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After being sick for many years following...

After being sick for many years following implanting saline implants for 10 years, I decided to explant. While some of my symptoms are subsiding, making the implant removal worth it, my cosmetic outcome is horrendous. Especially since I paid for a lift after I was told I would be deformed without one and I ended up deformed anyway. I was told my skin stuck to my tissue as a result of requesting a full capsulectomy.

32 post op

At 32 days my muscles feel mostly healed. My skin is still very sore. I'm still too sore to comfortably massage. My right breast has indented further leaving the appearance of almost two separate breasts.

As for the implant illness, I continue to feel better except my mcs has worsened possibly as a result of the anesthesia and post surgery medications. I'm more likely to react and react longer to chemical exposures.

7 weeks

At 7 weeks post explant, my left side seems to be fluffing out some. The right side remains the same. My health continues to improve.

Two months post explant/lift

At two months past explant/lift, my health continues to improve but I'm still very unhappy with the cosmetic outcome. I have decided to revisit the surgeon soon to see what options he suggests other than fat transfers or re-implanting.

Surgeon revisit

I went in to see my surgeon again to discuss my poor cosmetic outcome. I'm sure in his opinion, the visit went well. But it was far from good. He tells me he warned me of this outcome. That's an outright false statement. Whether he believes it or not, I don't know. Had he warned me of this outcome, I would have got another opinion or many opinions. He also tells me he only took me on as a patient because he felt sorry for me. I'm sure the thousands I paid him didn't influence him at all. I didn't ask him to feel sorry for me. I asked him if he could perform the surgery I wanted. He knew I was paying for a lift because I didn't want to look deformed. He should have been honest and said no he was not the right surgeon for this procedure. But he told me more than once that he could do this surgery.
When I asked if he would fix this at the one year mark and not charge me, he said I knew this outcome was going to happen and he deserves to get something out of any future surgery. I explained that I already paid for a lift because I wanted to look normal. I didn't expect to be perfect, but did expect to not be deformed.
In the end, he tried to say we would discuss this at the one year mark. Then when I insisted we have a plan now, to implement at the one year mark, he asked what it would take to make me happy today. I told him I want to know he will fix this at the one year mark. He finally said he would but I would have to pay for anesthesia and facility costs. And of course, I think he was only saying what I wanted to hear to get me out of his office.
Over all, I'm very emotional distressed. I simply don't like being mislead or lied to. And I don't like doctors who have little to no compassion and don't take responsibility. I feel like this was not a surgery he was experienced enough to perform. But he never told me that. He assured me he could do this. He NEVER mentioned skin sticking or distortion until post surgery.
And now I'm left with the outcome that doesn't fit into any normal bras - an outcome that embarrasses me so bad that I don't let my husband see me.

3 months post explant

There's not a lot of change at 3 months. But as you can see, the right side is still worse than the left. The left side seems to be shifting tissue down to the bottom left rather than into the indention.

Perfect Bra for this situation

These are the only bras I have found so far that I can wear. They are like a sports bra but a little cuter and they have a cup which hides my flaws. And they are $5 at my Walmart. While I hate that I can't do any cute bra shopping anymore, at least I have found something that works and is cute itself. I wanted to share in case anyone else didn't end up with a shape that fits in a normal bra and wants a bra option.

Another Woman Like Me!!!

Ok ladies, I've finally seen pics of someone with a similar outcome to mine. She's on here - Flora 34. By the one year mark, she looked great. However, I'm progressing with much less change than she did. So I don't necessarily think I'll end up with the same results as her. But it gives me reason to hope that maybe I can reach a point of not looking as bad. I don't require perfection to be happy with my look. But I would prefer to be less deformed than I am now. I'm not doing an updated pic this month because not a lot has changed. I do know I heal very slow compared to most other women. I'm hoping this means I will change for the better just at a much slower pace.
Two things have been suggested to me recently though. One is to massage with frankincense oil. And the other is to massage with all natural progesterone cream. Anyone heard of either of these options making a difference in concaved Breasts or to help with fluffing?

More changes than I realized

At 4 1/2 months post explant, seeing a pic of myself has made me realize there are more changes than I realized. My left Breast, although far from perfect, seems to be filling out more. Sadly, it seems a lot of the tissue is falling down to the outside of the Breast and I doubt it will come back up into that pocket since now gravity is working against me. But I can live with the left side. To touch, it feels completely normal and looks normal in a bra. My poor right side is as pitiful as always, maybe more so. It looks like maybe it's caved in even tighter. I'm not so sure that skin didn't stick leaving no way for it to ever fill in. But, I will continue to be hopeful since I know our bodies will continue to change. And the thought of another surgery right now, even if I had plenty of money, makes me sick. I can't do it right now or even at 6 months. But I've always said I'll wait till a year, maybe two, post op to decide. Thanks for all the support ladies. It's greatly appreciated.

9 months post explant

Well ladies, it's been a while since I updated. Until recently I had seen no change cosmetically or medically. Now, I have small changes I wanted to share.
As you can see by my pic, my left breast seems to have filled in a little. I still clearly have a pocket there that is even more noticeable if I raise my arms or lie on my back. But overall, I would have easily been satisfied if both had the look of the left breast. Sorry for the poor picture (and my thumb). It was late and I was tired.
My poor pitiful right breast I do believe is permanently stuck. At times it seems like I may have more fullness at the top. And at times it seems exactly the same. I think that skin is stuck and it appears that no amount of time or gravity will help.
Medically wise, my chemical sensitivity has worsened even more. I have recently learned that people with MCS don't generally tolerate anesthesia well, as it's a mixture of chemicals. It has spiraled my chemical sensitivity out of control and I'm now researching doctors to treat this condition. Certainly if any of you ladies have suffered from MCS and have found a way to beat it, please let me know any advice or doctor reference you have for treatment.
I, of course, can't tolerate more anesthesia for more surgery but regardless of that, I am still at a place mentally in which I'm ok with how I look for now. No, I don't love it. And I don't look at myself and think I have beautiful breast. But I do look at myself and think, "You survived." And then these breasts seem like war heros. Lol
My husband loves me any way I am. I have to appreciate that. We joke.
Me: If you're into big boobs you'll have to look elsewhere.
Him: Been there, had those
Me: If you're into normal boobs, you'll have to look elsewhere.
Him: Been there. Had those. They are way overrated.
And I appreciate that we can joke about it and that I'm loved for far more than my looks.
For you ladies who have had less than perfect explant cosmetic outcomes, I know how emotional it can be. But if you were sick from your implants, with them nearly destroying you, as mine did, focus on your health. We can purchase pretty bras. But good health is priceless.
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