office feeling completely devastated. I understand the risks of the surgery I will probably undergo. He knew that I was getting a divorce and pretty much told me that I would have dented breasts that were pruney considering the size of my implant. He said if I were his wife, he would just tell me to leave them in. That they look better now than what they will look like if I get them removed. That I would feel self conscious if I were to date after having them removed.

Then he told me I should get a small saline implant above the muscle. I will say that what he had to say had a lot of validity but his delivery was horrendous. If he was trying to convince me to get a replacement with him, he failed.

I am so terribly sad right now as I don't know what to do anymore. Why did I ever do this to myself?
What doctors have you seen in Atlanta? I'm going for a consultation today in Atlanta and also have another next week. Finding the right doctor is really scary. I'm just praying for the Lord to open the door to the best one for me! Keep us posted.
bigmistake, what Doctorss are you seeing? I am also in ATL and looking for a Dr. Hoping to get mine out in the fall.
Hey Mary8847, I just saw your comment and I'm happy to tell you I found a doctor that I feel is wonderful. Her name is Dr Diane Alexander. She is at Northside Atlanta and was recommended to me by another one of my doctors. I saw her Monday and her staff are awesome! She does breast reconstruction and that made me feel better than just a PS. They are trying to get insurance to cover the surgery which a lot of PS won't even fool with. I am planning to have my surgery in June, so I will keep you updated as things move along.
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