Petite Lady, Big or Nice Boobs? Mentor Moderate Saline 400ccs/ Final Size? Progress Pics from Frankenboob! - Atlanta, GA

I posted a question on here telling the Doctors...

I posted a question on here telling the Doctors that I wanted nice boobs, not big boobs and trying to see if 400ccs was too much.

About me:
Diam: 15cm, under 28 cm
Pre opp- 36B/34C
Wanted to be a full C initially, but told to go by what I liked with the sizers. I liked how 450ccs looked and thought 350ccs was too small, thus, I arrived at the 400cc number.

When I asked the docs, they responded that 400cc would likely look too big on me and increase my breast 2 cup sizes.

Anyway, we decided to go with 400 cc's, moderate profile bc my chest is wider and that was the widest implant. I started from a 36b/34c and only wanted to be a full C but my doc said 350ccs "would get lost in my chest and wouldnt make a difference."

What size do you think I wil end up with? Let's see together? Do they fit my body?


I think they look beautiful and feminine. Not too big at all. I went 420cc HP saline. Just enough ;)
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Looking good;
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I think it will look amazing after the swollen subsides. Atleast you will not end up thinking i should have gone bigger...i love that look
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Day 21: Today I can start massaging to try to get...

Day 21:
Today I can start massaging to try to get rid of the Frankenboob. I was also instructed by my PS that I can and should sleep on my stomach to further assist. Hopefully these things will come down and look pretty and not big. :0)


Congratulations! How has the massaging going? Okay, I'm dying to know how it was sleeping on your stomach? Did it hurt? Looking foward to your updates!

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Im scared to massage. The thought jus sounds like it hurts! Lol but I knowci will have to when I get mine Wednesday
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From the information I have available, I suspect that your breasts are not as pretty ( well shaped) as they would be with smaller implants. Also, It appears to me that your breast implants are too high, and I suspect that from the side, your breasts do not have a natural appearance. Not withstanding those comments, your breasts look great in the photos.
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Ok, so I have been massaging. Well it is not...

Ok, so I have been massaging. Well it is not really massaging, it is more like stretching my arms and pressing and holding my breasts. At any rate, they have dropped a bit, but not all the way.

At any rate, I bought new bras. The doctors that said around 200 ccs would increase me 1 cup size was pretty accurate because I got 400 ccs and I was a 36B/34C and as of now I am 36D/34DD. I like the way they look in the mirror, I just hope they won't make me look overweight in pictures. What do you think?

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Oh yeah, this is Day 28.

Oh yeah, this is Day 28.


I just got mine done and I feel stiff and heavy. Can't wait for them to drop
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Any  more dropping? Are you feeling more satisfied with your results? Hope you are doing well!

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Hi who was your doctor I'm from Decatur ga and I'm looking to have mine done in June
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Yes, more dropping. Just posted a new pic. I am...

Yes, more dropping. Just posted a new pic. I am satisfied. They seem a bit large at times but at times, too small. I guess that means they are just right! :op What do you think?

36D. I'm thinking we may be at DD but I sooooo don't want to go there.

And I don't know what they do to your stomach when you get BA but my back and stomach was swollen and bloated. I guess it's getting better now... just in time for summer.


Hi can you let us know who the doctor was that did your BA? Thanks. By the way you look amazing!!!
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Hi do you mind sharing the doctor you used? They look amazing I'm having the worst time with finding a doc
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You look great! Our demisions are very similar,and I also live in Atlana (Lawrenceville). Who was your doc? I plan to get mines done in June, but was leaving out of state to get them done, would prefer not too.
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