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After being sick for many years following...

After being sick for many years following implanting saline implants for 10 years, I decided to explant. While some of my symptoms are subsiding, making the implant removal worth it, my cosmetic outcome is horrendous. Especially since I paid for a lift after I was told I would be deformed without one and I ended up deformed anyway. I was told my skin stuck to my tissue as a result of requesting a full capsulectomy.


This question is for RaiRai and any of you who are commenting on this post...what were your symptoms of being sick? Did it start gradually and just become worse? We're your breast not feeling "healed"? I'm very interested in what to look out for?
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Rai, I don't care how bad my breast look after removal. ..I want my life back. And you look good. These implants are literally killing me and a lot of other women. I would rather my nipples hit the floor and live. You did the right thing.
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I will send good vibes your way in hopes that you can explant soon and in hopes that it heals you :)

32 post op

At 32 days my muscles feel mostly healed. My skin is still very sore. I'm still too sore to comfortably massage. My right breast has indented further leaving the appearance of almost two separate breasts.

As for the implant illness, I continue to feel better except my mcs has worsened possibly as a result of the anesthesia and post surgery medications. I'm more likely to react and react longer to chemical exposures.


Hope your doing better..im glad your actually feeling physically better..I hope I do to...I think you will look much better as time goes by...we just got to be patient...mine explant I next week so im saying that to myself now also..
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Hello, Just checking in with you to see how you are doing. Have your boobies done any fluffing as they call it? Also, are you feeling better, health wise? I do hope all is well with you. I'm having mine out on the 18th of this month. Took me awhile to find the perfect doctor. I'm also having my upper eyes done. I need to do something else that will make me feel really good about myself. The reason I'm taking mine out is also for health reasons and after being on this real self site I have learned so much. Another reason for removing them is the fact that they're probably leaking and I'm wondering if they are both I tack. I've had mine for 23 years. So, I'll fing out soon. Thank u for posting your story.
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Sorry for the typo's.

7 weeks

At 7 weeks post explant, my left side seems to be fluffing out some. The right side remains the same. My health continues to improve.


i wonder if fat transfer would work to fix the fold and where the tissue is sticking to the glands
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Hey girl..I have been reading all you post. . Glad your doing better..your a nice lady and I hope you get yourself strong soon and ask dr to fix your breast. You deserved a GOOD job.xxxx
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Just get complaining. .please dobt agree to pay him anymore money..ask him nicely to please revise you for you paid a high amount of money for him to make your breast naturally pretty...if you much ask for his associate to evaluate you...let dr know you have been on breast explant sites and you realize you not normal looking. .please be strong and confront him and dont back down until you get a date in the appt book for your no cost revision. Even if its 3 months down the road...you paid a ton of money to have a decent job done...its not uncommon for Dr's to redo stuff at no COST...his reputation is on the line. .
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Two months post explant/lift

At two months past explant/lift, my health continues to improve but I'm still very unhappy with the cosmetic outcome. I have decided to revisit the surgeon soon to see what options he suggests other than fat transfers or re-implanting.


Yup. Your left side does look fluffier. :-)
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It's looks even more so in person. The right side literally sinks all the way in. The left doesn't. You can't see that so much in the pics. The right side indention goes all the way to the outside of the breast and looks deformed from a side view. But the left breast looks normal from a side view. I'm hoping it's a sign that they may fluff out on their own. I'm very hopeful for the left breast. But the right one, I'm almost sure, will require a surgery to correct.
You go girl..im proud of you...karen
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Surgeon revisit

I went in to see my surgeon again to discuss my poor cosmetic outcome. I'm sure in his opinion, the visit went well. But it was far from good. He tells me he warned me of this outcome. That's an outright false statement. Whether he believes it or not, I don't know. Had he warned me of this outcome, I would have got another opinion or many opinions. He also tells me he only took me on as a patient because he felt sorry for me. I'm sure the thousands I paid him didn't influence him at all. I didn't ask him to feel sorry for me. I asked him if he could perform the surgery I wanted. He knew I was paying for a lift because I didn't want to look deformed. He should have been honest and said no he was not the right surgeon for this procedure. But he told me more than once that he could do this surgery.
When I asked if he would fix this at the one year mark and not charge me, he said I knew this outcome was going to happen and he deserves to get something out of any future surgery. I explained that I already paid for a lift because I wanted to look normal. I didn't expect to be perfect, but did expect to not be deformed.
In the end, he tried to say we would discuss this at the one year mark. Then when I insisted we have a plan now, to implement at the one year mark, he asked what it would take to make me happy today. I told him I want to know he will fix this at the one year mark. He finally said he would but I would have to pay for anesthesia and facility costs. And of course, I think he was only saying what I wanted to hear to get me out of his office.
Over all, I'm very emotional distressed. I simply don't like being mislead or lied to. And I don't like doctors who have little to no compassion and don't take responsibility. I feel like this was not a surgery he was experienced enough to perform. But he never told me that. He assured me he could do this. He NEVER mentioned skin sticking or distortion until post surgery.
And now I'm left with the outcome that doesn't fit into any normal bras - an outcome that embarrasses me so bad that I don't let my husband see me.


Rairai, how are you today?
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I'm doing fairly well. I still have problems with my mcs though. I'm very sensitive to any exposures. But I plan to detox out some of the chemicals ASAP in hopes of being able to handle exposures better when I do come across someone with perfume or the cleaning aisle at the grocery store, etc.
You seem to be getting some really good advice on here. Plentyful and Kellymae especially gave great advice regarding the knowledge of power and seeking other options out there. I am not knowledgeable enough about what is out there so what I do want to add to this subject is that you appear to be a fit looking individual who has been internally sick with these implants in. Being internally sick SUCKS. Taking them out was the best decision for you in order to allow your body to heal and feel better. Try to think of this "project" as a major detoxifier from the inside out. You just got rid of something fake, plastic and extremely toxic....not to mention really ugly. Now it's time to feed your body with as much nutrient rich foods as possible. Eat FRESH - eat organic - take care of your body - hydrate it well every single day. This could be a turning point in your life. NURTURE YOU - your soul and your body. And when you feel strong enough - become a sponge and learn everything you can about what steps you could take to achieve a look that is more pleasing to you. You seem like a lovely person who ended up with a PS that lacked the kindness and compassion you deserve. Don't give up - turn this around - you are on the road to being healthy. You are giving your body a chance to have a better quality of life. I hope you will keep us posted. There's a lot of love coming your way - I hope you FEEL it. :D
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3 months post explant

There's not a lot of change at 3 months. But as you can see, the right side is still worse than the left. The left side seems to be shifting tissue down to the bottom left rather than into the indention.


Rairai2012 I just read your posts for first time and viewed your pics. I saw much improvement from first pictures. Have you spoke with any other docs? I think some docs clearly are insensitive a nd arrogant. I do not have much knowledge to offer since I do not have explant date set. But I have heard to give yourself a good six months of healing. I hope you are feeling better. GRAM1
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You do look fluffier overall since your last pics. The left is looking more natural. Keep us posted. Also, let us know if you revisit your surgeon in the months to come. Hope your health has continued to improve. Hugs.
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your scars look 100 times better though!!!!! I think you are moving in the right direction for sure!!!!!
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