Hi Ladies! I'm a little nervous about doing a BA....

Hi Ladies! I'm a little nervous about doing a BA. I've never been put to sleep (other than having my wisdom teeth out @ 22 yrs old - and it was painless). So it's freaking me out a little. A little about myself...5ft 2in tall - 116 lbs - 34 A (on a good day) and no children. I feel very comfortable with my Dr. and his staff :) I have always wanted bigger boobs but was hesitant to spend the money and worried about the recovery time.

I've decided (I think) on 400 - 425cc high profile Mentor Implant (silicone). If anybody is close to my size before and has gotten that size implant please let me know, I would love to see how they look. Also, if anybody has any suggestions or advice about size please let me know.

Soon I will no longer be on the itty-bitty-titty- committee :)
Oh! And I will post pics soon too.

1 Day Past Pre-op

Ok Ladies I need some help! I went to my pre-op yesterday and showed my pictures and talked to the nurse and chose my size 400 and 425! Then i started to talk about the cleavage and she said "oh he already chose the ultra high profile for you because of your lack breast tissue". Now I told her I don't want to look like victoria beckham or Tori Spelling and she said "oh no, you wont look like that! You'll look great!" So now I'm looking up uhp implants pics and there isnt a lot out there. Now I'm also reconsidering my choice of cc. What do you guys think? I need advice, do i go down in size?

Suprisingly calm today

I'm not sure why but I'm surprisingly calm today. Not really sure why? I woke up this morning and was in a frenzy cleaning and anxious and just jittery. I think i just worked myself up and then crashed...took a long nap and woke up calm. Weird right? I can't believe it's on Thursday. THIS THURSDAY! So much to do but it will get done before surgery, right? I hope so.

Thanks Ladies for all your feedback and words of encouragement. It means so much to have support from all of you wonderful women!
Happy healing! :)

B-day buddie :(

It looks like my BA won't have a b-day buddie :(

Here are my pics!

Oh shit! It's really happening! Tomorrow at 10 :). Still undecided about the size. 425 & 450? I think. I don't know! Ladies I need help, please. Starting a minor freak out now!


Sorry for the weird numbers. One would be 425 and the other boob 450. Those would be the largest size I feel comfortable doing. Do I want to chicken out and go small? No not really, but the bigger the more chance if complications, right? I need a cigarette and a strong rum and juice.


Excited and scared. Just can't wait for it to be over tomorrow. I've got everything done except clean the floors but it'll be ok. I'm set, husband set, and the dogs are gonna pout BIG TIME! I can't hold them like babies for a while...the Boxer WILL NOT BE HAPPY :( Thanks ladies for all the support ,advice and encouragement. I hope to post pics and update tomorrow but who knows, right? See you ladies on the flip side lol!


Just woke up pardon typos.. so tight. Catch myself tensing up and am sore

weird....anyone do thisg

Fell asleep with food in my mouth ?


Just a couple pics this morning. Left is really high.


Did your docs give u something stronger than lortab

Feeling much better...

The Lortab the Dr gave me was just not working! My husband called him and he called in Tylenol 4 and it has worked just fine. Still really tight but the pain is manageable. Maybe the dizziness will go away too since I've not taken lortab. Wish me luck with sleeping tonight. I didn't sleep worth a s**t last night
Thanks for all the support and advice ladies!

fire boobs

You know that song "That girl is on fire"? Yea, that's me. Anybody else? Any advice would be welcome.

waiting it out

I surely hope day 4 is better than 3. When does it feel better overnight? I've heard so many say "I woke up and the pain was gone or almost gone". Gosh I can't wait for that to happen. :(

First Dr. appointment

Had my first Dr appointment today and everything looks good! Still in a lot of pain and the ride home was horrible...time to take the pills and I didn't bring them. The ride was 1.5 hr from home and thought i would die before I got home.
The girls are still riding high but sometimes they feel softer than others so that gives me hope. Still no bm but I have a lot of gas do maybe tomorrow? The cramps are killing me! Sorry if its tmi.
Tomorrow is another day, wish me luck ;)

New Day

Today was a much better day! Now I'm not saying I'm ready for work but let's face it, I have had a hard time! The day started out rough but as my meds kicked in I was able to do some stuff around the house. Not much but fix my own breakfast, lunch, let the dogs out to potty and yes ladies I FINALLY had a bm! Yay! Later in the day I cleaned all that sticky stuff off my boobs that didn't come off in the shower and I have to say ... they have started to look a little more like boobs, lol. I know I was in a lot of pain and so I wasn't really looking - looking at them. I knew they would not be petty for a while so why look at something that is causing so much grief? Well now I'm a little more excited since they are taking shape and some of the pain is gradually going bye bye. I'll post a few pics with the dreaded bra and some without :)

In case I forgot to post the final #s they are ultra high profile. My right is 455 and left 430 (he lowered the crease on this one).


Pics of boobs!

Still feeling ok :)

Still feeling OK :) I'm still taking pain meds but mostly at night and 1 in the morning then I'm OK thru the day. Do you guys think i should be off by now? Sometimes i think i should but then i think why should i be in pain? I still function ok and im not taking them all the time now. At night though I wake up in pain about every 4 hours. I think it's the way my shoulders want to cave in a little in the pillows but I'm not sure what to do about it? Any suggestions?

My right boob is still really high and tight. I have that "new boobie hump" near my collar bone but its already almost gone above my left boob. Hopefully my PS will give me some massages to help with this.

On a little personal note...My hubby and I were having "fun" and my husband said -can I see them? And I said of course! So a couple minutes later he said - you look really pretty. I thought I was going to cry. So sweet. I have always been self conscious about my breast. Never wanted to show them off or dress them up-never wanted to put on lingerie or anything like that. Ever! I always wore a bra that had padding to the hilt, higher necklines and scarves. So when he said I was pretty...well that did it for me! I am a lucky woman to have a husband who loves me the way I am and was and he has ALWAYS said I was sexy and pretty but last night I FELT sexy and pretty. That makes everything worth it :)

My babies :)

Just a pic of my babies :)

Just a few recent pics

Left side has dropped more than the right...hurry up right side!

I did way to much at work

I'm a hairstylist and when I went back to work on Wed I over did it big time. I had 2 foil highlights, a color and 3 or 4 haircuts. Thank God my last highlight (#3) saw I was in pain and rescheduled for next week. Thurs I had 4 haircuts, a color and a highlight. Fri I did one highlight and decided I was done and cancelled the rest of the day and went home. Needless to say today...I'm staying home. I had 2 highlights, a color and 3 haircuts but I just couldn't do it. My boobs are tight and sore and I can feel them against my chest wall again like when you first get them. I have been 2 days without pain pills because I think they gave me the poops but this morning I couldn't help it I took one.

On a different note has anyone had to wait 3 weeks until you could massage them? That what my Dr said and I haven't seen anyone else say they had to wait that long. My 3 weeks will be Thurs and I hope it will help with the pain and tightness - oh and not to mention to help them drop, righty is still high and they are both still curved a little weird. I guess some of my issues are because they are such a big implant for my body (Dr's words) and maybe because they are ultra high profile? There aren't a lot of girls on here with uhp so sometimes I think it's hard to compare and then sometimes I think well they are all implants so everyone has to heal the same. Idk?

My next appointment is on the 21 and I don't know if I need to change out my tape on my incesions again or not. He didn't say. I kinda feel like I'm getting the brush off and I don't like it. He may do this all the time but I don't. I'm also a bit ocd and need specific instructions on how to take care of this (I'm meticulous) and I don't feel like I'm getting specic enough instructions. OK I'm starting to babble so I will end my long post. I'll post some pics tonight and please give your feedback on how you think I'm shaping up.

Thanks ladies!

Just over a month!

Hi ladies, I haven't been on to update lately but everything is going good. I went for my month post op visit and everything is on track but my right is still a little high. I think, no I know, they are getting bigger! I went for a bra at VS and she measured me and said she thought a C but maybe a B. I said bullshit, if I'm a B I'm getting g my money back, lol! When all was said and done I measured a 32DD, wow! I'm really happy with my results so far. I'm really achy and itchy and I still have some extreme zingers sometimes but the worst is the itching. If my clothing rubs them they itch, if the temperature changes they itch, ANYTHING makes them itch. Tonight I'm using anti itch spray on one and anti itch cream on the other. So far the cream works a little better but I think it helps because its a thick cream and helps with the rubbing from the clothes. My scars look good I think so I'm happy with that. The only thing I have an issue with is some vertical rippling that he says is from the internal stitches. He says to keep massaging that area as well as my scars with vitamin E and it will go away. I did experience something really weird, when I massaged my scars the firs or second time I could feel the skin pop internally. It felt like really delicate bubble wrap popping. It wasn't really painful but I did feel a light shooting sensation from it. Has anybody else had that happen? Well I hope everyone is doing well and happy healing. ***Hugs!***

New pics :)


2 Months

Hi ladies :) I haven't posted anything for a while but I've some concerns about my recovery. I started thinking that my left breast was bottoming out but after my 2 month check up I was reassured everything is OK (sigh, swipe the forehead, lol!). My left is good and has healed faster than my right. It's just is having a harder time falling into the pocket. So now I have new exercises, I put my fingertips under the muscle and implant and pull up and out to streach the muscle. I do this all along the bottom of the breast and continue the regular ones as well. The reason I thought I was bottoming out is because my nip seemed high but after looking at my before photos I now realize that they were a little high to begin with. I didn't take before photos because I hated my breast and was embarrassed by them so I'm receiving a copy from my PS. PLEASE TAKE BEFORE PHOTOS LADIES!!!!! You will quickly forget what the old ones look like. He did reassure me that when my right takes her place she will look like the other and my nip will not be pointing down (thank goodness).

Besides that everything is good. They feel great! Sometimes I can overdo it at work and they get a little achy and still a little sensitive but the "pain" is gone. Thank heavens! I hurt so bad in the beginning I honestly thought I might have them removed. My husband would sooth my nerves and say "The worst part is over, now your body just has to adapt and it's going to take time. You knew this going in and you have wanted this for so long I think you'll regret it if you do. Keep going online and reading stories (he's talking about RS) and get the support you need from others going through it". I have a wonderful husband and he was so supportive and reassuring but knew that he couldn't give me support and reassurances that you ladies have. So thank you ladies so much for all of your encouraging words and detailed posts! By the way my husband loves them ;)

Well ladies...

Well ladies, things are not changing! So frustrated about it! My PS gave me some different stretches to do that will supposedly stretch the muscle underneath the breast and the implant will fall into place. Some days I think I see a difference and some days I don't. I think when I go back in January we will be having a discussion about how to fix this. He said one reason it is like this is because my right implant is larger and I have uhp profile and they both take longer to drop but I have both so it can take a lot longer. It's not that I don't believe him, I have asked other women on here that have uhp how long their implants took to drop ... most are saying 4-6 months, I am just SO frustrated! I'll stop bitching now and post my pics.

pics-3 months on Dec 19

Wanted to do a progression pic but i can't so I'll just put up separate pics

forgot 2nd month

Pre-op photo

I finally have a pre-op photo :) It was so stupid to not have one to begin with, oh well. So here is my pre-op and a 3.5 month photo. I didn't realize how wonky my boobs were. Love the size...working on righty, she's being stubborn. Measuring 32DDD ;)

New Pics!

Well ladies it's been a little while since I've updated last. A few changes are happening... the right is finally dropping more (thank goodness!), they feel more like mine, and the little pings of pain are diminishing. I am happier with them now because they are finally evening out. I was worried they wouldn't! I have to keep in mind that they were wonky before so they are not going to be perfect now. I took a lot of pics to post because I've been neglectful of updating, lol! I hope everyone is doing well and good luck to all who are starting this journey. :)


The last two photos are my scars! I can hardly see them :) Although when I'm cold they turn a little darkish? I'm thrilled they aren't raised.

So it's been a while...

It been a while since I've updated my review. Nothing has changed much. I went for my 9 month check up in June and he cleared me for a revision. He plans to lift my implant and put in some internal sutures to hold it up. This will of corse lift the implant which will in turn lift the nipple back to where it should be. I'm a little unsure when to do it, I think toward the end of August. I'm a little nervous about the scar because he did such a good job to begin with you can't even see them. Hopefully all will go well and I'll still not have a visible scar. I have an amazing Dr. and I know I'm in good hands! Overall I LOVE them and I'm so happy I made the decision to do this. I have a wonderful husband and friends to support me and that means a lot!

Forgot pics!

Started doing cross fit about a month ago and my thighs are starting to slim down :). These pics were before I started.
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you look absolutely beautiful. always remember that boobs are sisters not twins, lol! I'm sure after your revision you will be even happier! I think its awesome so work out and are so fit, I wanna be that dedicated! all my love and best wishes to you!
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I know, lol, I keep telling myself that but I REALLY want it redone. He's going to do it for free for me (of course). I have a great Dr. but I was giving myself a year to be sure and now I'm chicken!! But thank you for all your kind words, they mean a lot when you're a little insecure about your breast, but I do LOVE them. The pain is worth it in the end :)
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I really hope your revision gives you the results you deserve!! Best wishes. BTW where did you get that last bikini? I really like it!! :-)
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Thanks so much for the kind words :) I think I'll be very happy once it's fixed. I bought the bikini at kohl's.
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Hi Celena1, Good luck with your upcoming revision. I noticed you do crossfit. My son is a trainer and my daughter has totally transformed her body after three babies. I'm a personal chef specializing in Paleo and do a lot of crossfit workouts but they are now modified. Since my revision a year ago I'm afraid to lift the weight I used to. I'm afraid a revision may be ahead for me and next time I may try and get some kind of supportive mesh. Even though I went quite a bit smaller and had pocket repair I still feel like I am dropping too low. PS said I expect too much for my age :-( Good luck with your revision.
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Glad to see an update and you've been cleared to revise! I hope after you revise they will be what you were hoping for since the start!
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Thanks! I think they will be. I'm hoping to get it done before the 1 year mark. I'm saving for the anesthesiologist, although he gave me the option for a local but I'm REALLY not that brave. I've been wondering how you are doing? It was great to hear from you :)
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That's awesome, I'm so excited for you that you get the option to do it before the one year! I don't blame you at all, I'd rather pay for the anesthesiologist, I'm not that brave either. lol I've been doing good! I've had a much better summer than I thought! I found a couple great bathing suit tops that don't really show much of the difference and with a little strategically placed padding my cleavage looks even. I don't get to revise until after my one year mark and I have one more appointment (In September) until we talk about setting a surgery date. He wants to make sure the left one doesn't make any negative movement either. I imagine though it will be closer to Jan before I get to get them fixed. But if so I'm okay with that. I haven't really had a lot to update but hoping to have something to post about after my next appointment! =D
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Omg! That sucks what you're going thru. I hope everything works out for you! I'm terrified that I may have accidentally ripped my internal stitches a few weeks ago, when I had the underboob rippling... I accidentally stretched too far and heard like a rip. I figured I had opened the pocket a little more, but seeing your review is scaring me lol.
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Don't let it scare you, lol! The rippling is mondors cord and it's pretty common. When the tendons are massaged and stretched out they can make a popping noise but it's ok. As for my issues, yea it sucks, but shit happens right? Lol! It will all be fixed soon and then I'll have my wish boobs...big, round, and perky! You look great so soon after your surgery :) I hope you continue to have a great recovery - and don't worry, they change for a good 6 months after, so don't judge them so soon. Happy healing :)
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Thank you! You really did relieve my stress and worries! I really do appreciate that. I admire your positive outlook, I try to remain positive and not stress or worrie too soon. Can't wait to see your new twins!! Good Luck! ;)
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Hello sweetie! How are you? Can you believe it's been almost 8 MONTHS for us!?!? I've been thinking of you... What's going on with you? Xoxo
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Hey Doll! NO, I can't believe it's been that long! It's going, still waiting for my next appointment so we can discuss a revision for my lefty. The good news is I don't think it has moved anymore in the past month or two and it's still not as bad as some I've seen that have bottomed out. So now I'm trying to be patient. My right incision is kind of bumpy at times and then it goes down or just goes away, so I think it may be just some scar tissue or maybe some left over sutures. How are you doing? Hopefully your problems with the sutures have stopped. You look wonderful! When is your next appointment or have you been released yet?
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Wait. I don't understand how did he put 425 and 430 ccs? Or did he just write it on you? And too bad about the one bottoming out bc they look awesome otherwise, lots of cleavage which gives me something to look forward to. Is he fixing it for free?
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Yes, he put the 430cc implant in the higher boob (my left) because it was larger and also he lowered the crease. Then the 455 cc he put in my right boob because it was smaller and he left the crease alone on my right. My boobs were a little more wonky than I thought, lol :). And as for the left bottoming out, it happens a lot more than we realize. When I started doing research about it about 22% of BA ladies have an issue with it within the first 2 years. That was a little shocking and yet comforting, you know it made me realize I was not alone in this and I certainly was not a worst case, only a mild case. I love my size and projection and don't regret it at all, I just need a little tweaking to make them perfect in my eyes :) Yes! I have a wonderful Dr who has kept a close eye on me and he will fix it for free. He believes that you shouldn't have to pay twice for something that went awry when it's neither party's fault. I'm very lucky to have such a stand up guy for my Dr :). I go back in June and we will discuss options but he wants me completely healed before the next surgery. And thanks for the compliment! Soon they will be perfect ;)
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And I cut hair so I tend to stand with one shoulder higher than the other. It looks horrible and yoga helps, I need to start back, lol :)
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Yeah that IS shocking and I can also see why it's comforting to you. Yeah I love this site for that: comfort. But at least he's going to fix it. I have to post this this weekend but I'm having problems with the scar I had fixed on my stomach and it's eight inches so kind of a big deal. Anyway it's not healing right, I hope my surgeon will fix it if necessary. I do not feel comfortable with a bare stomach how it's looking as of now.
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And me too, I need to start working out like yesterday!  
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You look fantastic! My scars have lightened up pretty well too, that I'm happy abt! I'm happy that you're seeing changes and are happier!
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Your scars are incredible! I'm envious. Mine are still quite dark, I feel. Looking fabulous and I'm sooo glad to hear you're seeing changes!
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Thank you so much! You look wonderful and I'm so glad your good now :) Mine still look a bit uneven but that's life, right? At least we know they can be tweaked if need be ;)
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Exactly. I don't think mine will ever be even, but I can live with it as long as they don't get worse. Hugs!
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Wow they look perfect!
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Thank you:) I love them more everyday. I can't wait for warm weather so I can show them off a bit ;)
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It's amazing what a few more months of healing can make. I love all your photos...thanks for the great update. You look wonderful!
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