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I have really been looking into jimerson. I'm 20...

I have really been looking into jimerson. I'm 20 5'2 138 pounds and my measurements are 38 29 40. I want a donk so bad. I already work 2 jobs and I know it will take me forever to save for this so does anyone know of anyways to rasie that $$ because I know it will be a lot. But I'm doing this for me and I have my mind set on it and I will do it. I looked on his website amd WOW. He be giving them girls donks lol

Hello beauti1992 welcome! I am new to this site and after seeing before and after pictures of great women I myself want a big booty. I called Dr.jimmerson only to find out that the earliest consultation is in Nov, :( so I need a sooner date then that. Did you get your bbl done yet? Ladies help me out I don't know who is the best. I am 5'2 144lbs
welcome! dr jimerson is amazing! i cant wait to c him this summer!! best of luck and will be following ur journey!! :) #teamjimerson
Hi and welcome to the forum! If your credit history is decent you can probably get this financed through Credit Care. Best of Luck!

I lied!!! I changed my mind to de yily. Not only...

I lied!!! I changed my mind to de yily. Not only is dr j book to all hell but the prices are cray. So I got quoted for 5000 (rounding) for lipo and the gat graft :) I want about 800 cc in each cheek. Hell if I can fit 1000 I will try lol. I also like how yily has the payment thing set up. Now I just need to schedule the date it will most likely be in December over school break before the new semester starts. I just need to looka at flight averages and get a total for my whole trip so I can be ready. I still don't know who I can bring with me. I am single and I hhaven't told my fam yet but I don't wanna travel alone.......
Remember I said I am rounding. I also included the garmets, any medications and massages so you all can get a total estimate. I also threw in a little more just in case anything came up. I is not that much but I figure that will be the total of EVERYTHING. As far as care credit I don't really have much of a score. I am only 20 I don't have any debt and I only had one credit card but I canceled it when I moved so I will have to see
Ooh ok that's great . Well I found a bed and breakfast for $30 a night , she offers massages ,transportation and meals for a lil extra , the room has a oceanview. She(Daminga) recommend you stay at the Recovery house for two days then she'll pick you up!! This may help with some expenses . Go to airbnb.com type in santo Damingo her bed n breakfast houses are $30 & 35 ! Hope this helps
Beauti, ,welcome to the bbl sisterhood , can't wait to see your results you are going to look fabulous

its been a while

I know I haven't been on here is so long but I have been busy and whatn not. I still want this more than anything and 2014 is my year!!! I have decided to get the sx done in December of this year. I know its not for a while but I have to ensure that everything is PERFECT. Also I will be in between semesters and will have more than enough time to heal. I am 5ft 2 and I weight 140 roughly my measures are 36, 29, 40.
I want to be 36, 26, 43. I try to workout so I am pretty solid. I hope there will be enough fat to take. Anyways although it is so far away it gives me time to plan. I am borderline OCD and I like to plan things to the T. I will e mail yily and look around for the best prices. Anyone have suggestions on recovery homes? I would like to stay for 12 days just in case.

how to change doctors

How do I change doctors from jimmerson tool yily?

Hey girls

Quick question. I was looking for a travel buddy and is anyone going to Yily in August?
Good luck
Dr. Yily has payment options? Please do tell...?
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