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Hi Im so excited about getting the bbl. I've...

Hi Im so excited about getting the bbl. I've thought about about it for quite some time now. I'm a mother of 2. And every since my body hasn't been the same I have a small patique shape but I have a lot of stubborn tummy fat.

Really want that hour glass shape no stomach and a nice size booty. I'm 5"0 and weigh 137 the doctor that I'm considering is dr jimmerson...I just love love luvbhis work and plus it's closer to my home town.cant wait will keep you posted.

I will be posting some before pics and wish pics...

I will be posting some before pics and wish pics for you lady so you can see what my body looks like.cant wait really excited about the sx. But ladies if you have been through this process and there's some info you can give about the payment process let me no how that is my consultation is jan31. Still a bit nervous about the after pain. But u have had 2 c section so kinda have a slight idea of what it could be.

Hi lady still patiently waiting on my phone...

Hi lady still patiently waiting on my phone consultation which is jan.30. I'm still very happy about the surgery but lately I been telling some close friends about it and none of the really support my surgery. They are saying don't do it but this something I really want to do for me. Do you lady's think this is a sign not to do it or what.idk but really looking for some support.so lady please give some advice

Hi it's been awhile since I did an update but I...

Hi it's been awhile since I did an update but I haven't had the procedure done i don't even have a date set dr jimerson staff didn't even call me on the dat that was giving for my phone consultation not sure why but I'm considering another doc for my sx will keep you girl updated

And I gain 10 pounds and it seems as if it went to...

And I gain 10 pounds and it seems as if it went to my ass!pic to show

Some new wish pics still patiently waiting!

I still haven't got my procedure done because I was torn in between dr j and yily but I think I'm gonna go with dr j since its so much closely to me because he give really good result but yily prices are great but sometimes going the cheap way out isn't always best and plus I really don't like the idea of going out of the country but here are a couple of my wish pics will keep you girl posted

More wish pics

Weight gain due to birth control

Wish pic

Torn in between choosing doctor for my procedure

Ok this is the deal I have these doctors in mind for my surgery.dr yily,dr Cortes ,dr jimerson. I really looking for that really tiny waist line and yily is the best at it with the small waist.with jimerson my opinion is that if you stomach isn't already flat it's wrap dr Cortes is pretty good need help deciding didn't know this would be this hard too choose

Still researching

Ok so I have been researching some more doctors.Kinda impress with Durans before and after I love the tiny waist line and curves she gives that's what I'm going for the tiny waist line and a bigger booty. I'm not in a rush to have my surgery taking all the time I think I need to choose the best doctor for me.but I no its gonna be in 2014 so I can pay in full.good luck to all

Wish pics

Finally got a quote

Ok finally spoke with Duran she quoted me 4800 for lipo sculpture and tt that's and ok price for but I also spoke with nancy salama assistant and she was very sweet and honest she told me I really didn't need a bbl she said she get pictures all day and I looked fine and already had a nice booty????but she did say she recommend me just do a tummy tuck since that was really my problem area so I think I going with a tummy tuck first and then I'm gonna go from there because she said its not good to do both at the same time

Before pics

Been away for some time but I'm back!

Hey ladies I haven't had my surgey yet still doing research.I really feel taking my time researching my doc is the best thing for me instead of just rushing into things.I'm really thinking about yily or diran both great doctors.but when I search sites to make sure both are board certified doctors I could never find duran name.I find that weird but still undecided on the exact date but will keep you ladies posted.and by the way my current weight is 155
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon


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HI I am in Atlanta too...and I wanna go to DR with Duran or Yily
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I wanna go to Duran sometime this year,, we could buddy up for DR,,, I'm in Atlanta also. Good luck with your research!
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Hey... When next year you plaing on going
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Hi anywhere from feb. to April
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I'm from Canada boo. I'm think around march have my fingers crossed
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Do you have a travel buddy
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Omg girl Duran looks like a Barbie am sure she is gonna do a good job on you! :)
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I hope so I can't wait
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Congrats on ur decision! I've switched from Cortes to Duran myself!
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I can't wait girl I also can't wait to see your results are you going alone
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Hi! So I read ur review should I take it u are gonna go with Dr Duran? I have my bbl with dr Lagrasso in less than two days.
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Ok good luck with you surgery.i narrowed it down to Duran or salama but I'm going get a tummy tuck done first so I'm researching the best doc with that
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Thnx n keep me posted on ur decision
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Ok I will
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I totally understand your point. I have a consultation with Jimerson in august 2014 and was quotes 12, 400 with a 500 discount if paying cash but he doesn't do aggressive lopo and I want more than a nice booty I need a wAist to go with it so im not sure about Jimerson. I learned about other doctors here on RS. Im very interested in Perry because he sculpts and whats the point of only have a booty and not a defined waist to go with it. Thats like cereal with no milk. I emailed perry weeks ago so im just waiting to hear back from him with a quote. I heard nothing but great things about him and his staff and thats key...so continue to research and go with what your instinct tells you...I love yily work as well but my woman intuition tells me she's not for me..good luck
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I know what you mean yily does the best waist line but out of the country I don't think it worth it because we have doc in the u.s that can give those results but perry is good but good luck on you sx
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best of kluck to u! all 3 r great. going4 cortes in oct/nov.
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My gut is also telling me Cortes because he gives tiny waist big hips and big butt love his before and afters but I haven't gotten a response yet.and good luck to you as well!
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hey girl< hope all goes well with ur phone consultation....welcome to the bbl train sista!
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@Black noooooo boooo!! Don't worry abt them friends support no matter what not discourage even if tey dont agree. make sure you Research thoroughly ask a billion questions until your hearts content. You have ur reasons doin this. You way ur pros and cons and go from there Hun. Ur bbl sistas will be here. I'm still in the flatlands but will soon be to the other side!!! :) best wishes on ur journey ( love the app downloaded it and bn playing with every since!!
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Thanks girl you're right I'm doing this for me so really it doesn't matter if friend don't support the decision can't want to get it done tho but I'm patiently waiting!
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Hey boo!! Your shape is nice as well! Dr. J is gonna do you right!! As far as your friends not being supportive, remember who you're doing it for, YOU! Don't tell anyone else! If you have to talk abt it, that's what yu have us for. :)
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Thanks girl. You are so right I did need someone to vent too.. But I want tell another sole.thank god for this site
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Amen to that!!
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