Much-need Breast Augmentation After Breastfeeding Three Kids - Atlanta, GA

I knew i wanted breast augmentation done but...

I knew i wanted breast augmentation done but waited until i was done having kids. I am glad i finally put me first and did something for me. My husband was ans has been very supportive .. I am now three weeks post op and still have a long way before the final outcome but everyday i see little changes and i am loving my tatas. I got 400CC right and 425 right. I went to the LAzenze and La vie yesterday and was measuring 36 DD which was unexpected. I thought i would be a full C. I dont mind the I started my Breast massages yesterday and can waiting for girls to drop and fluff.
Congratulations! You look fantastic on your photos...thank you for sharing! Glad to hear your husband and family have been supportive. You're right that you will see gradual changes over time. Hang in there as you're still healing.

when will these girls fluff..

I think I'm getting impatient. .I want to drop and fluff already. I had to wait three weeks before starting breast massage so hopefully will start to see more changes soon. Started using scar fade cream on my incisions yesterday. I prefer the tape but couldn't find any here.
You may want to share your good news with other women who have had Breast Aug Surgery in April 2014. Sometimes it's nice to "heal" with someone else in the same situation!
Ok thanks.I need to figure out how to get into forums
Across the top of your review, you should see a set of taps. Underneath that set of tabs is a second set of tabs listed: Reviews, Pictures, Videos, Q&A, Forum, etc. Hope this helps...but do let me know if you need more help!

4 weeks update

Breast is still but it is not so hard and high anymore. With the exercises it is getting soft and not so high
You look great!! Dr. Colgrove is my Dr. and he is so skilled at 8 months I have NO scars!! I hope you continue to do great, now comes the hard part...the waiting game! Best wishes Doll :)
Thanks Celena, I agreed he have look fantastic. Still waiting for mine to fluff
Girl you look awesome I love Dr. C! I want those next :)

A lil disappointed but

Ok, I went without any knowledge of what size will fit my frame .. At my preop, I was given a book to choose the look I was going for. Well I did and the nurse went back out and came back in and said 400cc 425 will work. I dont think I'm even close to size I chose. Oh well I should had known better not to trust a nurse who were in a such a hurry at the end of the day. I guess she just wanted me out and made it seems like the Dr recommended the size. He is such a skillful Dr., I just wish when it came to sizing he was the one actually dealing with the patient. I look flat still haven't fluff yet despite massages @ 6 weeks. Only time will tell. Have three month postop appointment in July so we shall see what the good dr thinks..
Well I just read your latest post and I have to agree with you on feeling rushed on picking a size. I was alone in when it came to actually picking a size, my husband was out of town working, and she didn't really give her advice or opinion. I needed some sort of an opinion but overall I'm happy. I do wish I had gone bigger but I'm not so sure they would have fit, lol?! But I go back in mid June for another post op appointment and then we will discuss a revision. My left boob is a little lower and of course that makes my nipple high. I hope it will be a simple surgery. I know you will see a big change when the start to drop and fluff and when the swelling goes down. It took at least 3 or 4 months for my swelling to go away completely and even between month 5 or 6 and now 9 months I see changes. Waiting is the hardest part I think. Please don't judge them too soon they will be totally different each month from here on out. Good luck and chin up girl, you're looking awesome :)
I just posted few pics, take a look and let me k ow what you think.. my scars are great and I'm not too happy but not that disappointed either. I'm still better than before just not the right size I was hoping for but it is still early so I am still hopeful. I am planning on getting my Tummy tuck @ the end of year so if there's no improvement, I'll hope he can revised them then. Only time will tell
Yasssss girl they look great! I'm really thinking about making my appointment in the next few weeks my only problem is I'm a runner training for races I can't be down too long can't sit still too long also hope they don't affect my running. That's the size I want you want them bigger?

Almost 2 months

Have some comparison pictures. Breast is softening. Still have a long to get. Take a look. Will be two months on Tuesday.

pre vs post

Just found one of my pre pic. Comparing it to my post so far. The rain is crazy here, I pray we don't get any severe flood this year. Looking forward to my three month post follow up appointment in July

3 months update

I'm beginning to love these girls..I see the changes everyday. My left boobs is still a little high but it will get there hopefully.


They are looking natural day by day..loving them
You look really good. So I have a question, your comparison pictures one month to two months. did it seem like your breasts got bigger the second month and then at 4 months they have totally dropped. they look great are they bigger than one month & 2 months or still the same? What size bra are you? I started out 36B & went 400cc silicon under the muscle
The first couple of months they seem smaller , flat to be exact and even smaller when the swelling went but then they look fuller and bigger. I started as 36 B and now I'm 36 DD.. depending on the style some I have to go a size up to get them cover up completely. went 400/425 under the muscle as well. It is true what they say, they do change a lot
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I travel from Calgary , AB . Canada. I choose to go to Atlanta, as I have a sister living there who was a great help. and I didn't have to stay at a hotel. I did not my research and Dr Colgrove had great reviews and he had a Breast Aug special going on. He have great bedside manner and his staff were very professional. The lady who did my preop consultation seem to be a hurry and I felt a little rush. She only brought 400 CC/425 inplant to try on based on the picture I selected other than that everything was great. I'm planning on getting my tummy tuck with diastisis recti repair with him at the end of the year when I have more vacation time .

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